One of the most popular items to collect in the 1990s and 2000s was Beanie Babies. They made perfect gifts for loved ones and wherever you went, from theme parks to museums, souvenir shops were stuffed full of them.

For those who started buying in the 90s, you should look through your Beanie Baby collection as you might just have something surprisingly valuable.

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So what are Beanie Babies worth today? These are the 10 most expensive Beanie Babies to buy (or sell) right now:

23. Humphrey the Camel, $1,200

Humphrey the Camel was first launched in 1993 and was part of the original nine Beanie Babies. And over the years, there have been many different versions of Humphrey the Camel.

The original Humphrey was the first Beanie Baby to retire on June 15, 1995. And was discontinued in 1998.

Today, Humphrey the Camel could fetch you nearly $1,200. A rare Humphrey Camel with its rear leg sewn on backward can very well bring in even more.

Be warned, there are many counterfeit Humphrey Beanie Babies on the market.

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22. Employee the Bear, $3,000

Valued at $3,000, this cuddly Employee the Bear beanie baby was introduced in 1995. This beanie baby was given to the sales representatives of Ty Inc. as a token gesture.

Only 300 bears were manufactured. Nearly half of these bears wore a green ribbon, while the other half wore red ribbons. The unique bright violet color and magenta threadwork of the bear lent it a unique and desirable quality.

There were no hanging tush tags on Employee, the Bear as all the bear tags were sown in.

21. Nana the Monkey, $4,000

When launched, Nana the Monkey was only known as Nana, but this Beanie Baby was renamed Bongo in 1995:

However, the first Nana and the first Bongo babies were the same. Like a couple of other Beanie Babies, there is a widespread counterfeiting problem with Nana the Monkey.

If you have an authentic Nana the Monkey, then it could be worth nearly $4,000.

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20. Peace the Bear, $5,000

Introduced in 1997, Peace the Bear is valued at $5,000. This beanie baby is valued so much because it was taken off the market within just three years. It was given out during a promotional event at a baseball game between Oakland A’s and Boston Red Sox.

The main sign of identifying the original bears is that no two tie-dyed colors are exactly the same, and they come with the peace symbol embroidered onto their chest. If you do manage to find a bear with the peace symbol on the chest, you should grab it as it is a rare collectible today.

19. Iggy the Iguana, $5,000 to $15,000

Iggy the Iguana is available in various colors, including pastel, tie-dye, blue, and neon. With so many color variants, it is easy to get confused about whether you have an authentic Iggy or not.

However, if you do have a rare Iggy with a Quackers tag on the underside, it can fetch you a cool $5,000.

What’s more, if you have an Iggy that has no writing at all inside the label, it might just be worth a whopping $15,000.

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18. Snort the Red Bull, $6,000

This cute red bull was originally named Tabasco, but Ty had to change the name owing to trademark infringement with the hot sauce company.

There are certain minor differences between the original Tabasco bull and Snort. Tabasco’s hooves are entirely red, while Snort the Red Bull has white hooves.

For either version of this Beanie Baby, you could easily earn over $6,000.

17. Gobbles the Turkey, $7,000

A mint condition Gobbles the Turkey can be sold for nearly $7,000.

In recent times, an almost new 1996 version of Gobbles sold for $6,667. 1996 is an important year for Gobbles, as it is the launch (birth) year of this Beanie Baby.

16. Peanut the Elephant, $7,000

This dark blue cute elephant is valued at $7,000. The beanie baby was manufactured in 1995 and is today considered to be one of the rarest beanie babies in the world.

The original Peanut was manufactured in dark royal blue, light powder blue, and purple and grey. If you have the original dark blue Peanut, which was created as an accident in the dye, you are sitting on a valuable treasure.

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15. Halo the Bear, $7,500

Valued at $7,500, Halo the Bear is one of the first special edition bears to be created by the company. The bear symbolizes a child’s guardian angel having gold wings and a halo around its head.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one from 1998 with a white star printed on its fur or one that has errors on the tush tags, you could very easily make a quick buck.

And, if you are super lucky to find a Halo bear with a Korean tush tag and noticeable variations in their nose and eyes, you can make well above $7,500.

14. McDonald’s International Bears, $10,000

McDonald’s jumped onto the beanie baby bandwagon in the 1990s after seeing how popular the little beanie babies were. They started with a scaled-down version to give away in their happy meals known as Teenie Babies. While these are not worth anything today, the exclusive line of bears that they created can be worth almost $10,000.

The McDonald’s exclusive line of Teenie Beanie Babies consists of four individual bears that symbolize four different countries – Glory from the US, Brittania from Britain, Erin from Ireland, and Maple from Canada. So if you have any of these around in their original packaging, you can become rich overnight.

