20 Most Expensive Snow Globes

Most Expensive Snow Globes, unsplash, santa clause, snow globe
Most Expensive Snow Globes, unsplash

Are you a big fan of collecting and decorating, especially for the holidays? Do you have too much uncovered counter space? Well, let’s check out some of the most expensive snow globes to help you find your next big addition.

From vintage Disney globe finds to luxury brands that want to promote their product, there are several high-quality and valuable snow globes that can heighten any space. Whether you want to find your next big investment or want to continue your extravagant personal collection for the holidays, make sure to check out some of the best snow globes.

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Are Snow Globes Worth Collecting?


Snow globes are such a common holiday decoration that you might not have thought about collecting them. Personally, my family has always been obsessed with them and we’d have to buy a few more each year when the holidays come around. But are they worth collecting?

Of course. Collecting snow globes not only helps you remember the years that have gone by, but they make amazing home decor. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to break them out either, as there are several globes that are not holiday-themed, letting you decorate that counter space year-round.

Are Snow Globes a Good Investment?

But I’m sure you’re mostly worried about their investment value with snowglobes. Are they good investments?

Like any collection, it really depends on what you have. There are several items that are no longer around, so of course they sell for a higher value. If you have vintage snowglobes, you might be surprised by how high of a price you can ask for something.

With vintage collections with well-known names like Disney, you could fetch a high price. If you own a limited-edition item, you could make a worthwhile investment. If you know how to take care of your globes to prevent any discoloring, damage, or anything like that, you could make a great investment in snow globes.

Why Are Snow Globes So Expensive?


For the most part, snow globes can actually be found pretty affordable if you’re looking for the basic selection. if you want some that are pretty durable with not that much detail, you can find some for as low as $20 on sites like Amazon.

But if you’re trying to find something that’s a bit more durable, then you’ll need to anticipate a higher price tag. Most globes are made out of plastic, with the dome also being plastic to ensure they can handle rough handling and storage. But with higher prices, you’re looking at more durable bass like metals or ceramics, and then a proper glass dome.

And of course, if you’re wanting something a bit higher end, with a high price, you’ll find snow globes that have much more detailing. Not just a common plastic base with some paint, but a full-blown globe inside a detailed and decorated Christmas tree, or a globe sitting in the back of Santa’s sleigh with reindeer taking off.

There are also limited-edition globes from high-end brands that show off their brand like Chanel putting their perfume in a snow globe. There is even a Taylor Swift snow globe that shows off the Lover House. While most globes are pretty easy to find cheap, the ones that take more high-quality material, time, design, and effort come at a higher price.

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Most Expensive Snow Globes

20. Versace Golden Medusa Large Snow Globe, $525


First on the list of the most expensive snow globe is the Versace Golden Medusa globe which is priced at over $520. The globe has a Medusa emblem at the center of the base as well as the center of the dome.

It’s a gorgeous luxurious globe that will fit your countertops or office all year round and makes a worthwhile gift for those that are beginning their globe collection. You can find it at the Versace store here.

19. Christopher Radko Oh Christmas Tree, $600

Neiman Marcus

This is a classic-looking snow globe with some high-end details. The globe is in the middle of a tree, with the most beautiful decorations and a base covered with presents.

The dome is clear and features Santa holding a wreath and his sack full of toys. This is a product by Christopher Radko, who has been designing and producing handmade ornaments, gifts, and home decor for over 20 years. A lot of his items are collector’s items and keepsakes.

18.Chanel Snow Globe VIP Collectible Large Perfume, $673.33

1st Dibs

Chanel is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1910 by Coco Chanel in Paris and is the home of some of the most luxurious items that you can find. That being said, it’s no surprise that we see Chanel snow globes on the list today.

One such item is their VIP Collector’s Item featuring a large perfume bottle in the dome surrounded by Chanel bags and snow. This can be found on 1st Dibs and is a beautiful, iconic item that is perfect for your home and collection.

