15 Valuable Michael Jordan Basketball Cards That Prove He Is The GOAT

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Michael Jordan is the GOAT (GOAT is an abbreviation for the “Greatest of All-Time”). And you’d be hard-pressed to find a hoops fan capable of arguing against “His Airness” (Michael Jordan) being anything but the NBA’s GOAT.

Thanks to the world of collectibles, we kind of have cash-proof. That’s if we look at the prices of printed pieces of cardboard with Jordan’s likeness on them.

Here’s a closer look at some Michael Jordan basketball card values that back up our GOAT statement.

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15. 1996 Upper Deck PX Record Breaker #R1 Michael Jordan Autograph, $4,000

The significance of this card should be quite obvious. It is the first autographed card of Jordan’s that was produced.

The card itself is a work of art in that it contains a stunning action shot with a counterfeit-proof hologram splitting half of the oval photo space on the card. These are die-cut and truly liven up a collection.

Pricing can go as high as $4,000 (Mint) for one of these and they don’t show up for sale very often in good condition.

14. 1985 Michael Jordan Prism/Jewel Sticker Rookie #7, $25,600

Credit: PSA

Okay, it’s a sticker, not a card. However, it is highly collectible. As is always the case with any of these items, the condition will dictate the value.

This interesting “prism’ sticker contains two different realistic drawings of Jordan and one in GEM MT 10 condition can get a price of around $25,600, as one from PWCC Auctions did in 2016. For only a grade 3, you’re looking at a decent price of around $4,000.

13. 1997 SkyBox Premium Golden Touch, $31,200

Credit: PWCC

This GEM MINT 10 edition of the 1997 SkyBox Premium Golden Touch deserves a spot on the list. The odds of getting a hold of this card is 1 to 5400, a high-rarity card that only has 10 earning such high grades.

These cards are rarely seen on the market and have earned a spot amongst the rest of the valuable Michael Jordan cards.

12. 1997 Hoops High Voltage 500, $34,200

Credit: PWCC

This is a gorgeous card and also one of Michael Jordan’s most valuable ones. Hobby-exclusive High Voltage inserts only had print runs of only 500 per subject, and built on the rarity of the packs, with 1 and 36 packs having an insert.

This one above that was sold at PWCC is one of the few that have received a 9.5, only a .5 away from being an incredible conditioned card.

11. 1996 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection Row 0, $38,400

Credit: PWCC

One of Michael Jordan’s valuable cards belongs to the 1996 Fleer Showcase Legacy Collection seen Michael Jordan with multiple images across the card.

It has a gorgeous shimmering surface that is both incredibly rare and in great condition, sitting at a 9.5. It has a subtle blue holofoil that adds to the beauty and is one that all collectors should try and get their hands on.

10. 1997 Ultra Platinum Medallion, $44,400

Credit: PWCC

Yet another example of one of his most valuable cards goes to the 1997 Ultra Platinum Medallion card, one of the best-looking cards as well. Seeing Jordan mid-dunk is beautiful with the stellar background, really making him pop in the air.

These packs were minted to a print run of 100 and featured superstars like Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, and Allen Iverson. Still, amongst all the amazing names, Jordan stands higher compared to the rest, having a grand value of around $44,000, which was sold at PWCC auctions.

9. 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer Sticker Rookie Card #8, $46,000

Michael Jordan Fleer Sticker

If you prefer your basketball stickers to contain actual photos of players on them instead of a cartoonish rendering of your fave, then this one should suffice.

It’s a Fleer release that shows Jordan doing what he did best, taking the ball upcourt. This issue was worth a lot more back in the day, with the price being upwards to $230,000 in 2021, but is sadly going down, as it’s only worth around $50,000 in 2023 for a MINT GEM 10.

8. 1997 SkyBox E-X2001 Jambalaya, $48,000

Credit: PWCC

These cards were randomly inserted in packs, with a rate of 1 and 720, and are one of the most legendary trading cards in the industry. These oval-shaped cards honor NBA’s slam dunkers in a 15-card set, and of course, Micheal Jordan is one of them.

It’s a stunning design and a very unique and rare card, one heavily sought-after. Jordan fans obsess about getting their hands on his Jambalaya card, and if you’re a fan wanting to complete a collection, this is one to keep an eye out for. With a price of $48,000, this is a worthwhile addition.

