15 Rare WWE Action Figures Worth Thousands of Dollars Today

WWE action figures
Credit: Topolgnussy / Wiki Commons

WWE entered the world of action figures in 1984 with some help from LJN (back then it was the World Wrestling Federation, not WWE).

Since then, they have been on every fan’s Christmas list. And while action figure collecting has always been a favorite hobby among the young, it’s hard to imagine kids from the 80s keeping their toys boxed for future collectors to covet (I know I didn’t).

Despite being able to buy used WWE action figures for around $10 from stores and online markets today, there are some that are worth thousands. Several factors increase the price of these WWE action figures and rarity falls at the top of that list.

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15. The Hart Foundation Tag Team Box, $1,200+

Credit: whatculture.com

LNJ released a tag team series in 1986, among which, the Hart Foundation Tag Team was the most loved. Featuring Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart in their pink pants, vests, and championship belts.

I had one of these boxes back in the 80s – little did I know it would be a collector’s item today. The price of an opened box can go for $500, yet an unopened box in good condition can be worth $1,200+.

14. Miss Elizabeth Purple Skirt (LNJ), $1,800+

Credit: whatculture.com

Miss Elizabeth is one of the most loved female celebrities in the WWE Universe. She is still remembered for her elegance and reserved personality. Miss Elizabeth played an important role in the career of Macho Man and her action figure is one the rarest.

There are various variants to Miss Elizabeth’s action figure on the market. One of them comes with a leather skirt, another with a glossy gold skirt:

However, the one with the Purple skirt is the rarest. The price of Miss Elizabeth in the purple skirt was $1,800 back in 2014. This price has likely gone up since then.

13. WWF Hasbro Magazine Mail-Away, $2,850+

Credit: sportstoyshop.com

Back in the ’90s, WWF magazine started an online delivery service where action figures can be ordered online. These action figures are still among the most popular.

The exclusive WWF Hasbro Magazine’s The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, and Bret Hart are the most difficult to find today. An unopened The Undertaker Hasbro Action figure was sold for $2,850 on eBay in recent years.

12. Jakks Limited Edition Marble Ultimate Warrior, $3,000

Credit: Wrestling Figure Database

The Ultimate Warrior in the 80s and 90s was one of the most popular and colorful characters that fought in the ring. Due to his colorful garb, each action figure made of him was quite popular as he changed his overall look quite frequently. The most valuable Ultimate Warrior though is the marble figure, as there were only twenty of the figures made with each one coming signed with a certificate of authenticity. If you can manage to get your hands on one of these WWE action figures, you’ll be super lucky.

11. LJN Wrsetling Superstars Andre the Giant Black Card, $4,500

Credit: Etsy

If you can manage to find a black card LJN WWE action figure you are sure to get thousands for it, or have pay thousands in order to get it. Most of these figures are considered the holy grails of WWE action figure collectibles, and some are not even available to buy anywhere like the Macho Man Randy Savage figure. But, you can still find Andre the Giant on some sites, but he will go for at least $4,500.

10. Macho Man Randy Savage (LJN), $4,500+

“Ooh Yeah!”

The rarity of Macho Man Randy Savage (LJN) can be defined by the fact that only collectors were aware of its existence when it was auctioned. Prices for this WWE action figure range from $1000 to $4,500, depending on the box and condition.

There is no reason as to why it is so rare, yet experts on the matter believe that the company LJN produced a limited stock of the figure and only a few are known to exist still.

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9. Andre the Giant Wrestling Soft Vinyl Figure with Cards 1981, $5,000

Credit: eBay

Similar to the Hulk Hogan Japanese wrestling figure (not on this list), the Andre the Giant WWE action figure is also highly sought out by collectors. Even in action figure form, Andre the Giant, also known as the Eighth Wonder of the World, was a global phenomenon. If you can find this WWE action figure in mint condition, you may be paying up to $5,000.

8. LFN Wrestling Superstars Hulk Hogan Black Card ’89, $5,000

Credit: Worthpoint

The black card LJN series is so popular due to the fact that is was the last of the LJN Superstar Series figures. It also helps that these were made in the 80s and 90s, and can now fetch a respectable price on auctions. The Hulk Hogan black card figure is considered to be the most sought-after Hulk Hogan figure in the world, and will earn thousands if still in its packaging.

7. LJN Wrestling Superstars Big Bossman ’89 Black Card, $5,500

Credit: Wrestling Figure Database

Yet another black card WWE action figure appears on our most valuable list, this time being the Big Bossman. Big Bossman was known as one of the top bad guys, feuding with both Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage. When he changed to the good guys though, his popularity skyrocketed, and now has placed his WWE action figure on our top lists.

6. WWF Hasbro Dusty Rhodes Series 2 Dual Language Boni Rare, $9,800

Credit: eBay

The 90s releases of WWE action figures generate a lot of nostalgia for fans and collectors alike. The yellow polka-dotted Dusty Rhodes figure from series 2 falls under this category, and is also exceptionally rare to the point that an AFA Graded version of the “American Dream” figure is on the market for nearly $10,000.

5. Kamala (Moon on the Belly), $10,000+

Credit: figurerealm.com

Hasbro released the Kamala action figure as part of the Yellow Card series. The vintage Kamala action figure has a moon on the belly instead of the trademark and that makes it different from other models.

There is no exact explanation as to why the trademark was replaced with a moon, yet experts believe that it was due to a legal issue. It is believed that there are only 24 Kamala action figures with a moon on their belly today, making it the rarest among all WWE action figures.

The Price of Kamala (moon on the belly) action figure ranges from $3,000 to $10,000.

4. Rare Rhythm & Blues Greg “The Hammer” Valentine WWF Hasbro Prototype, $8,000-$13,000

Credit: Worthpoint

Though it was advertised in a 1991 WWF Magazine in a Toys R Us ad, this Hasbro prototype was never released, making it very rare and valuable to collectors. The fighter in question, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, was in a short-lived but popular tag team with Honkey Tonk Man called Rhythm and Blues. This WWE action figure prototype is wearing a molded entrance jacket and jet black hair, and sells for around $10,000.

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3. WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Series I Hulk Hogan, $12,000

Credit: Heritage Auctions

Hulk Hogan is a huge name in wrestling, especially when he defeated Iron Sheik in the WWE Championship in 1984 and started Hulkamania. So, when the Hulk Hogan Wrestling Superstars Series I came out, everyone wanted to have Hogan’s action figure with the title belt. This has made it even more valuable in present day, with one on Ebay going for around $12,000.

2. WWF 1989 Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake Wrestling Figure Rare Black Card, $25,000

Credit: Wrestling Figure Price Tracker

In 1989, several LJN figures were released with a black card background which made them more valuable and rare as the years went on. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake was one of the rarest figures in the bunch, and therefore is the most expensive to own. Beefcake was quite popular during the 80s and 90s, so it makes sense that he would not only get an action figure but be on our list of the top WWE action figures.

1. Hulk Hogan LJN Wrestling 1984 Prototype Figure, $120,000 / WWE Action Figures

Credit: eBay

As action figures become more popular, both WWE action figures and others, more collectors are trying to find the rarest pieces to add to their shelves. This may include prototypes, mockups, and other rare items. The Hulk Hogan prototype for the LJN release is considered to many as the Holy Grail of WWE action figures, and is online with a price tag of $120,000.

WWE is a big market if you enjoy wrestling, and often several fighters are created into action figures. As the years pass the value of the fighters often increase, and those action figures you held onto as a child can be worth a real fortune today. Next time you’re up in your attic, make sure to check for some of these WWE action figures and who knows, you might make a lot of money.