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Ella is a digital content intern who loves writing about entertainment, media, technology, and culture. She is a recent Harvard graduate in Gender Studies and Government with plans to pursue a Creative Writing MFA. Besides creative and nonfiction writing, she spends her free time on music, fashion, and popular culture studies. Her current obsession is her 1999 iMac with all its nostalgic quirks.

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hardest word problems
Credit: Unsplash
Let's now explore the ten hardest word problems that will undoubtedly test your ability to reason and solve difficult logical…
Jaws LEGO set
Credit: LEGO
Movie lovers and LEGO fans have something to celebrate as LEGO releases the Jaws LEGO set, the company's homage to…
most valuable antique figurines
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The most valuable antique figurines appeal to collectors and enthusiasts due to the historical ties and stories they represent.
world's fastest flight
Credit: Unsplash
The world record is a celebration of human inventiveness and the unwavering pursuit of aviation perfection for the world's fastest…
most popular songs of the 70s and 80s
Credit: Flickr
The 12 most popular songs of the 70s and 80s that shaped a generation and will always be remembered in…
most expensive signatures in history
Credit: Invaluable.com
The market for famous signatures is lucrative, with some garnering millions of dollars. These are the 20 most expensive signatures…
game of thrones collectibles
Credit: Flickr
Game of Thrones collectibles serve as concrete reminders of the show's cultural significance, proudly arranged on excited fans' shelves. 
vinyl collectibles
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Take a trip through these vinyl collectibles, as each track narrates a tale of inventiveness, creative expression, and timeless appeal.
how to find unreleased songs
Credit: Unsplash
Continue reading as we explain how to find unreleased songs so you can hear interesting and distinctive mixes.
largest animal in the world
Credit: Unsplash
To quench your curiosities, here are some of the most fascinating facts about the largest animal in the world.
hardest trivia questions
Credit: Unsplash
We've compiled the hardest trivia questions and answers for your upcoming game night with friends based on well-liked trivia subjects.
Longest Train Rides You Can Take
Credit: Unsplash
Explore the world's longest train rides, such as the vast Trans Siberian Railway system, with our in-depth guide.
Warm up your eyes and continue reading because these funniest puns ever will have you rolling in your desk chair…
largest bridge in the world
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Here are 8 of the world's most massive bridges, culminating in the largest bridge in the world, and where each…
rare musical instruments
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Here are some of the most rare musical instruments that are found throughout many cultures all around the world.
The LEGO Creator Expert series stands out for its attention to detail and complexity, among them the hardest LEGO set…
facts about the music industry
Credit: Unsplash
We compiled a list of 12 fascinating facts about the music industry using data from some of the most well-known…
nascar collectibles
Here are the most expensive and valuable NASCAR collectibles and diecasts as of 2024, with prices from the Diecast Registry.
unreleased songs
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
View the unreleased songs of many more artists, including Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, Prince, The Beatles, and…
pearl harbor artifacts
Credit: NARA Public Domain Archive
Even though we're still searching for these lost Pearl Harbor artifacts, it's interesting to think about what has turned up…
how smart is an elephant?
Credit: Unsplash
How smart is an elephant, really? The science is in on these magnificent creatures; read more to discover elephants' most…
rare houseplants
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Have a look at this list of some of the most well-liked rare houseplants and the maintenance they need before…
modern horizons 3
Once more, it's that time! It's time to fully rework and distort the Modern format in order to create a…
most expensive basquiat paintings
Credit: Christie's
Basquiat produced all of his works in the short time span between 1981 and 1984. Below are the 5 most…