6 Vintage Troll Dolls from the 90s to Remind You of Childhood

vintage troll dolls from the 90s
vintage troll dolls from the 90s

Despite the popular kids’ movie Trolls appearing in 2016, troll dolls have been around for a while. Like Barbie dolls or Beanie Babies, there are several kids toys that have turned into collector items, with some being rarer than the rest. What was once our childhood has now turned into nostalgic pieces that cost hundreds.

There are several vintage troll dolls from the 90s that are being auctioned off for collectors. And for those that grew up with a collection of their own, check out these valuable vintage troll dolls that will surely remind you of your childhood.

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The History of Troll Dolls

The dolls were created by Thomas Damn (1915-1989), a baker who would often carve wood creatures at night to entertain his children. Soon, he realized there was an opportunity to sell these figures door-to-door. Once he started receiving commissions for bigger projects, Dam realized he could become a sculptor.

When he was hired by a Swedish department store in 1956 to install a Santa Clause sculpture, he also started working on elves, which was a similar design to the troll dolls we see today. When the demand for this product became large enough, Dam tweaked the product to scale production, and changed out of wood and into rubber molds. By 1959, Dam established a small factory. In 1961, he switched from rubber into PVC plastic that troll dolls are made of today.

And soon, the troll dolls became a sensation world-wide. During the 1960s, troll dolls became one of the biggest toys, and while the 1970s brought a dip in enthusiasm, by the 1990s the popularity grew once more.

The 1990s also brought several manufacturers who started copying troll dolls under different names, and where video games and shows began to be invented.

The Modernization of Troll Dolls

In 2013, DreamWorks Animation bought the brand and started the animated film Trolls where it received two sequels, the most recent in 2023.

Parents everywhere watched as their children fell in love with the toys they used to love, and it’s magical. Dreamworks did an amazing job at capturing the hearts of families.

While the vintage troll dolls from the 90s had colorful hair, the modern troll dolls are dyed in vibrant colors all over featuring the iconic hair that everyone loves.

Not only is the modernization of troll dolls bringing nostalgia to the hearts of parents but bringing a whole new look of them to kids. Now that troll dolls have gotten a redesign, children everywhere can now see trolls as what they’ve always been, delightful and cute creatures that are made to entertain.

6 Valuable Vintage Troll Dolls from the 90s

So, after all these years, which ones are the most valuable that you can find today? Read more to see our top six vintage troll dolls for the 90s.

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6. Vintage Russ Troll Doll Purple Hair, $150

vintage troll dolls from the 90s

On the cheaper side of collector items, this vintage troll doll from the 90s is a common item that collectors can find online. This cute doll features purple hair and a purple sweater with dark purple eyes, sitting at 17 inches tall.

This doll is another rare item with moveable arms and legs. It’s an adorable addition to toy collectors everywhere.

5. Vintage Rare Gold Glitter Troll Doll with Blue Hair, $475

vintage troll dolls from the 90s

Sitting at varying prices between $450 and a little under $900, this rare sparkly vintage troll doll is a beautiful item that all collectors should watch for. Finding one in good condition might be tricky, as making sure the glitter stays together will need a lot of care and attention over the years.

There are very few in the world, and even less available for purchase. If you end up coming across it, make sure to snag it before it’s gone, as it’s a gem for every kind of toy collector.

4. Troll Doll with Pointed Ears, $675

vintage troll dolls from the 90s

There are always some really unique items when looking at collector items, like this vintage troll doll with pointed ears.

And it’s even more special when the previous owner takes really good care of the item and wants to pass it on to someone who is just as passionate. This item is up for auction for a little under $700.

3. Baby Monkey Troll Doll, $800

vintage troll dolls from the 90s

This vintage troll doll from the 90s is not an elf, but a baby monkey, and is one of the more popular dolls that you can find on websites.

There have been several listings on both Ebay and Etsy for collectors to purchase, varying from prices such as $370 to $850. Its about 8 inches tall and is a must have for any troll doll collector.

2. Large Horse Limited Edition, $900

vintage troll dolls from the 90s

Troll dolls weren’t just little elf-like creatures, there were several varieties when it came to these collections, like animals. Like the tag says, this horse is a limited-edition troll doll from the 1990s. It’s a 7 1/2 inch tall brown horse with reddish brown eyes and a bright mane.

There have been several purchases over Ebay recent sitting at around $880 to $900, making it a worthwhile purchase for those that want to expand their collection if they find one.

1. Vintage Troll Doll Count Dracula Rare, $1,000

vintage troll dolls from the 90s

This troll doll is a Halloween limited edition troll that sits approximately two feet tall. It has the iconic troll features with blood red eyes, fangs, and count Dracula vampiric attire, making it a perfect decoration piece for Halloween.

This troll doll was available in the 1980s and was extremely rare to find, as most store had only a select few for a limited of time. Ebay has a listing for only $1,000 while Etsy has a listing available for $1,500, making it a super rare find.

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