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Puzzles have continued to draw in fans for years, even through the rise of the digital age. Here are 6 rare puzzles you may not have seen yet.
Boba Fett Action Figure, Heritage Auctions
Heritage Auctions
Explore how a quick-fix during the 1970s turned a Boba Fett action figure into the most valuable vintage toy ever.
Vintage Watches
Knowing the questions to ask before buying a vintage watch will help you get the authentic timepiece you want rather than make a bad investment.
vintage ashtrays
Credit: Unsplash
Vintage ashtrays are becoming more and more popular as a cost-effective way to bring historical style and nostalgia into homes.
Vintage Horror Movie Posters, Unsplash
Explore the incredible values of some of the best vintage horror movie posters, from Mad Doctor to Frankenstein.
rare concert tees
Whether you enjoy wearing concert tees or displaying them in your house, these are five rare concert tees worth thousands of dollars today.
Vintage Lamps, Unsplash
Want to collect beautiful retro vintage lamps to make your office space pop? Here are some of the most unique kinds.
vintage pottery brands
Credit: Chloe Bolton
If you’re interested in the world of vintage pottery brands, see if you can recognize all twelve of these brands, all of which are defunct.
Civil War memorabilia
Credit: Rick Lobs
While there is a lot of Civil War memorabilia in the world, there are only a few pieces rare enough to be displayed in museums, like the items below. 
Most Expensive Guns
Credit: Christies / YouTubeCredit: Christies / YouTube
Collectors would go crazy for the items on this list. Not only are they the most expensive guns in the world, but their stories are legendary.