McDonald’s Beanie Babies Value Guide in 2023

McDonald's beanie babies value guide
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Beanie Babies came out in 1993, with stores selling the cute stuffed animals in 1994. It wasn’t until 1997 though when Beanie Babies caught their big break in the form of a partnership with McDonald’s to put a stuffed animal in each Happy Meal. Sales exploded, and McDonald’s Beanie Babies are still quite popular today, even though they were from nearly thirty years ago. 

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McDonald’s Beanie Baby Values – What’s the True Price?

Say you want to buy one of these stuffed animals online. How much are they going to cost? Well, it depends on where you go, and who you buy from. For instance, on Ebay you can see prices as low as two dollars but then have a listing for a stuffed animal that costs $20,000. These higher priced animals usually have the words “vintage” or “mint condition” or “extremely rare” somewhere in the description, but many sources claim that this perhaps is not a fair price. 

So, if you’re looking for a Beanie Baby, always compare prices on at least five different sellers, so you find the right price range for you. 

1997 McDonald’s Ty Beanie Baby Values

Prices on Ebay for these beloved toys from the original launch range from $5 to $6,000, depending on which animal you are looking for. 

Patti the Platypus

patti the platypus

Covered in a fuschia-purple fur and a yellow beak, Patti is a great friend to play with. She was born on January 6, 1993, and is one of the rarer Beanie Babies to collect. 

Pinky the Flamingo

mcdonald's beanie babies

Tag Poem: “Pinky loves the everglades / From the hottest pink she’s made / With floppy legs and big orange beak / She’s the Beanie that you seek!”

Chocolate the Moose

mcdonald's beanie babies values

Just like his name, Chocolate is covered in rich brown fur with pumpkin orange antlers. Designed to lay on his stomach, you can set him down face to face with your child, or set him on a shelf looking out. 

Speedy the Turtle

mcdonald's beanie baby value guide

Tag Poem: “Speedy ran marathons in the past / Such a shame, always last / Now Speedy is a big star / After he bought a racing car!”

Other McDonald’s beanie babies that were included in the original 1997 launch are Chops the Lamb, Goldie the Goldfish, Seamore the Seal, Snort the Bull, Quacks the Duck, and Lizz the Lizard. 

1998 McDonald’s Ty Beanie Baby Values

Prices on Ebay for these beloved toys from the second launch range from $4 to $3,000, depending on which animal you are looking for. 

Doby the Dog

doby the dog

If you have a Doberman at home, you should get a toy to look just like them. Doby is a miniature Doberman with black and brown fur. Even though his ears are not sticking straight up, he still is very adorable.

Bongo the Monkey

beanie babies

Tag Poem: “Bongo the monkey lives in a tree / The happiest monkey you’ll ever see / In his spare time he plays the guitar / One of these days he will be a big star!”

Happy the Hippo

beanie baby values

Though he is not gray like a normal hippo, Happy is instead a light shade of lilac. Carry around this cute hippo that lays on his stomach and will be a perfect addition to your collection.

Peanut the Elephant

peanut the elephant

Tag Poem: “Peanut the elephant walks on tip-toes / Quietly sneaking wherever she goes / She’ll sneak up on you and a hug you will get / Peanut is a friend you won’t soon forget!”

Other McDonald’s beanie babies that were included in the 1998 launch are Twigs the Giraffe, Inch the Inchworm, Pinchers the Lobster, Mel the Koala, Scoop the Pelican, Bones the Dog, and Zip the Cat. 

1999 McDonald’s Ty Beanie Baby Values

Prices on Ebay for these beloved toys from the third launch range from $2 to $17,000, depending on which animal you are looking for. 

Freckles the Leopard

freckles the leopard

Covered in black and yellow spots on tan fur, Freckles is the cutest leopard you will ever see. Complete with a pink nose and four whiskers this Beanie Baby will quickly make its way into your heart. 

Iggy the Iguana

mcdonald's beanie baby

Tag Poem: “Sitting on a rock, basking in the sun / Is this Iguana’s idea of fun / Towel and glasses, book and beach chair / His life is so perfect without a care!”

Claude the Crab

mcdonald's toys

Claude the crab’s appearance is quite striking, as he is covered in swatches of yellow, blue, green, purple, and brown. With two big pinchers and two small yarn whiskers, he is a great addition to the 1999 collection. 

