6 Rare French Stamps for Collectors

rare french stamps
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Believe it or not, stamps are a hugely desired commodity in the world of collecting. From vintage stamps to ones with famous people like Elvis Presley, there are stamps for every type of collector. These six rare French stamps would be a great addition to your collection if you have tens of thousands of dollars lying around.

6. SS Pasteur Stamp (1941), $30,000

Credit: Spink

5. 10c Napoleon III Stamp (1852), $40,000

Credit: Stamp Auction Network

4. 25 Centimes Tete-Beche Pair (1850), $72,500

Credit: Stamp Auction Network

3. 1 Fr Dull Orange Red Ceres Stamp (1849), $75,000

Credit: Stamp Auction Network

2. 10c Bisteron Yellowish Tete-Beche Block (1849), $90,000

Credit: Stamp Auction Network

1. 1 French Light Carmine on Yellowish Tete-Beche (1849), $190,000

Credit: Paul Fraser Collectibles

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