8 Vintage Collectible Radios for a Retro Decorative Touch

vintage collectible radios
vintage collectible radios

Since the mid 1900s, families everywhere have enjoyed listening to music and broadcasting. Since then, music has become a staple in everyone’s lives, especially in today’s world. Whether it’s Bluetooth music in the car, or listening to NPR while cleaning the house, radios and speakers are something that several can’t live without. And these vintage collectible radios are the perfect addition to any home.

While most home radios are just Bluetooth speakers that are oblong shaped sitting on countertops, or small boxes mounted on walls, some are looking for the aesthetic of vintage radios as decorative pieces. While some might not be operational, having these retro vintage radios will only spruce up your home.

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8. Panasonic RF-569, $30


This is most likely what most people imagine when thinking of vintage radios, or at least it’s one of the more common images.

Founded in 1918 by K┼Źnosuke Matsushita, Panasonic began launching products in the 1920s. it wasn’t until after the war in Japan that Matsushita began the production of radios and appliances. Soon, he began to produce televisions sets, causing Panasonic to become a big name in both Japan and the United States, and is still a big name today.

Invested in the 1970s, this vintage radio is a simple yet great addition to any collection, and it’s the most affordable one that you can find today. There are several around Ebay up for sale, and a popular find in auction houses.

7. Stewart Warner Bakelite “Campus” Radio, $60


Founded in 1905 by John K. Stewart, Stewart & Clark began creating vehicle instruments, like their speedometers used in Ford Model T’s. When Stewart purchased the Warner Instrument Company, the name changed to what we see here.

As their manufacturing expanded, they began making radios and refrigerators, among several other products. They produced their first radio in 1925 and their last in 1954 due to financial difficulties with overproduction. Today, Stewart Warner is owned by CentroMotion.

As one of the most unique looking pieces so far, this radio was created in 1939 and is the “Campus” model, as it was marketed for teens who were going off to college. There are several available for purchase now and varies in price depending on condition.

6. Panasonic Portable Wrist Toot-a-Loot Radio, $80


Nothing says statement like a vibrant colored twisting radio that fits right on your wrist. This is an ideal vintage collectible radio for those that don’t care much for operational use, as it’s the perfect collectible for those that want a decorative and conversation piece. Ebay recently sold one for only $70, and Etsy sold one for $90, making it one of the more affordable vintage radios that collectors can search for.

Also known as the Panasonic R-72, this vintage radio was made in the early 1970s and was designed to wrap around the wrist, making it for an amazing portable radio. There was a jack for a mono earplug and came in amazing colors such as white, red, blue, lime green, orange and yellow.

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5. Vintage Firestone Air Chief 4-A-20 Radio, $180


Yes, the Firestone tire stores made radios, and they were marketed in Firestone stores from the mid-1930s to the late-1950s, with a delay between 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.

They contracted Belmont, Emerson, Steward Warner and other supplies to manufactured radios with the Firestone brand name. They began “The Voice of Firestone” on the radio in 1928 and by 1949 it was transferred to television.

The Air Chief 4-A-20 Radio is one the many radios by Firestone and is a gorgeous piece for any home. While many are still operational, however, it’s a great piece for radio collectors.

4. Grundig Majestic 2035, $200


Grundig is a German consumer electronic company that was founded in 1945 by Max Grundig and became one of the leading radio, TV, recorder and electronic goods. After the Second World War, Grundig saw the need for radios in Germany and produced a kit in 1947.

This radio is a beautiful retro decorative piece that will definitely enhance any room or make a great addition to collections. There are some available now on Ebay for those that want to get their hands on this vintage radio.

3. Zenith Tube Radio Model 7S-529, $200


Founded in 1918 by Karl Hassel and Ralph H. G. Mathews, Zenith began out of a garage. They were the first to invent the first portable radio in 1924, and only two years later brought the first radio that operated entirely on household electricity.

In 1927, Zenith brought consumers push-button tuning, and the first FM radio in 1940. They were quickly known as innovators, and rightly so, as they produced several products that changed the radio industry.

This vintage collectible radio is a perfect option for those that want a decorative piece that fits the retro aesthetic. It’s a beautiful radio is from the 1940s and makes an amazing decorative piece. While the radios were originally priced at a mere $39.95, these radios can be found around auctions and Ebay for around $200, making it an affordable and great way to incorporate the retro aesthetic in your home.

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2. Crosley 10-135, $280


Originally existing in 1921 to 1956, Crosley began in Kentucky and was an audio electronic manufacturing company. There is a modern incarnation of the original company called Crosley after the company was discontinued by parent company, Avco in 1956 due to declining sales. While the modern company marketed the turntables in 1992, they currently also market radios and jukeboxes.

However, the original company has created several beautiful vintage styles that is perfect for those that want to decorate their homes with the retro aesthetic. This radio was in the 1950s and is a beautiful tabletop piece for those looking for a new touch to their space.

1. Grundig Majestic 2320 Tube Radio, $400


One of the more expensive items on the list is from the German manufacturers, Grundig. It’s also one of the rarer items that can be found. Made in the 1960s, this is a beautiful addition to any home or collection.

The average price for this item can be found between $150 to $500, depending on the condition. If you come across this vintage collectible radio, be sure to snag it before it goes.

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