17. MacKenzi-Childs Christmas Magic Snow Globe Clock, $695

Saks Fifth Avenue

This is such an elegant piece and one that would be perfect in your collection or on your countertop. The MacKenzie-Childs Christmas Magic snow globe is one of the most expensive snow globes, sitting at a high price of $695, and can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

It features a checkered pattern at the base with a clock, and the dome is clear to see Santa and his reindeer flying off into the sky after delivering presents to a house with a tall snowman in front.

16. Snow Globe Red Chanel Number 5, $852.89

1st Dibs

If you’re a big fan of Chanel and want to commemorate that love, then there are obviously several snow globes that you grab from them, and they’re pretty affordable if you consider the rest of the list.

This one is absolutely stunning as it has an all-white base and features a bright red contrasting Number 5 Chanel perfume bottle. Currently available on 1st Dibs for over $850, this is definitely one that luxury fans should check out.

15. Chanel Set of Two Snow Globe and Beauty Box, $875


This two-item set is a great purchase, and I’m sure that it doesn’t help that it’s sold with the beauty box, but we have to talk about the globe.

It’s similar to their previous globe with the perfume in the center and bags surrounding it, but this one features a white tree in the middle with the Chanel logo at the top with Chanel bags surrounding it. It has a black base and a clear dome.

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14. Fendi White Snow Globe, $920


Fendi is an Italian luxury fashion house that produces leather goods, fur, fragrances, eyewear, and accessories. They also have one of the most expensive snow globes that you can find.

Currently priced at $920 on their website, you can purchase this plexiglass globe with a white base and Fendi lettering. The inside of the dome features decorations with a Starry Sky motif, designed by Delfina Delettrez Fendi in honor of the 5 Fendi sisters.

13. Disney Mary Poppins Feed the Birds St. Paul Cathedral, $938


Sold November 2023 on eBay, this Disney vintage snow globe is one of the most expensive snow globes, and there have been several sales and auctions for this kind of globe if you’re interested in grabbing one yourself.

Fun fact: The globe commemorates the Mary Poppins movie premiere date 1964 featuring the song “Feed the Birds”.

12. Christopher Radko Victorian Christmas Snow globe, $1,100

Neiman Marcus

When I think of expensive snow globes, I think of these types of contraptions. The large, Christmas-themed houses with all the decor and themes with snow globes around them.

This can be found on Neiman Marcus and is made by Christopher Radko and is selling for $1,100. It features a gorgeous house with incredibly high-detail of decorating, as well as two snow globes. One with Santa and the other with a sack of toys.

11. Maurizio Cattelan L.O.V.E Snow Globe, $1,350

1st Dibs

This is a prime example of how not every snow globe is perfect for the holidays. Not everyone wants to walk in on this type of snow globe when having friends and family around.

However, it’s still one that should be mentioned, as it’s a reproduction of L.O.V.E by Maurizio Cattelan which was installed in 2010 in Piazza Affari Milan Italy Seletti.

10. Louis Vuitton Vivienne Ski Snow Globe, $1,400

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a popular name in luxury brands, as the French luxury house was founded in 1854. Their products range from luxury bags and leather goods to shoes, perfumes, and jewelry. Another item that they release is snow globes, which is a name that we will see a lot on this list today.

Their Vivienne Ski Snow globe has a price tag of $1,400, making it one of the most expensive snow globes, and features a gold monogram pattern as the base, and the adorable Vivienne character on skis.

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9. Disney’s The Little Mermaid Pedestal 1988, $1,450


As the second entry for the most expensive snow globes that feature Disney, this is a gorgeous, highly detailed globe that would be perfect for globe or Disney collectors.

The 1988 snow globe is extremely rare and was recently purchased on eBay for over $1,400 in October 2023. The base features Titan, Ursala, and other characters like Sebastian and Flounder, and items from The Little Mermaid, and the dome features Ariel and Eric dancing.

8. Yoshitomo Nara Little Wanderer Snow Globe Yellow, $1,500

1st Dibs

Also coming in Red and Blue, this is one of the most expensive snow globes that is absolutely adorable and is a definitely must for every collector.

The Little Wanderer is based on Yoshitomo Nara’s 1999 sculpture Little Pilgrims (night Walking), and now you can bring it home with you. In a glass dome and a round, rubberwood base, the is perfect for the holidays, for year-round decor, or even desk decor. It’s a beautiful globe created in 2023 and is worth $1,500.

