Nerdable Affiliate Notice

When we feature links to various products and services, please know that some of these could be affiliate links.

Should you click on any of these links and make a purchase within a specific timeframe, we stand to earn a modest commission. This commission is paid by the retailer and incurs no additional cost to you.

For example, if we share a link to a graphics card and you click that link, then proceed to purchase within the next 24 hours, we may receive a commission based on your total order.

The proceeds we earn enable Nerdable to stay up and running and allow us to continue doing what we love. We appreciate your support!

Specific Affiliate Program Information

Nerdable is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. Nerdable is also a part of the eBay Partner Network and earns from qualifying sales.

Nerdable also uses links to affiliate marketplaces including Skimlinks and Impact. These marketplaces allow us to identify offers, and direct to reputable brands and websites.

If you would like more information on Nerdable’s affiliates, please contact us.