21 Amazing Basketball Lego Sets Sports Fans Would Love in 2023

Basketball Lego Sets
Basketball Lego Sets

Lego has had several collaborations with several different franchises and subjects. While the most recent have revolved around media franchises like Stranger Things or subjects like botanical, there used to be a lot more Lego sets around sports. One sport in particular was basketball.

Several years ago, there were several basketball Lego sets that wowed fans, and they were pretty affordable compared to some of their bigger sets at the time. While unfortunately the last basketball Lego set was released around 2003, that doesn’t mean we can’t look through them to see which are the best for collectors and fans everywhere.

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What NBA Player Loves Legos?

@original_turner Girls are cool and all but have you ever experienced the feeling of finishing a 1k plus lego set 🤓 #legostarwars #legotiktoker #bricktok #fyp #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #disney #hobby #legotok #nba #legolife #nerd ♬ original sound – Justin wyss

A lot of us grew up when Legos were just becoming popular. The chunky building blocks are not the same as the intricate little pieces that we get in some sets today, but the nostalgia is there all the same.

There are of course several athletes who probably likes Legos just as much as us, but there is one NBA player who doesn’t shy away from showing us their love. Myles Turner is one such player.

The Indiana Pacers player promotes his love for Legos on his TikTok often, and even showed his incredible build of the Titanic, a 9,090 piece build that costs around $679.99.

What NBA Players Were in The Lego Movie?

The Lego Movie released in 2014 and is a 3D animated film that follows Emmet, an ordinary Lego minifigure who is identified as the most ‘extraordinary person’ and the key to saving the Lego universe. Emmet and his friends go on an epic journey to stop the evil tyrant, Lord Business.

There are several big names in the film and even appearances from one of the most well-known NBA players of all time, Shaquille O’Neal, who voiced himself in the movie. The former professional basketball player, now sports analyst, had his own Lego minifigure in 2003 and was a character featured in the movie.

3 Most Expensive Basketball Lego Sets in 2023

There are several expensive basketball Lego sets that are available for collectors. Whether you’re a collector, a fan of Legos or a fan of the game, there are several options for displays or minifigures that are a great option to grab.

3. 3431 Street Ball 2 vs. 2, $20


This item launched in 2003 and retired in 2004 and had a total of 186 pieces with 4, all unique, minifigures with the set.

The retail price was $20 but now the value has risen to around $140 new, or $40 used according to Brickset. Currently, eBay has one on sale for $195 for an open box, yet sealed bags.

2. 3432 NBA Challenge, $50


Our second most expensive basketball Lego set is the NBA Challenge set, which released 2003 and retired in 2004. The set has a total of 451 pieces with 10 minifigures, 4 of which are unique to this set.

The retail price was set at $50, but you can now find them for around $189 new or $80 used. You can find these sets used or new on secondary markets like eBay, like this set for $210 that is already complete.

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1. 3433 The Ultimate NBA Arena, $80


One of the most expensive basketball Lego sets that was on the market was the Ultimate NBA Arena, which was released in 2003 and retired in 2004. The set has 491 pieces total and 10 minifigures, 8 of which were unique to this set.

The retail price sat at $80, but Brickset values the new packaged sets for $444 currently, or only $232 used. An example is this eBay listing for an open box with all pieces that is priced at $325.

    5 Best Basketball Lego Sets for Mini Figures

      If you’re looking to find the best sets full of minifigures, then these are the best options. Besides the sets listed above that feature several minifigures at once but are extremely pricey, these are great ways to collect just minifigures.

      5. 3567 NBA Collectors #8, $8


      The basketball Lego sets feature sets that are just minifigures that have some of the top players included. For instance, this #8 NBA collector set includes Tracey McGrady, Chris Webber and Allan Houston for only $8 at the time. That’s three minifigures, all completely unique to that set.

      If you’re a collector in need of just minifigures, these options are the way to go. Brickset values these at $21 for new sets, or $10 for used. These can be found on secondary marketplaces like eBay, like this example for $25.

      4. 3566 NBA Collectors #7, $8


      Like the previous entry, there are eight total NBA collector sets, however, these are some of the best options that you can find. This edition features Kevin Garnett, Predrag Stojakovic and Jalen Rose minifigures, all unique to this set only.

      For only a retail price of $8, this is one of the best options for collectors. Now, Brickset values these collections at $29 new and used. There is currently a listing showing this basketball Lego set for that exact price here.

      3. 3565 NBA Collectors #6, $8


      Another round of NBA collectors includes Paul Pierce, Jerry Stackhouse and Steve Nash, three amazing players that had a retail price of $8.

      Brickset now values them at $20 for a new set or $18 for a used set. You can find these sets throughout eBay, like this set for around $16.

      2. 3564 NBA Collectors #5, $8


      One of the last NBA collectors is the #5 that include Allen Iverson, Steve Francis and Karl Malone for a retail price for $8.

      Brickset values the new and used $18, which can be found around eBay for various prices, like this example for around $16.

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      1. 10121 NBA Basketball Teams, $10


      For the last best basketball Lego set that is great for grabbing minifigures, try the NBA Basketball Teams that include 5 total unique minifigures.

      The retail price was only $10, but Brickset values them for around $117 new, and $59 used. You can find one on eBay for around $84.

        3 Best Vintage Basketball Lego Sets

        With only 32 total basketball Lego sets, you’re going to see some repeats. Some of the most desired vintage basketball Lego sets are also some of the most expensive and ones that have the most minifigures.