7. Cartier Black Diabolo De Cartier, $1,510


Cartier is another luxury brand that doesn’t hesitate to create some breathtaking, high-quality globes. This one in particular features a marine lacquered wood base and a gilded mother-of-pearl decoration.

The interior features a black panther playing with gifts and boxes in the snow and is definitely one of the classiest globes we’ve seen on the list today. With a high price of $1,510, you can find this globe on their website as one of the most expensive snow globes.

6. Louis Vuitton Bellboy “The Groom”, $1,683.33

1st Dibs

This is personally one of my favorite entries when it comes to the most expensive snow globes, as the parrot is actually moveable. But that’s beside the point.

This rare 2012 limited-edition globe is called The Groom and features a red uniform carrying an iconic monogram steamer bag in one hand, and a red parrot in the other. The globe was reserved for VIP customers of Louis Vuitton and comes in a clear glass dome with an embossed acrylic base.

5. Cartier Diabolo De Cartier Snow Globe, $1,776


Similar to their other Diabolo de Cartier snow globe, this one is quite the opposite featuring a gold lacquered metal base with a ladybug and heart key around it.

Inside features a white panther that is decorated in the gold snow that is inside the glob sitting on a red pedestal.

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4. Kaws Holiday Changbai Mountain Snow Globe 2022, $1,780

Brian Donnelly, aka Kaws, is one of the most remarkable artists of the 21st century. Starting his career as a graffiti artist in New York, he eventually became highly sought after. As his popularity grew, he released a wide range of art toys, and his exhibitions extended worldwide, and this is just one example of his art.

The holiday Changbai Mountain snow globe is a beautiful globe that features his iconic work in the middle and can be purchased for $1,780.

3. Louis Vuitton “The Trunk and Bag Trolley”, $2,468.89

1st Dibs

Another Louis Vuitton globe? Yes! Apparently, they had a stint of making some amazing globes that people just can’t get enough of as they’re quite literally everywhere when you search for globes. This one in particular is available at 1st Dibs for a total of $2,468.89, a steep price tag for just a globe.

Of course, this is a 2010 limited-edition collector’s item that makes it that much more expensive. It features a porter trolley with various Vuitton suitcases as well as hat and steamer trunks. It has a clear glass dome with an acrylic base with the signature LV logo, and this particular globe is in mint condition, making it a great purchase if you’re on the hunt.

2. Trio of Limited-Edition Snow Globes, $2,850.30


Is this cheating? We already included the globe for the middle globe as an individual one. Well, either way I’m going to include it, as it’s a high price for only three globes. Usually, you can search for snow globes and spend $100 for three to five globes. But no, someone purchased a set of all three for a grand price of $2,800 in 2014.

The set included the Stokowski globe, the Bell Boy, or Groom, globe, and the Aero globe all having a glass dome with a metal base with the classic Louis Vuitton signature. It’s an absolutely gorgeous set and one that the collector was very happy with finding, I’m sure. This sold at Christie’s Auction House and can be found here for more information.

1. Louis Vuitton Rare Snow Globe Suitcase Eiffel Tower, $3,591.11

1st Dibs

Louis Vuitton has certainly made themselves known on the list today, with the final and most expensive snow globe being their Eiffel Tower globe. This is a rare globe that can be currently bought at 1st Dibs for over $3,500.

The globe is a miniature reproduction of the iconic Louis Vuitton suitcase and trunks with a clear glass dome and a black plastic base. This globe was made to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the reopening of Maision Vuitton on the Champs Elysées.

The globe was inspired by a famous photograph by Jacques Henri Lartigue, with the stack of cases representing the Eiffel Tower, the photo taken October 1978. After the long list of globes, this is definitely one that screams luxury, high-quality and is a beautiful addition to any collection.


Snow globes are a great holiday decoration, but they can also make a worthy investment if you’re in need of another collection.

Whether you enjoy vintage finds from popular media brands like Disney or want something a bit more high-quality and luxurious from Louis Vuitton, there are several options that you can find. While there are several affordable globes in the world, these most expensive snow globes can really help you take your collection to the next level.

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