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Most Valuable Hockey Cards
Credit: SPannach /
$22k for a Howie Morenz Rookie Card! And that's the cheapest on this list of the 10 most valuable hockey…
nerdy collectibles worth life-changing amounts
Credit: Matt Popovich
These top ten collectibles worth life-changing amounts prove that being a nerdy collector can pay off whether it's with playing…
modern horizons 3
Once more, it's that time! It's time to fully rework and distort the Modern format in order to create a…
Credit Unsplash, Most expensive Pokemon Cards
Credit Unsplash, Most expensive Pokemon Cards
You wouldn’t believe what the most expensive Pokémon Cards are. We have listed the ten most pricey Pokémon Cards.  
shadowless Pokemon cards
Credit: Erik Mclean
Shadowless Pokemon cards are an extremely valuable set of Pokemon cards. Continue reading for a deeper dive into this exclusive…
How Much Is Lou Gehrig Baseball Card Worth Credit Wiki Commons, Lou Gehrig
Credit: Wiki Commons
Ever wonder how much legendary baseball player cards are worth? Check out everything we know about Lou Gehrig baseball cards.
Jerry Rice Rookie Cards Values and Collectability in 2023
Jerry Rice Rookie Cards Values and Collectability in 2023
As a legend of the NFL, Jerry Rice's rookie cards can command eye-watering amounts - but what cards are truly…
Topps Tennis Cards: Deal Announced Among Tennis Community
Credit - Mick Haupt - Unsplash
A deal has been released that Topps tennis cards will be created. Plenty of Topps sports cards have been made;…
most valuable brett favre cards
most valuable brett favre cards
Card collecting is one of the most prominent hobbies when it comes to sports. Several collectors find a worthwhile investment
Best Original Pokemon Cards Worth Collecting
Credit: Vincent M.A. Janssen / Wiki commons
Original or First Edition Pokémon cards are one of the most sought-after collectibles today. Check out our list of the…
best pokemon halloween cards
Credit: Thimo Pedersen
Check out our spooky list of the top fifteen best Pokemon Halloween cards based on their art style, and see…
Post Malone: magic the gathering one ring sells
magic the gathering one ring sells
The One Ring MTG card sells for $2.6 million to the only and only Post Malone only months after being…
Most Valuable Football Cards 1990s
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The most valuable football cards 1990s include a homage to Walter Payton, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning, which are worth…
Most Wanted Baseball Cards 1990s
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If you love sports and collectibles, card grading has likely delighted or infuriated you. So which grading service is best,…
McDonald's Pokemon Cards
Credit: Pokémon/McDonald’s
Everything you need to know about McDonald's Pokemon Cards. From a full list of prices to the most valuable and…
From long-shots like Marcelo Mayer Prospect Cards to sure-things like Carmelo Anthony Prizms, these are the best sports cards to…
Most Valuable Baseball Cards 2000s
Credit: Cindy Danger Jones /
The most valuable baseball cards 2000s include Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Ken Griffey Jr. Two of which are on…
Rare Pokemon Cards
Credit: Jarek Tuszyński / WikiCommons
The 5 rarest Pokémon cards along with their current market value. Check whether you are harboring a small fortune amongst…
Most Expensive Rookie Cards Ever
Credit: Keith Allison / Wiki Commons
If you've got a rookie card on this list you'll be laughing all the way to the bank. These are…
Card Collecting
Credit: HGrobe / WikiCommons
Start your card collection with these five simple tips: 1) pick a theme, 2) set a goal, 3) keep learning,…
cards, classic, kids
Credit -Jelene Morris - Flickr
The most valuable Garbage Pail Kids cards, including Jay Decay, Dirty Harry, Adam Bomb, and more. With values ranging from…
Best Sports Cards To Invest In
Running from this weekend all the way through to December, find the sports card shows you want to attend. Includes…
Best Cards Against Humanity Pack
Without a doubt, CAH is one of the funniest card games out. And best of all, it can be expanded…
Most Expensive YuGiOh Cards
Credit: Timothy Tsui / Wiki Commons
From $900 to almost $3k, for collectors with deep pockets, these are the most expensive YuGiOh cards money can buy…