11 Most Expensive Watch Brands in the World

most expensive watch brands
Credit: Amin Hasani

One of the most prevalent fashion statements throughout time is the watch. Whether studded in diamonds or filled with intricate machinery, watches dominate the jewelry section. While some watches are quite affordable, some can cost millions of dollars. If you’ve heard of brands like Rolex, Piaget, or Patek Philippe, you might recognize these twelve most expensive watch brands currently for sale.

11. Piaget, $3,800-$3.3 million

Credit: Piaget

10. Rolex, $5,000-$17.8 million

Credit: eBay

9. Blancpain, $9,000-$1.34 million

Credit: Luxury Bazaar

8. Breguet $9,500-$10 million

Credit: NYC Diamond District

7. A. Lange & Söhne, $11,200-$2.5 million

Credit: Luxury Bazaar

6. Audemars Piguet, $15,000-$869,000

Credit: Audemars Piguet

5. Vacheron Constantin, $15,000-$11 million

Credit: Luxury Bazaar

4. Jacob & Co., $15,000-$20 million

Credit: Torneau

3. Patek Philippe, $18,000-$31 million

Credit: Luxury Watches USA

2. F.P. Journe, $30,000-$1.16 million

Credit: Monochrome Watches

1. Richard Mille, $30,000-$2 million

Credit: eBay

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