        3. 3561 NBA Collectors #2


        One of the best and most desired vintage basketball Lego sets is one of the NBA collectors #2 which include NBA icons like Antoine Walker, Tony Parker and Shaquille O’Neal.

        These have three minifigures with two that are unique to this set alone. The retail price was $8, with Brickset valuing a new one for $35 or $22 for a used set.

        2. 3500 Kobe Bryant


        Of course, when looking at some of the most impressive vintage Lego sets released, one of the most wanted set is the Koby Bryant minifigure.

        For a new one, it’ll be priced at $80 but only $75 for used. Koby Bryant is one of the most well-known athletes in the NBA and of all time. This is one of the most desired sets for several people, which is why it costs so much to find them.

        1. 3433 The Ultimate NBA Arena


        One of the most expensive basketball Lego sets is also one of the most desired. This set include 491 pieces with 10 minifigures, 8 total that are unique to him.

        This product can be found on eBay still for around $400, like mentioned previously.

        5 Best Basketball Lego Sets for Collectibles and Displays

        There are several minifigures that are unique that you can find within these sets, but there are also some sets that are perfect for displays and collectibles.

        5. 3427 NBA Slam Dunk, $8


        With 53 pieces and 1 minifigure, this set is one of the best options if you’re trying to create an amazing display.

        4. 3428 One vs One Action, $10


        This set has 39 pieces with 2 minifigures, one being unique to the set alone. The retail price for this set was $10, with new ones currently sold at secondary markets for around $40.

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        3. 3430 Spin & Shoot, $12


        Going up in price, one of the other best vintage displays that you can grab is the Spin & Shoot collectible that has 71 pieces and 2 minifigures. The retail price was around $12 but is currently values at $80.

        2. 3429 Ultimate Defense, $15


        For a retail price of $15, this collectible display has 82 pieces and 2 minifigures. The value is currently sitting at $39 for a new set, or $27 for a used set, however, there are some sets that can reach above that price on secondary markets.

        3440 NBA Jam Session Co-Pack, $20


        For one of the best vintage displays for collectors, try to find the NBA Jam Session Co-Pack with 70 pieces and 2 minifigures. The retail price is at around $20, with Brickset valuing it around $75 for a new package or $38 for a used pack.

        5 Best Basketball Lego Sets to Give as Gifts Under $50

        Most of the basketball Lego sets are below $50, besides the two most expensive basketball Lego sets. If you’re looking for some amazing sets that are currently below $50, which can only be found through secondary markets like eBay, check below.

        5. 3548 Slam Dunk Trainer, $4


        If you’re looking for a great gift for collectors, this basketball Lego set is a great option. For a retail price of $4, or a secondary market at $15, this display has 19 pieces with 1 minifigure.

        4. 3549 Practice Shooting, $4


        Another adorable display that is perfect for collectors. This set has 17 pieces and one minifigure at a retail price at $4 but can be found around $15 on secondary markets.

        3. 3550 Jump & Shoot, $4


        For 17 pieces and one minifigure, this is a great, small display that is the perfect gift that can easily be found for an affordable price. For a retail price $4 and can be found around $20, which is the perfect starting collector item.

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        2. 3584 Rapid Return, $8


        A great display that is perfect for collectors as a gift is the Rapid Return that has 47 pieces and 1 minifigure for a retail price of $8. You can find this around secondary markets for around $47.

        1. 3560 NBA Collectors #1, $8


        The NBA Collectors sets are one of the basketball Lego sets that are a perfect gift for those that want to start their collection. For only $8 in a retail price, with a current value of around $20, this is the perfect option.

        What Basketball Lego Sets Have Been Retired?

        There are over 30 basketball Lego sets that have retired, as there have been only 32 NBA Lego sets released. Here is a complete list of all the sets that have retired.

        • 3390: Street Basket
        • 3427: NBA Slam Dunk
        • 3428: One vs. One Action
        • 3429: Ultimate Defense
        • 3430: Spin & Shoot
        • 3431: Street Ball 2 vs. 2
        • 3432: NBA Challenge
        • 3433: The Ultimate NBA Arena
        • 3440: NBA Jam Session Co-Pack
        • 3500: Kobe Bryant
        • 3529: Pau Gasol
        • 3530: Tony Parker
        • 3548: Slam Dunk Trainer
        • 3548: Slam Dunk Trainer (Kabaya Co-Pack)
        • 3549: Practice Shooting
        • 3549: Practice Shooting (Kabaya Co-Pack)
        • 3550: Jump and Shoot
        • 3550: Jump and Shoot (Kabaya Co-Pack)
        • 3560: NBA Collectors #1
        • 3561: NBA Collectors #2
        • 3562: NBA Collectors #3
        • 3563: NBA Collectors #4
        • 3564: NBA Collectors #5
        • 3565: NBA Collectors #6
        • 3566: NBA Collectors #7
        • 3567: NBA Collectors #8
        • 3584: Rapid Return
        • 5013: Basketball
        • 5016: Basketball
        • 7917: Basketball Play, Blue
        • 7918: Basketball Player, Green
        • 10121: NBA Basketball Teams


        If you’re a fan of the game, fan of Legos or just a lover of unique and vintage collections, check out these amazing basketball Lego sets that will make a great display for your collection. While they are not available on the official Lego website anymore, they can be found on secondary marketplaces like eBay.

        There are several that are available to bid and purchase on. Whether you’re in the market for minifigures or just displays, these are the best, most valuable and unique vintage basketball Lego sets.

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