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Jaws LEGO set
Credit: LEGO
Movie lovers and LEGO fans have something to celebrate as LEGO releases the Jaws LEGO set, the company's homage to…
spider man action figure
Credit: Showkat Chowdhury
If you are a huge Spider Man fan or just like the Marvel Universe, check out these five Spider Man…
Vintage Horror Movie Posters, Unsplash
Explore the incredible values of some of the best vintage horror movie posters, from Mad Doctor to Frankenstein.
most valuable Lord of the Rings memorabilia Unsplash
Show that you're a true fan by getting ahold some of the most valuable Lord of the Rings memorabilia.
most controversial movies
Credit: Jeremy Yap
Check out the top fifteen most controversial movies ever made, and the reasons why they have been placed on this…
Original Star Wars Movie Posters, movie posters, leia and luke Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Want to show off your love for this amazing franchise? Collect some of these original Star Wars movie posters that…
best Hufflepuff collectibles
Credit: Bill Smith
In the last part of our Harry Potter House series, make sure to check out our top fifteen Hufflepuff collectibles…
Slytherin Collectibles
Credit: Rhii Photography / Unsplash
Slytherins pride themselves on being ambitious and cunning. Grab some of these amazing Slytherin collectibles to show off your house…
most valuable iconic horror movie props, Credit unsplash, pennywise it
Credit unsplash
From iconic movie titles like Chucky and Jaws, these are the most iconic horror movie props that you can grab…
Retro Movie Posters Film Buffs Will Want to Collect unsplash
Retro Movie Posters Film Buffs Will Want to Collect unsplash
If you're wanting to beef up your collection, check out these great retro movie posters.
Retired LEGO Star Wars Sets
Retired LEGO Star Wars Sets
Discover the full list of discontinued and retired LEGO Star Wars sets. Including the sets retiring soon in 2023 and…
Star Wars Action Figures
The most valuable Star Wars action figures include the Vinyl Cape Jawa, Vlix double telescoping Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, and the…
harry potter rare collectibles
Credit: Tuyen Vo
Harry Potter has been at the front of pop culture ever since 1997. Check out our top 20 Harry Potter…
How fast is the Flash? He can beat the worlds fastest jet, the Millenium Falcon, and Superman. Find out who…
What are the most costly autographs? Some of the most expensive Hollywood autographs in history are listed here.
most valuable avatar memorabilia
If you're a more dedicated fan on the hunt for the most valuable Avatar memorabilia available, this list is for…
Batman vs Joker
Credit: Ritchie S / Wiki Commons
The most iconic DC characters, and possibly, the most iconic superhero-villain rivalry ever. But which Batman vs Joker battle is…
Blade Runner 1982 - Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros, portion of the 1982 movie poster
From what to look for when buying vintage movie posters to how to spot a fake. Check out our beginner's…
What To Stream This Weekend
Credit: Sony Pictures
From Spider-Man's suit to a Blade Runner pistol, these are the most famous movie props that went missing. Some of…
Why Doesn't Michael Myers Die?
Credit: Universal
Halloween's antagonist, and one of horrors biggest villains, Michael Myers looks invincible. But can Michael Myers really die?
Dragon's Lair
Credit: Digital Leisure / Screengrab from video
If the Dragon's Lair movie coming to Netflix ends up great, some of the old, and new collectibles will spike…
Marvel vs DC - Avengers Endgame
Credit: Marvel Studios
Box office charts always seem to come down to Marvel vs DC, but which out of the two is the…
best lightsaber scenes star wars, lightsaber battles star wars, lightsaber fights
Credit: Disney Plus
As Andor blasts onto Disney Plus, its lack of lightsaber battles might create a disturbance in the force. So check…
Most Famous Actors Who Died Young
Credit: Por José Carlos Pozo / Wiki Commons
From Heath Ledger to Paul Walker, these are the most famous actors who died young in recent history. Find out…