5 Rarest Disney Pins and Their Values

Disney merchandise and memorabilia have long been highly collectible, with many buyers clamoring for some sought after limited pieces. This extends to Disney Pins, which have become one of the most collectible pieces of Disney products. Here we will break down the rarest Disney pins and their values, alongside some other information surrounding Disney pins.

5. Disney Fantasy Pins Oogie Boogie ‘Hollar’ Jekyll and Hyde Pin

Disney's Oogie Boogie ‘Hollar’ Jekyll and Hyde Pin
Credit: fantasyworld828

Value: ~$6,000

With a design that features one of the villains from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas,’ this pin is one of the rarest that Disney has ever produced. The reason for this rarity is because the pin was made exclusively for just 12 backers of the Club Elite 30, who actually helped to influence the design of the pin. Not only is the pin rare, it is also quite striking with a jumbo sizing, green gemstones and glow in the dark detailing.

4. Disney Girls Rapunzel Chaser Pin

Disney'sRapunzel Chaser Pin
Credit: PinTradingDB

Value: ~$8,000

As part of a set of 11 pins in a Disney Princess series released in 2010, this Rapunzel pin is extremely rare. One of the reasons for this is that the pin was sold as part of a two-pack for around 20 dollars. It also features three jewels at the bottom of the pin, which add to the value of this highly sought after pin.

3. Disney Gallery Logo Pin

Disney's Gallery Pin
Credit: Jonnyboyca

Value: ~$10,000

This pin has a certain vintage appeal, featuring the classic Disney Gallery logo in a turquoise coloring with striking gold detailing. It was originally released with 1,200 copies and arguably its value comes from the beloved location that Disney fans love. This pin is available to view on Pin Pics.

2. Disney Animal Kingdom Giant Tree 2015 Pin

Disney's Animal Kingdom Giant Tree 2015 Pin
Credit: Pinpics.com

Value: ~$10,000

Animal Kingdom is a fan favorite park at Disney World and this 2015 release features a jumbo depiction of the iconic tree. Within different segments of the tree’s canopy, there are depictions of some beloved characters including Mickey, Simba and Nemo. It was released as part of a limited set of 500 pins, which is why it is one of the rarest Disney pins.

1. Mickey Sorcerer Pin

Value: ~$11,000

Taking the crown for the rarest Disney pin is the Mickey Sorcerer pin released by Disney Auctions in 2006. There were only ever 100 copies of this pin made, giving it some enormous value. Not only that, it depicts the famous scene from the 1940 film Fantasia. If these two features weren’t enough to convince you of its value, the pin is also hand signed by the renowned artist who designed the pin, Elisabete Gomes.

What Is the Oldest Disney Pin?

Back in the 1930s, Disney began issuing more jewelry style brooch pins and it is difficult to ascertain what the first ever Disney Pin was. The pin trading program as we know it today was an initiative started by the stores and parks in 1999, meaning it is easier to track these early pins. 

Despite this, it is not currently known what the oldest Disney Pin is.

Do Disney Pins Go Up in Value?

Buying Disney pins gets incredibly expensive, leading many collectors to wonder if they will make money in the long run through the value increase of their pins. The truth is that the value of Disney pins will generally increase over time, but it is not guaranteed. This is because pins are usually released for a limited time, in a limited quantity and they eventually become rare to see on the market. There are many fanatic collectors out there who will pay a good price for this limited pieces.

How Can You Tell if a Disney Pin Is Rare?

If you have a Disney Pin and want to find out if it is rare, you can always search online for dedicated databases that log the history, value and availability of Disney pins. 

Check the final entry in this article below for some ways to identify the rarest Disney pins.

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Does Disney Still Do Pin Trading?

Rarest Disney Pins and Pin Trading at Disney Park Locations
Credit: Amy Humphries

Ever since the Disney pin trading initiative was started at the turn of the millennium, it has been a great source of revenue and enthusiasm for Disney. 

While cast members no longer wear these pins, the trading of them is still happening through dedicated Pin Boards located around Disney World.

What Are the Best Disney Pins to Collect?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell which Disney pins are the best ones to collect to ensure that you have a respectable or valuable collection. There are a number of special pins that you should look out for, as they tend to be more sought after. Below, we will break down these pin types and how to acquire them:

Limited edition pins

Certain Disney Pins are only released for special occasions, or are only available to select individuals. The best chance to obtain these limited edition pins is to hold an Annual Pass or Visa Card. These pins usually have the date of release stamped on the back, so be sure to look out for these dated pins.

Completer pins

Another rare kind of Disney pin is the completer pin, which is a pin that completes a given set. Most pins in a set are usually easy to find and acquire but then there are a select few that are considered to be ‘completer’ pins by collectors since they are harder to come by. These are specifically created by Disney by reducing the number of them in circulation and you can identify them by looking for the ‘completer pin’ text on the back of the pin.

Chaser pin

A chaser pin is one that is entirely silver, without any color at all. These pins are rare since they were previously only traded by cast members. Now, these pins are only available via trading at the previously mentioned pin boards.

Ultimately, if you are a fan of a particular theme, character, or pin from Disney, you can visit a pin board at a Disney location. However, if you’re into the rarest Disney pins and how to add them to your collect, we hope this gave you some background on value, origin, and rarity.