About Nerdable

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Nerdable.com is a hodgepodge of information. Perfect for someone curious about the most expensive, best, or any other adjective that would let the site rank items.

Are the writers’ experts?

The world of Nerdable is broad, from vintage watches to AR glasses. It is impossible for one person to be an expert on everything:

However, Nerdable attempts to hire writers and enthusiasts regarding what they cover. So if you see an article, you know that it has been written by someone who is at least interested and passionate about what they are writing.

If they’re not, their writings won’t get posted!

What is Nerdable.com an authority on?

Buying and selling collectibles, auctions, grading, technology, retro-bargain hunting, and all things nerdy:

Content is driven by a passion for fact-finding and an OCD desperation of sharing data. All of which leads to this eclectic website.

Why is Nerdable.com trustworthy?

Don’t worry, Nerdable.com isn’t asking you to buy anything, so your money is safe. However, the website does praise, critique, and analyze items:

The site also presents facts based on the information researched. These facts are only as good as the sources used and the writers aren’t too proud or pig-headed to consider themselves infallible.

Nerdable.com also uses affiliate links on product-related posts.

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About The Publisher Desk Portfolio

Nerdable.com is part of The Publisher Desk portfolio. A growing collection of sites dedicated to delivering fantastic content across a broad spectrum of topics.

Under The Publisher Desk, Nerdable will be treated to the best possible content, across more media types than ever. From podcasts to videos and beyond.

The Publisher Desk manages the ever-changing marketplace of technology and techniques. Enabling publishers to focus on the content, rather than functionality. This allows The Publisher Desk websites to focus on what is important. You.

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