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Weird Books
These mysterious and weird books changed people’s thinking with grandiose predictions and revelations. Some have even left scholars baffled.
first edition books
First edition books cost big money. From $6-million and up! Check out the top authors, including James Audubon, Leonardo da Vinci, and more.
What Are the Most Expensive Vases in the World, unsplash, beige pottery ceramics vases
If you want to expand your potter collection, check out these most expensive vases that date back hundreds of years.
Most Expensive Guns
From makers such as Colt, Purdey, Fabbri. From the embellished to the history makers, explore the most expensive guns in the world.
Most Expensive Pencils in the World
Including mechanical pencils and beyond, the most expensive pencils in the world are both eye-catching and astonishing. Find out more now.
Most Expensive Calculators
When it comes to the most expensive calculators in the world, the numbers are mind-boggling – and the most expensive is out of this world.
most expensive knives in the world
From a five-figure Japanese knife to a piece of history, the most expensive knives in the world will leave you speechless. Find out more now.
Famous Swords
When it comes to the most famous swords, we’re not talking mythical or movie props. We’re talking real swords from history
Old Pepsi Bottles
If you’re looking for an authentic old Pepsi bottles to add to your collection, these six top tips will help you identify the real deal. Find out more now.
most expensive lighters
Some of these most expensive lighters might shock you!