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Rarest Pennies in U.S. History
Digging through your piggy bank might be worthwhile if you find one of the rarest pennies worth thousands of dollars.
1920s jewelry
If you have some pieces of 1920s jewelry in your closet still or are curious about jewelry history, check out the value and history behind them here.
most wanted rare antique glass, Unsplash
Antique glass shows off techniques that is hard to replicate, so collectors look out for these most wanted rare antique glass.
Famous Paintings of Women, Unsplash
Some of the most well-known art pieces are famous paintings of women. Let’s explore their origin and the reason behind their creation.
most expensive lighters
Lighters are a common household commodity, but for those that want some luxury, these are the most expensive lighters to spruce up your life.
Weird Books
These mysterious and weird books changed people’s thinking with grandiose predictions and revelations. Some have even left scholars baffled.
Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold, Art Gallery, Unsplash
There’s a saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Yet, when it comes to the most expensive paintings, some pictures are worth a lot more.
first edition books
First edition books cost big money. From $6-million and up! Check out the top authors, including James Audubon, Leonardo da Vinci, and more.
What Are the Most Expensive Vases in the World, unsplash, beige pottery ceramics vases
If you want to expand your potter collection, check out these most expensive vases that date back hundreds of years.
Most Expensive Guns
From makers such as Colt, Purdey, Fabbri. From the embellished to the history makers, explore the most expensive guns in the world.