Chip the Cat

beanie baby value

Tag Poem: “Black and gold, brown and white / The shades of her coat are quite a sight / At mixing her colors she was a master / On anyone else it would be a disaster!”

Other McDonald’s beanie babies that were included in the 1999 launch are Antsy the Anteater, Smoochy the Frog, Spunky the Cockerspaniel, Rocket the Blue Jay, Stuart the Rooster, Nuts the Squirrel, Stretchy the Ostrich, and Nook the Husky. 

2000 McDonald’s Ty Beanie Baby Values

Prices on Ebay for these beloved toys from the fourth launch range from $5 to $2,300, depending on which animal you are looking for. 

Lucky the Ladybug

mcdonald's beanie baby values

One of the most recognizable insects is the ladybug, and Lucky is exactly what you’re expecting from the red shell to the black spots all over her body. She even has six little legs poking out of her sides, ready to explore the world. 

Flitter the Butterfly

flitter the butterfly

Tag Poem: “I did not know what I was to be / Covered in fuzz, it was hard to see / Now a butterfly, what a beautiful sight / On silken wings I take to flight!”

Tusk the Walrus

tusk the walrus

Living in iceberg-strewn waters, the walrus is a hardy mammal and an even cuter stuffed animal. Tusk has his signature teeth and brown flippers that carry him around wherever he needs to go.

Neon the Seahorse

collectible beanie babies

Tag Poem: “Born in shallow water in a sea grass bay / Their eyes can swivel and look every way / Walk down the beach on a bright sunny day / Jump into the sea and watch them play!”

Other McDonald’s beanie babies that were included in the 2000 launch are Dotty the Dalmation, Lips the Fish, Slither the Snake, Flip the Cat, Bumble the Bee, Spinner the Spider, Blizz the White Tiger, Schweetheart the Orangutan, Spike the Rhino, Coral the Fish, Sting the Stingray, Goochy the Jellyfish, Springy the Bunny, and Bushy the Lion. 

McDonald’s International Beanie Babies Value

Prices on Ebay for these beloved toys from the international bear launch range from $6 to $10,000, depending on which bear you are looking for and if you are buying them in a set. 

Glory the Bear

rare beanie babies

Based on the United States of America, Glory the Bear is white with blue and red stars covering its whole body. Along with an American flag stitched into the chest, this bear will not only add to your collection but show your pride in your country. 

Brittania the Bear

international beanie babies

Brittania hails from the beautiful country of England, with the flag stitched into its chest. This bear is just brown all over, but does have a ribbon tied around its neck. This is a great collectible, because it is highlighting another country.

Erin the Bear

erin the bear

Hailing from Ireland, Erin is a forest green with a white shamrock embroidered on its chest. This is a perfect companion for the other international bears.

Maple the Bear

maple the bear

Rounding out the international bears collection is Maple from Canada. The bear is as white as snow with the Canadian flag embroidered onto its chest. It also has a red ribbon tied around its neck as an extra decoration.

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McDonald’s Characters Beanie Babies Value

Prices on Ebay for these beloved toys from the McDonald’s characters launch range from $9 to $150, depending on which character you are looking for and if you are buying them in a set. 

Grimace the Bear


Decked out in a fuzzy purple fur, Grimace the bear is a tribute to the famous McDonald’s character Grimace, who now even has its own shake from the fast-food restaurant. The original character is stitched onto the bear’s chest, and has a yellow ribbon tied around its throat.

Ronald McDonald the Bear

ronald mcdonald beanie babies

The main character himself has been transformed into a bear for this Beanie Baby collection. Wearing the signature yellow jumpsuit with red-and-white striped legs and arms, Ronald McDonald’s face is even on the chest of the bear.

Hamburglar the Bear

hamburglar the bear

Dressed just like the original burglar, Hamburglar is all black and white, except for the bright red hamburger tie and the character’s face on the chest.

Birdie the Bear McDonald’s Beanie Babies

birdie the bear

Dressed in a pink jumpsuit, white scarf, and covered in yellow fur, Birdie the Bear is the final piece of the McDonald’s beanie bear collection. Along with the outfit, Birdie also has her original character embroidered on her chest.

McDonald’s Beanie Babies are a great toy for young children, but also for avid collectors that enjoy McDonald’s toys from the late nineties. Since there is such a wide range of pricing, you can probably find one for a reasonable price, and continue the legacy of the McDonald’s Beanie Babies. 

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