10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World

most expensive fidget spinners in the world, Unsplash
most expensive fidget spinners in the world, Unsplash

Were you always told to stop moving and tapping your feet, or clicking your pen constantly in class? Do you always need to do something with your hands? Well, there are now little toys that you can carry with you to prevent yourself from distracting called fidget toys.

And if you’re also in the mood to have some more luxury in your life, you can find the most expensive fidget spinners in the world and start your own collection to occupy your hands. Whether you’re looking to just collect or want to make sure everyone knows that you can’t sit still but have money, these are some of the most expensive fidget spinners.

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What Are Fidget Spinners?

There are several different kinds of fidget toys, but the first, most well-known one is the spinners, which really are just what they sound like. They’re also pretty affordable if you want to grab some, with some on Amazon for as cheap as $8 for a pack of 5.

They usually are seen as three circles jutting out from the middle circle, where you would place your thumb and middle finger to hold it, then use your pointer finger to spin the disk. They’re quiet, affordable, and are really entertaining. They’re used to keep you focused while still keeping your hands busy.

Why Are Fidget Spinners So Expensive?

While most are pretty affordable, there are definitely some that climb in price. You can easily find some for around $20 or more just for a basic spinner. So, why are they so expensive?

Mainly due to the materials that are being made with them. While fidgets are pretty basic toys, they do have several parts. From the silicone or plastic to make the actual products, to the metal and beads to help it spin and last long. If you’re using higher-quality materials, you’ll have to deal with higher price ranges.

The Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World

10. Kasfly Crusader, $260

This was one fidget spinner that couldn’t be found anywhere but on Facebook, which is in a private group to order. While they currently are not making any more of them, they did have a great history when they were selling, retailing at around $260.

It has a sleek design with beautiful engravings and spins smoothly, which is all you need it to do really. While it’s not the most expensive, this is definitely in the top ten of some of the most expensive fidget spinners in the world.

9. Metal Worn Mtype Titanium Spinner, $429

Credit: Metal Worn

The 9th most expensive fidget spinner in the world is made by Metal Worn, which makes custom beads, bracelets, and lanyards with Titanium. They also make several fidget objects using metal as well to create long-lasting and high-quality accessories for everyone.

While they have several unique fidgets, their most expensive option is the mtype spinner for over $400 and is in a unique design. It’s made with pure titanium and has 28 total parts with 8 stainless steel springs under the wings.

8. Weiheng 925 Silver Fidget, $399.99

Credit: Weiheng

What are fidgets but just simple stress relievers? This one promotes it and hypes up its product by promising a 6-minute spin time. What’s amazing about fidgets is that you can just mindlessly tap it to keep it racing around in a circle.

And while this might have cost $399.99 when it was still being crafted and sold, it still did the same job. Made from 925 sterling silver and weighing almost 2 ounces, this thing is one of the most expensive fidget spinners you could have found.

7. Pepyakka S Spinner, $425

Credit: From Russia with Knives

Created by From Russia with Knives, this company is from Moscow and specializes in craftsmanship using high-tech materials and techniques to craft custom knives. They’ve been in the game since 2008 and is one of the largest Russian knife shops but didn’t start their own branding until 2013.

They made amazing custom items but also went into the fidget game for a short period. And while all of their products are currently out of stock and potentially never coming back into stock, there was a time when you could purchase some of their fidgets for upwards of $425.

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6. TiSpin Prop Fidget Spinner, $475+

Credit: Wired

The fidget world is quite saturated, with several products being incredibly affordable, even when buying in bulk. Trevor Hirschi, however, decided to put his knowledge to the test.

As a machine tool technology instructor at Bridgeland Technical College and a men’s jewelry designer, he hoped to create something a bit more extravagant. For over $400, you could have purchased one of his well-known fidgets, one of the most expensive fidget spinners in the world, to be exact.

5. Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand, $689

Credit: Rotablade

There are various companies that create spinners on the side while their page focuses on other accessories and designs. However, there are some companies that really do focus entirely on luxurious fidgets. Rotablade does just that.