13. Patti the Platypuss, $10,000

Another beanie baby worth $10,000 is Patti the Platypus. This is one of the original beanie babies that many collectors would love to have.

While she is not worth that much in general, and you can even buy one for just $12 on any of the online retailers, there is one particular magenta-colored platypus that is considered to be very rare and worth a lot more.

It is the magenta color that hikes the price up dramatically. So be on the lookout for a magenta Patti the Platypus.

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12. Hope, $16,000

The Hope Beanie Baby is a simple golden praying bear, but it is worth a whopping $16,000.

The bear has its eyes closed, and there is a poem written inside the tag at the back.

Hope Bears Beanie’s style number is #4213, and it was launched in 1998.

11. Brownie the Bear, $20,000


Valued at a whopping $20,000, Brownie, the Bear is also one of the original beanie babies. After this was retired, it was replaced with Cubbie, and Brownie went on to become a collector’s item worth a lot of money.

Its tan snout and brown fur can help you identify Brownie. It also should not have a poem written inside the tag.

While bears are always the most popular beanie babies, Brownie the Bear is all the more valuable since it featured in the first-ever collection of Ty.

10. Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity the Bunnies, $30,000

At first look, you would not be able to guess that these cute little bunny beanies are worth as much as $30,000. As they are a part of a set that is almost impossible to come by.

If you are able to find even one on its own, it would still be worth quite a bit, but if you have all three bunnies from the set, you would have hit the jackpot.

9. Valentino the Bear, $42,300

Estimated to be worth $42,300, Valentino the Bear is one of the most elegant-looking beanie bears of all time. With beautiful color and subtle embellishments, the bear has been highly sought after.

Amidst this, there is a particular batch of Valentino bears that had their names misspelled inside their tag, which is worth a lot of money. If you have one of these, you can easily sell it for over $42,000.

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8. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant, $50,000


Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant are two of the most sought-after beanie babies in the world. This particular pair is one of a kind as it has a signature from Hillary Clinton.

In 2006, a loving father managed to get the two beanie babies signed by Hillary Clinton for his daughters. It is the valuation of this signature that has collectors lining up to pay $50,000 for this pair of cute beanie babies.

7. Jolly, $75,000

Jolly the Walrus launched in 1997 and retired just one year after.

This short production time for a Beanie Baby makes Jolly one of the most valuable. Serious collectors will pay around $75,000 to have it in their collection.

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6. Batty, $125,000

With Batty the Beanie Baby we’re getting into life-changing amounts of money.

Batty the Bat can be worth up to $125,000:

The caveat: You’ll need the ultra-rare manufacturing defect version which included an extra foot to hit six figures.

5. Piccadilly Attic, $125,000

While many kids may consider Piccadilly Attic to be downright scary, this clown beanie baby is valued at $125,000.

Clowns are, of course, never the most popular things for children, which is why Piccadilly Attic was retired early from the collections.

If you are a lucky owner of this clown beanie baby, you can make a neat fortune from it.

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4. Bubbles, $129,000

One of the most famous Beanie Babies (and most valuable) is the fish Bubbles:

A good condition Bubbles made in 1996 can be worth around $129,000.

However, there are many versions of Bubbles on the market. And it is the manufacturing error-laden Bubbles that is worth six figures.

3. Peace Bear (9 inches & 15 inches), Ringo the Raccoon, and Bones the Dog, $159,000

Peace Bear (two sizes), Ringo the Raccoon, and Bones the Dog make up a quartet that is the most valuable Beanie Babies among collectors.

Each of these Beanie Babies is valuable in its own right, for instance, the 9″ Peace Bear can fetch $5,000:

However, the four-bear set is worth a life-changing amount of around $159,000 if bundled together.

2. Princess the Bear, $500,000

Princess the Bear is one of the only beanie babies to be associated with a tragic historical event. Ty produced this cute little purple bear to commemorate the late Princess Diana. The bear’s purpose was to motivate the beanie baby community to contribute towards the Princesses Memorial Fund.

With a purple body and a white rose on its chest, Princess the Bear is extremely rare and has an asking price of approximately $500,000.

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1. Large Wallace and his Squad, $600,000

Most Expensive Beanie Babies

The most expensive beanie baby of all time is Large Wallace and his Squad. It is similar to the 9-inch and 15-inch Peace bear, but this combo has an unimaginable value attached to them.

If you can shell out $600,000, you can get a rare large-sized Wallace and two regular-sized Wallaces, Huggy and Cashew. Apart from the exclusivity, though, there is no other factor that adds to their value.

So if you want to buy yourself a collector’s item and you have $600,000 to spare, you can look around to purchase Large Wallace and his Squad.