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how long do butterflies live
Credit: Boris Smokrovic
One of the most beautiful insects in the world is butterflies. Continue reading to learn how long do butterflies live…
Two fish in the ocean.
Credit: Unsplash
All animals need some sort of rest to stay healthy. That leads to the question, do fish sleep at night?…
most expensive cats
Credit: Erik-Jan Leusink
While most cat breeds are affordable, some tip the scales. If you enjoy felines with a heavy price tag, check…
Most Expensive Horses Ever Sold, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
The most expensive horses are often purchased for racing and showjumping, and these are the top examples over the years.
biggest dog in the world
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
If you've ever wondered what the biggest dog in the world is, learn more about our furry friends and their…
most expensive dog breeds
Credit: Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho
Also known as man’s best friend, our dogs are great companions and come in a wide range of breeds. From
largest animal in the world
Credit: Unsplash
To quench your curiosities, here are some of the most fascinating facts about the largest animal in the world.
Deep Ocean Creatures
Credit: Wiki Commons
With the ocean only 5% discovered, it's only fair that there are several deep ocean creatures that you've never seen…
Credit: unsplash
Dolphins are known to be one of the smartest aquatic animals, often called "brainiacs" of the ocean. But, how smart…
strongest animal
Credit: Jane Stroebel
One of the most asked questions about animals is who is the strongest animal. Some may think of the elephant,…
loudest animal in the world
Credit: Ray Harrington
If you've ever been curious about the loudest animal in the world and whether they live on land or in…
Purple is a relatively common color to see in our everyday life but less so in nature. Here are 8…
how smart is an elephant?
Credit: Unsplash
How smart is an elephant, really? The science is in on these magnificent creatures; read more to discover elephants' most…
Most Dangerous Animal, Unsplash
Dive into the worlds most dangerous animals, from the surprisingly friendly dog to the more well-known snake.
What Is the Rarest Animal in the World, Unsplash
Ever wonder what is the rarest animal in the world? Then read about the most endangered animals, from Black Rhinos…