5 Rare George Washington Stamps

Rare George Washington Stamps
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Stamps are one of the most popular collectibles, along with coins. But what makes them so valuable? Not only are there limited editions, defects, and unique variants, like any collectible, but there are stamps that focus on historical events and figures. This is where rare George Washington stamps come into play.

Due to his historical significance, production rarity, and high demand, George Washington stamps are really hard to come by, especially for certain years. A 1-cent stamp featuring Washington can go for a wide range, hitting upwards to $800 dollars simply because his face is displayed. But what are the top 5 rare George Washington stamps that collectors can try and get ahold of?

5. 1967 5c Dirty Face Stamp

Credit: eBay

4. 1914 1c Washing Postage Green Stamp

Credit: eBay

3. 1909 3c Blueish Stamp

Credit: eBay

2. 1915 2c Red Postage Stamp

Credit: eBay

1. 1932 3c Violet Stamp

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