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Nikole Stewart is a writer and editor with three years of experience writing keen articles on topics such as pop culture and technology. She graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in English Literature and Gender, Women, Sexuality Studies. Her portfolio of work is expansive and includes publications such as Game Rant and The New Feminist. She currently writes listicles and guides for several publications such as SnipDaily, WellSquad, Nerdable, and FamilyProof. When she's not reading or writing creatively, she's baking or playing video games in her free time.

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Batman - Collectible Statues And Figures
If you love collectible statues and action figures these are the best, and hottest to look out for right now.
A closer look at the world of Michael Jordan basketball card values that back up the fact that ‘His Airness’ is the Greatest Of All-Time (GOAT).
Vintage Motorbikes
For those who love bikes, owning one of the many vintage motorbikes made in America tops their wishlist – but which is the most expensive?
Most Expensive Watches
It might surprise you, but age doesn’t determine the most expensive watches in the world. Instead, past owners, mechanical perfection, and beauty does.
Hardest Math Problems
From the Large Cardinal Project to Goldbach’s Conjecture, find out more about the hardest math problems in the world.
Rarest Disney pins
Disney merchandise and memorabilia have long been highly collectible, so we share the rarest Disney pins out there and how much they are worth.
rare taylor swift merchandise
Swifties everywhere have proven their love for singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, whether it’s from picking up rare Taylor Swift merchandise or ‘Taylor-Gating’ the venues.
Credit Unsplash, Most expensive Pokemon Cards
You wouldn’t believe what the most expensive Pokémon Cards are. We have listed the ten most pricey Pokémon Cards.  
5 Most Expensive Jeeps:
From a custom Jeep nicknamed Doomsday to the engineering 4×4 masterpiece that can turn all four-wheels. These are the most expensive Jeeps.
Best Hello Kitty Collectibles for Superfans, Credit Unsplash
These are the best Hello Kitty collectibles that are perfect for superfans to show off their love and support for Sanrio.
How Much Is Lou Gehrig Baseball Card Worth Credit Wiki Commons, Lou Gehrig
Ever wonder how much legendary baseball player cards are worth? Check out everything we know about Lou Gehrig baseball cards.
Most Expensive Mountain Bikes
Take a look at the most expensive mountain bikes ever. From $35k to $1-million, including a Damien Hirst designed Lance Armstrong Trek Madone.
most valuable iconic horror movie props, Credit unsplash, pennywise it
From iconic movie titles like Chucky and Jaws, these are the most iconic horror movie props that you can grab to beef up your movie collection.
25 Most Obscure Sports in the World, unsplash, surfing
If you’re bored of the basic sports we see on TV, you have to check out this list of the most obscure sports we could find in the world.
What Are the Most Expensive Vases in the World, unsplash, beige pottery ceramics vases
If you want to expand your potter collection, check out these most expensive vases that date back hundreds of years.
The Ultimate Squishmallow Birthdays List 2023, Instagram @Squishmallows
The ultimate Squishmallow birthdays list guide will help you start and complete your Squishmallow collection.
Most Valuable Vinyl Records Ever
The most valuable vinyl records include The Beatles, Wu-Tang Clan, Elvis, Frank Wilson, and Tommy Johnson. Find out which tops the charts now.
Most Expensive Snow Globes, unsplash, santa clause, snow globe
Snow globes are a big part of decorating for the holidays, so let’s check out the most expensive snow globes currently.
most expensive fidget spinners in the world, Unsplash
Did you know that fidget spinners are also collectibles? Check out the most expensive fidget spinners in the world and why they were made.
Retro Movie Posters Film Buffs Will Want to Collect unsplash
If you’re wanting to beef up your collection, check out these great retro movie posters.
Best Christmas-Themed Video Game Levels
If you’re in need of cheering up, check out some of the best Christmas-themed video game levels to put you in the holiday spirit!
Tuluck Squishmallow Flickr - Phillip Pessar
The Tuluck Squishmallow has caused quite a sit on the internet, but what is it and why is it so popular?
best gaming recliner chairs
No matter your budget, these amazing gaming recliner chairs will give a fantastic bang for your buck. Including recliners for desks and your lounge.
vintage basketball jerseys
Many collectors have a passion for rare and vintage basketball jerseys. These are the jerseys that are impossible to find, making them expensive.