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A large stack of books.
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Authors are often known for the global impact they make with their words and stories. Here are 7 weird facts…
An image of a stack of books.
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Literary fiction is a fiction genre that focuses on characters, themes and language over plot. Here are the 12 best…
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Sometimes one book is enough. Book series allow reader to get more of what they want. Here are the seven…
There are countless memorable fantasy novels full of mystical creatures and places. Here are the 10 best fantasy novels ranked.
most popular novels of all time
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The novel has changed the way we think about stories. From Pride and Prejudice to Anna Karenina, here are the…
most valuable Lord of the Rings memorabilia Unsplash
Show that you're a true fan by getting ahold some of the most valuable Lord of the Rings memorabilia.
Weird Books
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These mysterious and weird books changed people's thinking with grandiose predictions and revelations. Some have even left scholars baffled.
first edition books
First edition books cost big money. From $6-million and up! Check out the top authors, including James Audubon, Leonardo da…
harry potter books worth money
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Harry Potter is as big today as it was when The Sorcerer's Stone first came out. Check out our list…
most valuable manga
most valuable manga
Japanese media has become a lot more accessible, making anime and manga more popular over the years. But which ones…
most valuable books in the world
Interested in rarities? We take a deeper look at the 15 most valuable books in the world, including their history,…
Best batman comics, best batman stories
Since his inception in 1939, Batman has been shaped and reshaped, and these are the best Batman stories to have…
Best Book Series
From Harry Potter to Easy Rawlins. These are the best book series' for people who want to explore rich characters…
Best Harlan Coben Books
If you are looking for a page-turning thriller, look no further than the best Harlan Coben books. Packed with twists…
fantasy novels
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One of the most popular New Year resolutions is to read more and with these three great new sci-fi and…