5 Most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures (You Probably Never Owned)

By Duane Beckett
Star Wars Action Figures
Credit: pxhere.com

 “A long time ago in a bedroom far, far away….” there was a mini-me playing with what would now surely be the most collectible Star Wars action figures ever.

That child grew up into a budding collector who spent the best part of a decade hunting down boxed 1970s Star Wars toys like The Mandalorian hunts down bounties:

(Disney Plus hit it out of the park with The Mandalorian).

Anyway… these flashbacks of playing with rare Star Wars figures always trigger the same famous last words:

“If only I had kept them boxed”.

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Rare Star Wars Toys

Memory is a tricky little thing because there’s no way I owned a super-rare 1978 Luke Skywalker action figure with the double extending lightsaber:

Nor is it possible I owned an original Darth Vader action figure:

Star Wars Action Figure - Darth Vader
Photo: pickpik.com

FACT: The truly rare Star Wars collectibles – the most expensive Star Wars toys, worth BIG money – are few and far between.

And this is one thing many 40-plus-year-old men convince themselves of:

That they once had one of the super rare Star Wars action figures.

(I still do it on a bi-weekly basis).

The truth is most-likely: If you were a child in the late 70s and 80s who was fortunate enough to have Star Wars action figures, there’s no way you’d keep them boxed.

FACT #2: They’re just too cool!.

Star Wars toys worth money

If you’re on the hunt, the most valuable vintage Star Wars figures remain boxed but finding them is the equivalent of:

  1. Playing roulette with authenticity.
  2. Paying ludicrous amounts (which is a problem – see #1).
  3. Waiting for a miracle (the equivalent of a barn find).

I’ve done all three and it’s why I stopped chasing rare 1970s Star Wars toys and switched to the 80s:

FACT: Between 2008 and 2015 I purchased two Boba Fett action figures (1979s):

  • The first was a fake loose action figure that cost $25ish.
  • The second, also a fake with arguably the most convincing boxing I had ever seen I should have known better with as the price was $350.

A real 1979 Boba Fett in a good condition box is $1500-$3000 all day long. And that’s not even the super-rare version (keep swiping down to see).

TIP: For anyone who is considering collecting Star Wars toys – focus on action figures that have their accessories!

At this point, loose 70s and 80s Star Wars toys still range in value from $20 – $200 without boxes. With boxes $100 – $3,000:

(And it seems to still be going up).

As for 90s Star Wars toys, their values are far lower. With boxed figures easily attainable between $10-$20.

TIP: 1990s Star Wars toys value may rise in a decade… No one knows. I’ve already picked up some of the rarer figures hoping they become valuable in the distant future:

(I even picked up some of The Last Jedi figures as that movie caused quite a stir and toys tanked – which may cause future rarity and interest).

My point, now might be the time to look out for tomorrows collectibles.

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The 5 Most Expensive Star Wars Action Figures

Here’s a tip for all future collectors – do your research!

FACT: I picked up a mint condition blue Snaggletooth Star Wars action figure in 2011. It was in a Kenner baggie and it cost $100:

(The original Kenner Star Wars figures are the most collectible).

At the time of purchase, I had no idea that the baggie made it classified as boxed.

If I had kept the baggie it would be worth $500 now:

(Fortunately, without the bag it still remains worth $200ish).

Yes, I am a lucky idiot.

A Snaggletooth would be about #10 on this list:

5. Boxed Vinyl Cape Jawa – $28,000

Star Wars Action Figure - Jawa
Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive

The mythical boxed vinyl cape Jawa. One of the most valuable Star Wars collectibles:

(Beware of fakes on this one).

This Star Wars action figures value is all about its cape.

When the toy first hit the market it had a vinyl cape, however, Kenner thought it made it look too cheap (ironic right?):

And switched the cape out for a cloth version.

A boxed Jawa in a cloth cape is $200-$400. A mint boxed Jawa with a vinyl cape was sold at auction for $30,000 roughly (£21,000 GBP).

4. Vlix – $45,430

Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive

Who is Vlix?

As someone who doesn’t remember the Droids series, this character is unknown to me:

However, as a collector I’ve been aware of it for a while. So here’s what you need to know:

  • Droids was an animated show in the 80s.
  • It focused on R2-D2 and C3PO’s adventures.
  • This character was part of a second wave line-up of Droids’ toys.
  • The toy was only ever released in Brazil.
  • At which point the line-up was canceled.

This combination makes Vlix one of the most collectible Star Wars toys going:

And one of the most expensive – sold for $45,430 back in 2018.

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3. Double Telescoping Darth Vader – $64,000

Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive

Two of the top-3 most expensive Star Wars figures have one thing in common:

A double extending telescopic lightsaber.

What’s most amazing about this 1977 Darth Vadar action figure is that it never made it to market:

And that’s why is cost $64,900 at auction back in 2018.

2. Double Telescoping Obi-Wan $76,000

Star Wars Action Figure - Obi-Wan
Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive

This 1977 Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure has the same credentials as the above Darth Vadar:

The only difference is that in 2018, a boxed Obi-Wan sold at auction for $76,700.

Clearly, the light-side is stronger at auction.

1. Rocket Firing Boba Fett – $185,000

Star Wars Action Figure - Boba Fett
Photos: Rebelscum, Action Figure Resource, and the Star Wars Collectors Archive

To this day I’m convinced I had a Boba Fett that fired rockets:

And to this day I remain 100% wrong.

How can I be certain? This rocket firing bounty hunter never made it to market. It was scrapped.

The only versions of this toy that exist are prototypes spanning the different phases of production.

FACT: In 2019 this toy sold at auction for $185,850. Which is more than the value of my house.

In Conclusion

Suffice to say, I don’t own any of these top-5 most sought after Star Wars toys.

Further still, I never have and never will at those prices:

And as a massive Star Wars fan, that fact is a little heart breaking.