5 Rare Canadian Stamps and Their Value

rare Canadian stamps
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Similar to player cards or coins, stamps are also quite valuable in the collector’s market. Whether they portray famous people or are rare Canadian stamps, there is a market for all types of stamps that can range into tens of thousands of dollars. These are five rare Canadian stamps that range in price from $45,000 to $225,000.

5. 60¢ Air Mail Overprint Stamp (1927), $45,000

Credit: Paul Fraser Collectibles

4. London to London Flight Stamp (1927), $100,000

Credit: Sparks Auctions

3. 3d Vermillion Stamp (1851), $120,000

Credit: MyNation Hope Foundation

2. 2¢ Large Queen on Laid Paper Stamp (1868), $215,000

Credit: Wikipedia

1. 12d Black Canada Stamp (1851), $225,000

Credit: Wikipedia

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