The house with the mouse provides a never-ending supply of Disney collectibles. Much of which is gobbled up by people from all age groups and genders:

There’s just something about Disney that people fall in love with, and with it follows open wallets snapping up merchandise (which due to the lure of Disney, have regularly become collectibles).

When Walt Disney opened the fantastical theme park in 1955 even he could not have imagined the future in which a branded Disney popcorn bag could end up being sold for hundreds of dollars at an auction…

Serious collectors of Disneyana are willing to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for the truly rare Disney collectibles. And while all collectibles were manufactured equally, some have gone into the stratosphere in terms of value.

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5. 1958 Disneyland Map, $6,500

Disney Collectibles

A pristine rolled 1958 Disneyland map will set you back as much as $6,500 at auction (and in all honesty, that value is only going to go up as they get rarer).

For those rushing to their attics, know that we’re not talking about the free guides everyone who entered Disneyland during the early years would get, but the full-size souvenir maps that were available to buy.

However, if you do have one and it is by artist Sam McKim, you’ve got yourself a bit of history on your hands.

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4. ‘Tomorrowland’ Conceptual Art, $55,500


In 1954 Walt Disney commissioned art director Bruce Bushman to render exciting images to promote his yet-to-be-built Magical Kingdom. This Tomorrowland image was one of four created.

This is the only image out of the four commissioned by Disney that is not in the Disney Archives, and it came from the estate of Bruce Bushman himself.

Effectively, this is Disney gold dust and worth the $55,500 paid at auction in 2015.

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3. Signed ‘Art of Walt Disney’ book with Mickey and Donald Sketch, $300,000

Art of Walt Disney book with signed Mickey and Donald Sketch

One of the 5 most expensive Disney collectibles is a signed ‘Art of Walt Disney’ book. It is a piece of Disney history and will be a prized Disneyana possession for as long as people love Disney (which could be for a while).

One of the reasons it is so collectible (and expensive) is that the book features Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in the same sketch. A signed art book with that sketch is worth a life-changing $300,000.

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2. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, $441,500


The Tomorrowland People mover is a Disney park ride that has made its way to the world of collectors:

It was used from the 60s to 90s to guide people around the Disney park. It was meant to take guests in the future – but has made its own way into the future by becoming one of the strangest and rarest Disneyana collectibles going.

There are only a few Tomorrowland PeopleMovers in the world, and one sold for $441,500 back in 2015.

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1. Celebration Mickey, 2 million


Celebration Mickey was a gift to Walt Disney on his 100th Birthday and the company spared no expense in the production of this statue.

The statute is made from 100 lb of solid gold and has the honor of being the biggest gold statue in United States history.

The value of the statue is $4 million and was up for sale in 2006. Surely, this is the most coveted amongst Disneyana collectibles?