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nerdy collectibles worth life-changing amounts
Credit: Matt Popovich
These top ten collectibles worth life-changing amounts prove that being a nerdy collector can pay off whether it's with playing…
most expensive comic book
Credit: Erik Mclean
We have created a list of the ten most expensive comic books in the world with heroes like Batman, Superman,…
How fast is the Flash? He can beat the worlds fastest jet, the Millenium Falcon, and Superman. Find out who…
Superhero Villains
Credit: Inspired Images /
The silver age of comics set a trend for nerds becoming superhero villains - from Poison Ivy to Harley Quinn.…
Batman vs Joker
Credit: Ritchie S / Wiki Commons
The most iconic DC characters, and possibly, the most iconic superhero-villain rivalry ever. But which Batman vs Joker battle is…
Most Expensive Comic Book Ever
Credit: Gary Dunaier / Wiki Commons
The most expensive comic books include superheroes ranging from Super Man to Wonder Woman, and can cost millions of dollars…
Subscription Boxes
Credit: Misskursovie2013 /
Everyone loves a surprise, and with monthly subscription boxes tailored to your interests, there's no better way to surprise yourself.
Who Is Stronger? Super-Man Or The Hulk
Credit: JD Hancock / Flickr
How much can Superman lift? How much can the Hulk lift? Find out who is stronger, and who would win…
Tycoon chiacgo, transformers
Credit - Terry Robinson - Wiki Commons
TFCon Chicago is being held at Crowne Plaza on October 21-23. If you are a fan of Transformers, this is…
Retro Con
Credit - Arcade Perfect - Wiki Commons
Retro Con is a two-day event in Oaks, Philadelphia. It starts September 24, and has panels, special guests, and much…
Credit - pxhere
Toy-Con is a two-day event in Bridgeview, Illinois. It starts September 10, and has hundreds of vendors for you to…
Dallas Card Show
Credit -Alan Botting Wiki Commons
Do you live in Dallas and love everything from sports cards to comics and autographs? If so, The Dallas Card…
Credit: pxhere
If you are a collector who is interested in comic books, art, toys, video games and so much more, atttending…
Future States
Credit: DC Comics / YouTube Screen Grab
With many of the Future States comic book series (38 comics to be precise) available right now, DC Comics is…
Best comics to collect in 2021
2021 brings new comics - but what are the best comics to collect? These are the most anticipated titles hitting…