6 Best Collectibles to Invest in this Year

Investing can be a great way to ensure a better future for either yourself or your loved ones, whether you’re interested in stocks, cryptocurrency, or even collectibles. For those that want to try their hand at the latter, these are the best collectibles to invest in this year, however, we are not guaranteeing higher value, so invest with caution.

Collectibles might seem like an obscure way to invest, but there is proof that it works, and for those with enough patience find that it’s worthwhile. From grand creations like cars, to smaller items like coins and stamps, there is something for everyone to start collecting and hopefully see some fortune come out of it. Below is a list of the best collectibles to invest in this year.

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6. Classic Cars

Best collectibles to invest in

While cars make a mighty investment, not everyone has the room or time to do this. Classic cars can be a great investment, but only if you have a good understanding of the market before going in. Not all classic cars will stay at a high value, some will fall, making it crucial to do your research.

You should also be aware that there is more to investing a car than any other collectible, as it requires maintenance often. Unlike other items on the list, cars require a bigger storage area, fuel, tune ups and check ins to make sure that it’s ready for buying.

A study found that affordable classic car investments returned 97% on average over a ten-year course. Please be aware that we are not guaranteeing a high value investment, as there are a lot of variables when working with classic cars, so be cautious.

5. Toys

Best collectibles to invest in

At a much smaller scale, toys are considered to be one of the best collectibles to invest in, as long as you get your hands on the right ones. It can be hard to make sure toys are in good condition, as most have been owned by a child, which could lead to some damage. But if you do your research, you could end up finding some good investments with toys.

One example of a toy that could generate some decent returns are dolls, such as original or rare and exclusive Barbies, teddy bears and even retired LEGO sets.

A rare Barbie and Ken can be found on Ebay for $100,000, and a Holidays 1997 Barbie doll for only $15,950. Retired LEGO sets can vary from $5,795.95 for the Star Wars UCS 10179 Millennium Falcon collection, to the Ninjago City collection for $4,999.99.

4. Trading Cards

Best collectibles to invest in

This is arguably one of the best collectibles to invest in as it reaps some high rewards, although we do not guarantee the high values. Trading cards can vary from sports trading cards to video game or tabletop cards.

The sports category features cards from a variety of sports, from 2022 Topps Definitive Shohei Ohtani Trout Nolan Ryan and Autograph for a million dollars. Or Tom Brady’s 2000 Rookie Card for $650,000.

Video game cards are just as pricey, as some can reach four million dollars for a Pokemon Pikachu card, and a recent purchase of a half of a million for Misty’s Starmie card. Magic the Gathering also has a high following base, as the MTG Alpha Black Lotus is currently sitting at $1,200,000.

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3. Comic Books

Best collectibles to invest in

Another great idea on collectibles to invest are comic books, as they can be stored in a smaller space and can have a high value return if buyers do their research. Like trading cards, there are several rare comic books among the ordinary. While you might need to commit to spending some money on purchasing rare finds, along with the proper protection and storage, there is a good chance that you could sell them for a higher value, although not guaranteed.

Right now, some of the highest value comic books are from popular names like Spider-Man, Avengers and Superman. For an Ultimate Spider-Man signed edition was sold recently for $50,000, with another Amazing Spider-Man comic selling for $45,000. A Superman Origin Retold comic is currently on sale for $550,000, and a Detective Comics with Batman and Commissioner Gordon being priced at $2.5 million.

However, the market does fluctuate, and some comics can rise or fall in value depending on media exposure. What’s not worth much right now could end up being worth more in the future, so doing your research is crucial.

2. Stamps

Best collectibles to invest in

Like toys, some might not imagine that stamps could really be worth such a high price, but for those passionate about history, stamps are a great investment and a fun hobby. Collecting stamps can be the same as collecting coins for some. They’re incredibly small, making storage simpler that other items, and finding rare ones and doing the research can be rewarding. And if you end up finding a good one, it could be worth thousands, maybe millions of dollars, making it a great turn around for profit.

The most recent sale on a stamp was for 1922 1 Cent George Washington Stamp priced at $50,000. The highest price sale right now on Ebay is for $5.4 million for a US SCN Un-Inverted Jenny Souvenir Sheet of 6 Stamps. For those that have a collection of unused stamps at home, it might be worthwhile to check out their value if they go way back in the day, as some have great profit now.

1. Coins

Best collectibles to invest in

One of the best collectibles to invest in has to be coins, as there is always a market for them, and it helps combat the risk of rising inflation. There are several people who collect coins for fun but have no idea that there can be a great value in some of their findings. Make sure to research and learn the market though, as high profit is not guaranteed.

Rare coins can go for close to a million dollars, some even higher. Teddy Roosevelt’s Panama Penny is currently going for just under one million dollars, while 1901 $1 American Silver Morgan Sollar Jack Lee Illinois is going for $900,000.

There are also several coins that are extremely rare and valuable that could make it into your pocket today like the 1969-S Lincoln cent with a doubled die obverse, or the 1982 no mint mark Roosevelt dime. Knowing what to look for and researching the market can play a huge role in how you invest in your coins, so make sure you’re prepared.

Overall, there are several great choices when finding the best collectible to invest in. Finding what not only interests you but what you understand most is crucial when starting out. Make sure you research before diving in, and please be aware that we are not guaranteeing any high profit turn around, as all markets fluctuate depending on a variety of factors.

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