7 Rare Taylor Swift Merchandise Swifties Have Found

Swifties everywhere have proven their love for singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift, whether it’s from picking up rare Taylor Swift merchandise or ‘Taylor-Gating’ the venues, even if it can be inconvenient for some areas. No matter how you celebrate your favorite musicians coming to your city, there is always one thing that holds true across all venues. Merchandise.

After spending all your money on tickets, food and drinks, fans everywhere will fight for their chance to get the best merch before it’s sold out. That’s the same with Swifties. Rare Taylor Swift merchandise can be seen across several sites, but not everyone is so lucky to snag some. Here are some rare Taylor Swift merchandise Swifties have found.

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7. Taylor Swift Lover Heart Ring, $300

rare Taylor Swift merchandise

One of the cheaper rare Taylor Swift merchandises is a piece of jewelry that shows off one of Swift’s most famous albums, “Lover”. This ring is heart shaped with varying-colored crystals, such as blue and purple, depending on which you get. There are a variety of listings that start at $200 and work their way all the way to $350, making it a great collector item for die-hard fans, while staying reasonable with your bank account.

There are also several different sizes, but most probably wouldn’t wear it around. For those wanting to start your collection on rare merchandise and have Taylor Swift in mind, this is a great choice to begin with.

6. Taylor Swift Lover Heart Shaped Vinyl, $1,000

rare Taylor Swift merchandise

Vinyls are a great way to show your love and support for someone. Similar to purchasing CDs, several fans buy them for decorative purposes to display around their home. And one such decorative piece that is perfect for every Swifite are these heart shaped vinyls. Not only do they match the amazing aesthetic that comes with the Lover album, but features images of Taylor Swift live in Paris in the center of these hearts.

There are several listings of these, going from as much as $1,000, all the way to as little as $700, making it a great purchase for those wanting rare Taylor Swift merch that are still wanting to protect their wallet.

5. Taylor Swift Reputation Exclusive Orange Translucent Vinyl, $3,000

rare Taylor Swift merchandise

Another vinyl on the ever-growing list. This rare, FYE exclusive vinyl is from Taylor Swift’s album, “Reputation”. Not only is this a gorgeous vinyl to have displayed from the vibrant orange, but it’s so limited that only 3,000 copies were made worldwide, explaining why some sell for $2,500 all the way to $4,000.

This one-of-a-kind vinyl is an ideal purchase for those that want to get their hands on something worthwhile for their collection.

4. Taylor Swift Original Rare Lover House Snow Globe, $4,000

rare Taylor Swift merchandise

Snowglobes are already great items to collect but combining it with one of your favorite artists is even better. One of the most rare Taylor Swift merch that you can find is this Lover House Snow Globe which is a limited-edition collector’s item.

With the word Lover in pink at the bottom and a beautiful Lover house that features nine rooms, each room representing a different album. While the top price for this is $4,500, several are listed for $3,000 or $3,500, with some recently selling for only $2,000.

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3. Taylor Swift Limited Edition Red Vinyl 2012 Red ACMA Big Machine Promo, $6,995

rare Taylor Swift merchandise

Vinyls are another great item to collect, whether you’re interested in the classics or modern. Vinyls have been around since the 1880s, and they’re not going anywhere either. That being said, finding limited editions of vinyl records are incredibly rare and opportunities you don’t want to miss.

For this rare Taylor swift merch, this limited-edition vinyl of Red sold recently for almost $7,000. There are others that are waiting to find a home as well, with this listing only priced at $4,750, making it a great item for anyone’s collection.

2. Taylor Swift Signed Autograph 2011 Peter Max “Fearless” Poster, $11,598.55

rare Taylor Swift merchandise
Autographia – Peter Max

Peter Max is an American artist and is known for his bright colors. His work is associated with the visual arts and culture of 1960s, particularly psychedelic art and pop art. There are two pieces in Autographia that features Peter Max’s artwork of Taylor Swift. The first is signed by Max himself at a rate of $7,248.55, and the one presented here that is also signed by Taylor Swift for over $11,000.

Not only is the artwork beautiful and resembles Taylor Swift’s album cover “Fearless”, but it’s the perfect piece for art and music collectors, or die-hard fans that want to commemorate the singer. For those wanting something a bit cheaper, check out Peter Max’s painting of Nashville Arts Magazine, featuring Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” album for $4,348.55.

1. Taylor Swift Signed Autograph Full Size Fender Acoustic Guitar 1989, $13,048.55

rare Taylor Swift merchandise

Taking the top spot for rare Taylor Swift merchandise is this signed acoustic guitar. Finding an autographed item is rare in itself, but having it be a guitar is even better. Not only is this an amazing conversation piece that you can have hanging in your home, but it’s also an ideal find for collectors. Autographia has a few signed guitars from this artist, and several photographs and art pieces signed.

While this acoustic guitar is at a high price of $13,000, there is an electric guitar sitting right above $10,000 for those wanting something a bit different and cheaper.

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