14 Weird Books That Remain a Mystery

Weird Books
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When it comes to weird books, we’re not talking about Where’s Waldo. We’re talking about books that changed people’s thinking, offered grandiose revelations, or left scholars baffled and dismissive. If you enjoy puzzles or peculiar pieces of history, then you might want to check out these weird books.

WARNING: Some of the books and videos may cover controversial topics. Please continue at your discretion.

14. Might is Right

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13. The Lucifer Principle

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12. Nag Hammadi Codices

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11. The Codex Mendoza

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10. The Ripley Scroll

weird books / the Ripley scroll
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9. The Rohonc Codex

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8. The Satanic Scriptures

weird books
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7. The Red Book

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6. The Chronicles of Portents and Prophecies

chronicles of portents and prophecies
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5. Les Propheties

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4. Codex Seraphinianus

weird books
Credit: Luigi Serafini

3. The Urantia Book

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2. The Voynich Manuscript

weird books
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1. Popol Vuh, a Mayan Text

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