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Why Are Turkish Rugs Expensive, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Why are Turkish rugs expensive? And which one should you get for your home? Learn everything there is to know…
most valuable antique figurines
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The most valuable antique figurines appeal to collectors and enthusiasts due to the historical ties and stories they represent.
antique brooches
Credit: DSF Antique Jewelry
From flowers to fish to fairies, there are a ton of different brooches out there. These are five antique brooches…
rare Canadian stamps
Credit: Collections - GetArchive
Stamps are quite valuable in the collector's market. These are five rare Canadian stamps that range in price from $45,000…
How Much is Jade Worth Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Ever wonder how much is jade worth? This is a helpful guide to figure out how to identify a jade…
Rare George Washington Stamps
Credit: Unsplash
Want to finish your stamp collection? Then you have to get your hands on these rare George Washington stamps.
What Are the Most Expensive Vases in the World, unsplash, beige pottery ceramics vases
Credit: Unsplash
If you want to expand your potter collection, check out these most expensive vases that date back hundreds of years.
Artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian Era, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Learn more about history by looking into these rare artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian era, from documents to funeral statues.
pearl harbor artifacts
Credit: NARA Public Domain Archive
Even though we're still searching for these lost Pearl Harbor artifacts, it's interesting to think about what has turned up…
Rarest Pennies in U.S. History
Credit: Roman Oleinik / Wiki Commons
Digging through your piggy bank might be worthwhile if you find one of the rarest pennies worth thousands of dollars.