Poll: It’s Time To Settle ‘The Office’ vs. ‘Parks and Rec’ Debate Once And For All

Iconic sitcoms like ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ have a special place in the hearts of TV watchers across the globe. It’s the memorable characters and their quirky, cringe-worthy, lovable personalities; and it’s the relatable everyday perils of the workplace that keep us watching (and rewatching) these shows.

As for which beloved series deserves a Dundie Award or a tribute song written by Mouse Rat — that’s up to you! See how your opinions rank in the ‘Parks and Rec’ vs. ‘The Office’ poll below:

  • Question of

    Best place to work?

    • Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc.
    • Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department
  • Question of

    Best Boss?

    • Michael Scott
    • Leslie Knope
  • Question of

    Favorite Office Cutie?

    • Jim Halpert
    • Ben Wyatt
  • Question of

    Favorite employee with VERY strong opinions?

    • Dwight Schrute
    • Ron Swanson
  • Question of

    Favorite employee who always gets overlooked?

    • Phyllis Vance
    • Jerry Gergich
  • Question of

    Favorite coworker with a dark side?

    • Creed Bratton
    • April Ludgate
  • Question of

    Favorite coworker who ALWAYS has a wild story to share?

    • Kelly Kapoor
    • Donna Meagle
  • Question of

    Favorite sensible team member?

    • Oscar Martinez
    • Chris Traeger
  • Question of

    Favorite questionable authority figure?

    • Vice President of Northeast Sales Jan Levinson
    • Councilman Jeremy Jamm
  • Question of

    Favorite Andy?

    • Andy Bernard
    • Andy Dwyer
  • Question of

    Favorite Rashida Jones?

    • Karen Filippelli
    • Ann Perkins
  • Question of

    Favorite BFF’s?

    • Michael and Dwight
    • Leslie and Ann
  • Question of

    Choose an office romance:

    • Jim and Pam
    • April and Andy
  • Question of

    Choose another office romance:

    • Michael and Holly
    • Leslie and Ben
  • Question of

    Choose an iconic episode:

    • “The Dundies” (The Office – Season 2, Episode 1)
    • “Li’l Sebastian” (Parks and Recreation – Season 3, Episode 16)
  • Question of

    Choose the best season finale:

    • “Finale” (The Office)
    • “One Last Ride” (Parks and Recreation)

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