About Nerdable

Nerdable is the ultimate destination for all things nerdy.

From gadgets to pop culture, we are always on the lookout for rarities, past-and-present collectibles, and all things that make nerds like us curious. After all, if you combine “nerd” and “collectible,” you get “Nerdable!”

Join us as we scour the internet and deliver all the quirky and collectible-related news, round-ups, and opinion pieces you could ask for. We’re a place that understands that being a nerd is a lifestyle choice.

Nerdable Origins

Nerdable officially launched in 2019 to bring engaging content on collectibles and pop culture to an audience who loves reading, learning, and getting their nerd on. 

In 2020, The Publisher Desk took over operations of nerdable.com. Under The Publisher Desk management, the content expanded with a keen editorial eye and a love for antique, vintage, and pop culture collectibles.  

Nerdable today specializes in collectibles across a wide range of topics including pop culture, sports, and antiques. Our goal is to provide the inside scoop on which collectibles have value, are rare, or will impress superfans. We share shocking and unique finds as well as our favorites within special collections. If you love collecting, you can find a new home in our content and community. 
Nerdable remains funded by The Publisher Desk via ads and where noted in articles by affiliate links. Find out more about The Publisher Desk.

Editorial Process

Every editor and writer at Nerdable understands the importance of trustworthy journalism and we pride ourselves on our content. Nerdable articles are always original and powered by our experienced writers and editors. 

We source our facts and news from reputable outlets including other websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers that have demonstrated accuracy and responsibility in their work. Oftentimes, with our collectible content, our information is sourced from verified auction houses or selling platforms like Sports Card Investor, eBay, and more. Lastly, all content is reviewed thoroughly by our editorial staff before publishing.

If a post is published and a correction is needed, an editor will fix and update the post accordingly. Additionally, if the post was a collaborative effort between fact-finders, this will also be noted at the top or bottom of the post.

We want to deliver the best, most accurate content possible. So whether you have feedback or want to point out any editorial errors accidentally made by the team, please contact us here

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Nerdable Team

The Nerdable team is made up of professional writers and editors who love what they cover. Each writer comes to the table with professional writing experience and an engaging point of view. Not to mention, every writer at Nerdable has a strong personal interest in pop culture and collectibles.

Meet the team:

Duane Beckett – Editor 

Duane is a Star Wars fanboy and loves everything pew pew pew (imagine laster blaster SFX). He has a degree in animation and has worked across many roles in the entertainment industry. Roles range from cinematographer to scriptwriter (cough cough, award-winning). He’s even sold a novel (**** ghostwriting). His love of all things nerdy and collectible (not to mention his OCD) brings a unique perspective to Nerdable.

Nikole Stewart – Editor

Nikole Stewart is a writer and editor with three years of experience writing keen articles on topics such as pop culture and technology. She graduated from Kansas State University and her portfolio of work is expansive. Nikole is often called a nerd and always has been. From video games to toys, she’s often seen searching for pop culture collectibles and obsessing over new Lego collections. 

Alexandria Wyckoff – Editor

Alexandria is a justifiable nerd in all things Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter. She likes to collect memorabilia connected to her favorite shows and movies and can talk about Marvel characters and their personalities for hours. She graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego with a degree in Creative Writing and now writes listicles and news articles for Nerdable. With a background writing for Her Campus at Oswego and editing fiction works for The Great Lake Review, she enjoys using language in all aspects of her life. 

Ella Burch – Contributing Writer

Ella is a rising senior at Harvard College studying Gender Studies and Government and plans to pursue a writing career. She loves writing about media, technology, and culture. Her contributions to Nerdable include in-depth round-ups on football, movies, and card collectibles. Be sure to check out Ella’s recommendations, especially when it comes to Magic: The Gathering. 

Allison Curley – Digital Content Strategist

Allison is a seasoned writer with five years of experience in editorial roles throughout the publishing industry. She graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in English and Creative Writing. As the Digital Content Strategist, she provides direction on content strategy and creative direction for Nerdable. She’s a pop culture fiend, so you can be sure every nerdy piece of pop culture ends up on Nerdable. In addition to writing, she assigns and reviews content before it is published. 

Nerdable’s Future

Powered by the experts at The Publisher Desk, Nerdable will bring you a unique perspective on the collectible market finding the most rare pieces or at least, the most interesting and appealing to our fellow nerds. We will cover everything from Legos to historical antiques. If you’re looking to learn more about collectibles, whether they come from pop culture or can be considered vintage or antique, we will ensure our readers have all the information at their fingertips on Nerdable.com.