The majority of their creations are focused on durable, long-lasting, and high-quality fidgets that are perfect for everyday use. One such product is their Superconductor Tri-Stubby spinner. It even has a cigar stand. It’s fully machined finish body with removable screw caps for service and changing material types.

4. Gear Fidget Spinner, $600

These were one of those products that had a really intense following and did very well but have fallen off since. The Real Gear Spinner was conceptualized in 2017 and was in very high demand, as it featured 9 interlocking gears with an intricate design, making for a wonderful fidget spinner.

They were handcrafted, assembled with 52 parts, and had side plates and buttons made out of brass. When it was in its prime, it was one of the most sought-after luxurious spinners, making it one of the most expensive fidget spinners in the world at the time.

They were around $600 at the time and even had some special editions for an extra $140. However, since they’re no longer being made by the original creator, and so many replicas are around, you can find them for much cheaper.

3. Steel Flame Ring Spin, $600

Credit: eBay

Steel Flame is made by Derrick Obatake who has designed jewelry for over 45 years now. He prides himself in creating “meaningful works for Warriors” and has made a great line of fidget spinners to do just that.

They also make products such as clips, necklaces, pendants, beads, and more. The spinner that they’ve made is no longer for sale on their website, which was originally for a large price to begin with. Now you can find these products on secondary markets like eBay being sold for upwards of $690.

2. Bathgate Artifact Spinner, $750+

This is definitely a unique design when it comes to fidget spinners. Personally, I imagine that they’re little beetles from the shape, but they’re in fact high-end fidgets that were made by machinist and sculptor, Chris Bathgate. Bathgate has a collection of gorgeous, hand-machined fidgets, and this is just one of his many collaborations.

Pairing up with Mike Hogarty and Callye Keen from Revolvemakers, these are some of the most expensive fidget spinners in the world. Bathgate not only wanted to change the design that is commonly seen in spinners but also create something unique and interesting. It’s so unique, in fact, that you have to pre-order to get one.

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1. Caviar Gold Fidget Spinner, $16,840

Credit: Caviar and Robb Report

Sitting at our number one spot at the most expensive fidget spinner in the world is the Caviar Gold Fidget at over $16,800. Who would drop that much money on a fidget spinner? Several people, especially collectors looking for the next big trend and purchase.

The Caviar is an international brand of custom luxury devices from high-tech products like watches, phones, and air pods, along with accessories. Their products are made from exquisite materials such as gold, diamonds, genuine leather, carbon, jewelry enamel, and even rare artifacts and meteorites. The brand began in 2011 when it created the first custom luxurious smartphone and has since brought luxury to everyone’s fingers.

One such product is their fidget spinner collection which has four models that range from as little as $250 to as high as $16,850. Their base models feature gold-plated spinners with spokes that are enamel insets in red, white, and blue. The other is black with a skull engraved in the middle. But the highest piece is the 18-karat gold spinner that contains a full 3.52 ounces of gold and is hand engraved with Caviar’s logo.

What Are the Most Expensive Fidget Spinners for Sale Today?

Are you trying to find the perfect fidget spinner for you but don’t want to be too cheap? There are some great fidgets out there that use some heavy-duty material that will last you a long time, while also showing off your great style.

2. DjuiinoStar Fidget Spinner, $109.99


This bulky fidget is from DjuiinoStar who makes high-end fidgets, priding themselves in superb quality.

They make several premium fidgets that are perfect for those who want long-lasting, unique fidgets to keep them preoccupied. Their products are made with an innovative dual-bearing design to improve performance and balance.

1. Executive Fidget Set, $128


This isn’t just one fidget, but several in one box, but it’s still pretty high quality. These are specifically made to be for those who work in an office setting as it’s named the Executive Set, holding 7 objects that not only are sleek and small but create a more sophisticated look than other sets.

It’s perfect to use while in meetings, speaking with clients, or chatting with coworkers for those who have some heightened nerves.


Spinners are a great way to keep your mind and hands busy while you’re trying to focus on something else. Several schools are even allowing, and encouraging, the use of spinners, with several teachers purchasing them for their classrooms to help children focus and sit still.

While you might not need the most luxurious ones out there, these are just a few examples of how high they can reach with the right materials and might be worth checking out for anyone who wants to collect fidgets.

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