7. 1998 NBA Hoops Bam, $63,440

Credit: Goldin

This hobby-exclusive insert set featured 10 players and is one of the most sought-after sets of the 1990s, one person including Micheal Jordan. Out of 100, this is one of the highest values that you can get with a MINT 9.

This is just one of four examples of a premium tire in the PSA’s consensus, with none being higher. This is a beautiful card as well, with the action shot of Jordan with his face in the background. Such a high-valued card is worth the $63,000 that it sold for in Goldin.

6. 1998 Fleer Tradition Playmakers Theatre, $84,000

Credit: PWCC

At the height of his career, the Fleer collection was released at the perfect time. Not only has he won six championships, but he also captured the hearts of the public, making this card worth a high value.

This is also when Nike released an inspiring commercial showcasing Michael Jordan’s failures and how he has succeeded the most by living by these failures and learning, only enhancing his popularity more. That being said, the Fleer 1998 Tradition Playmakers Theater card is worth a value of around $84,000, which was sold at PWCC Marketplace.

5. 1998-99 SkyBox Premium Star Rubies #23, $204,000

Credit: Goldin

With only 16 examples of this card recorded in Beckett’s census, only two have achieved a higher grading than the one shown above at 8.5.

This SkyBox Premium Star Rubies collectible outshines the rest with its beautiful background and Michael Jordan in play at the forefront. As one of the finer examples of this card, a price tag of $204,000 is incredibly impressive and sold at Goldin auctions in 2022.

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4. 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card #57, $252,000

Credit: PSA

Collectors call this card one of the “most important cards in the history of the hobby” and undoubtedly it is an iconic one. The photo shows Jordan in mid-jump about to slam dunk a shot. It could be described as the one photo that sums up what B-Ball is all about.

As for value, prices range depending on condition, of course, but there have been several auctions in 2022 that have valued this card as high as $250,000 and as low as $130,000, and this is all GEM MT 10 gradings. For lower grades, you’re looking at prices varying from $60,000 to $6,000.

The card above was auctioned through Goldin auctions in 2022 for an astounding price of $252,000.

3. 1984 Michael Jordan Star XRC #101, $444,000

Credit: PSA

For true collectors, this pre-rookie card is a must-have. Some say that since it is a Star card, it may not be quite as popular as other card releases but this is still an important one to own.

The photo is of Jordan holding a basketball above his head with both hands and his red jersey matches the card’s red and white border smartly.

In 2022, Goldin Auctions had one of these bad boys up for sale as a MINT 9 and it received a bid of over $440,000, a staggering amount compared to the others on the list so far. But even with a grade of 8.5, you’re still looking at around a $110,000 price range.

2. 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems (Red), $564,000

The Metal Universe Precious Metals Gems collection cards are incredibly unique and desired by all fans. Micheal Jordan has some of the most desired ones as well. There are only 100 made for the basketball player, and the majority of them are red, but even still, they’re incredibly rare.

If you’re able to stumble across one in your findings, it’s a must that you snag it up before it’s gone. At PWCC Marketplace, one sold for over $560,000, one of the most valuable Michael Jordan cards here.

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1. 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems (Green), $915,000

Taking the number one spot for the most valuable Michael Jordan cards goes to the 1997 Metal Universe Precious Gems in Green. This card is one out of 100 copies in the Precious Gem collection, with 90 out of 100 being red, and only 10 being green.

This is one of the rarest and most unique cards in the Michael Jordan card collection and is one of the most sought-after and beloved cards. While the Fleer card is one of the most revered, this one takes home the award for being the most desired out of them all, and for sports card collectors out there, one that you surely want to get ahold of if you can.

Heritage Auctions sold in 2020 with an astonishing price tag of $915,000, a crazy number compared to the rest of the list.

In Conclusion

The list above doesn’t even cover the countless Michael Jordan cards that are several hundred dollars to just under $2000.

There are so many super-valuable basketball cards out there with Michael Jordan’s likeness on them, yet we’ve picked out the most interesting ones to be produced.

If you’re looking for unique cards/stickers to add or start your shrine to Air Jordan this list is perfect. Plus, cash proof that MJ is the GOAT.

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