10 Nerdy Collectibles Worth Life-Changing Amounts

nerdy collectibles worth life-changing amounts
Credit: Matt Popovich

In the world of nerdy collectibles, almost anything goes, from 90s card games to century-old stamps. The one thing all collectibles have in common however is demand. And, unsurprisingly in this digital age, physical items are more in demand than ever.

And these top ten collectibles worth life-changing amounts prove that being a nerdy collector can pay off big time. So whether your family and friends call you a nerd for collecting baseball cards, retro games, action figures, or stamps, go with it, because today’s fads and misprints could be the items you sell tomorrow for a life-changing amount.

10. Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), $156,000

Credit: Heritage Auctions

9. Rocket Firing Boba Fett, $185,850

Credit: Collector Archive Services

8. G.I. Joe Prototype (1963), $200,000

Credit: Heritage Auctions

7. Illustrator Pikachu Japanese, $480,000

Credit: eBay

6. Charizard Topsun Blue Back (1997), $493,230

Credit: eBay

5. Black Lotus Magic: The Gathering Card, $540,000

Credit: Hypebeast

4. Inverted Jenny Stamp, $1.59 million

Credit: Wikipedia

3. Barber Dime (1894), $2 million

Credit: Wikipedia

2. Action Comics #1 (1938), $6 million

Credit: eBay

1. Honus Wagner Baseball Card (1909), $7.25 million

Credit: Goldin Auctions

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