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Alexandria is a News Editor, writer, and reader of all things literature. She graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego with a degree in Creative Writing. She now writes listicles, reviews, and other pieces for websites such as SNIPDaily, Sportsnaut, and Nerdable, among others.With a background writing for Her Campus at Oswego and editing fiction works for The Great Lake Review, she enjoys using language in all aspects of her life. She has gotten several of her creative works published in literary magazines such as Gandy Dancer and Planisphere Q and has a poetry chapbook titled The Pain Cycle coming out in early 2024. When not working, you can find her sipping on mint tea and reading a book on the porch.

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most expensive drones
Credit: Unsplash
The most expensive drones are capable of specialist tasks, from LIDAR to search and rescue. And with specialist skills, the costs are mind-blowing.
history trivia questions
Credit: Carmen PeƱaranda
There are some historical facts you should know. See if you can answer these fifteen history trivia questions and prove you know your stuff.
rare dog breeds
Credit: Pauline Loroy
While some dog breeds are in high demand, others are rare due to many reasons. Check out these 10 rare dog breeds from around the world.
richest towns in California
Credit: WikipediaCredit: Wikipedia
Los Angeles is not the only rich city in California. These are the seven richest towns in California, ranked by average household income.
rare concert tees
Whether you enjoy wearing concert tees or displaying them in your house, these are five rare concert tees worth thousands of dollars today.
1920s jewelry
Credit: Cornelia Ng
If you have some pieces of 1920s jewelry in your closet still or are curious about jewelry history, check out the value and history behind them here.
famous historical couples
Credit: World History EncyclopediaCredit: World History Encyclopedia
These are ten of the most famous historical couples throughout time, from Kings and Queens to civil rights activists and even Biblical figures.
most expensive foods
Credit: WikipediaCredit: Britannica
While most food is relatively accessible, some foods cost a lot of money. These are the 10 most expensive foods sourced from all over the world.
longest roads in the world
Credit: Derek Thomson
While most roads are not that long, some span continents. The longest roads in the world may range in terrain but stretch across thousands of miles.
women in the American Civil War
Credit: www.history.com
These are ten of the most influential women in the American Civil War, and their roles during the conflict whether it was as spies, soldiers, or nurses.
oldest cities in the world
Credit: UnsplashCredit: Dilip Poddar
Humans have been around for millennia, creating towns all over Earth. These are the 10 oldest cities in the world, from Athens to Luxor.
most expensive dresses
Credit: Anna Docking
While some dresses may look like pieces of art when completed, their price tags are stunning in a different way. From diamonds, pearls, and expensive fabrics, these are the eight most expensive dresses ever made in the world.
largest u.s. cities by land area
Credit: UnsplashCredit: Mick Kirchman
Ranging from the northernmost state of Alaska to one of the most southern Florida, these are the seven largest U.S. cities by land area.
most expensive houses in the world
Credit: Nick Romanov
With prices ranging from $200 million to a staggering $4.9 billion, these are the ten most expensive houses in the world.
most expensive basketball shoes
Credit: Taylor Smith
While most basketball shoes can be pricey, these 8 most expensive basketball shoes are top dollar for other reasons ranging from style to history.
richest towns in new york
Credit: Clay Banks
Not all of the richest towns in New York are right next to New York City. Check out the top ten richest towns in NY based on household income.
most famous pirates
Credit: Austin Neill
If you enjoy pirates or the battles on the open sea, check out these ten most famous pirates in history, including Captain Kidd and Blackbeard.
most expensive cognacs
Credit: Deeliver
If you are a cognac connoisseur or want to try higher-priced alcohol, explore these most expensive cognacs in the world from brands like Martell.
richest city in the world
Credit: Ryo Yoshitake
If you are curious what the richest city in the world is, here are the top ten ranked by their GDP including locations like New York City and London.
most expensive comic book
Credit: Erik Mclean
We have created a list of the ten most expensive comic books in the world with heroes like Batman, Superman, and the Invincible Iron Man.
vintage pottery brands
Credit: Chloe Bolton
If you’re interested in the world of vintage pottery brands, see if you can recognize all twelve of these brands, all of which are defunct.
most expensive alcohol brands
If you are willing to spend thousands if not millions on your liquor, check out these twelve most expensive alcohol brands.
most expensive Nike shoes
Credit: Taylor Smith
Whether it’s a limited edition run or a famous brand collaboration, these 12 most expensive Nike shoes easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.
richest towns in America
Credit: Daniel Abadia
Ranked by their median household income, here are the twelve richest towns in America that you may not have known about until now.