15 Rare Disney Pins and Their Values

Rarest Disney pins
Credit: ebay.com

Disney merchandise and memorabilia have long been highly collectible, with many buyers clamoring for some sought-after limited pieces.

This extends to Disney Pins, which have become one of the most collectible pieces of Disney products. Here we will break down the rarest Disney pins and their values, alongside some other information surrounding Disney pins.

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15. Eeyore Autumn Leaves Disney Spinner Limited Edition, $1,000

Credit: eBay: treeman80-3906

14. Dream Jeweled Mickey Mouse Limited Edition 3, $1,295

Credit: Pintradingdb.com

13. Lilo and Stitch Pins Aloha Elisabete Gomes Limited Edition, $2,500

Credit: eBay: 61rockett

12. Heroines Profile Series Limited Edition Rapunzel, $2,500

Credit: eBay: devil_may_vary

11. Ariel The Little Mermaid Carousel Limited Edition, $2,700

Credit: eBay: the_little_merk8

10. Alice in Wonderland Heroines Profile Series Limited Edition, $3,000

Credit: eBay: trading_up_pins

9. Elisabete Gomes Signature Series Sleeping Beauty Limited Edition, $4,000

Credit: eBay: druid80

8. Mickey on the Beach Castaway Cay Bahamas Disney Cruise Line, $3,800

Credit: eBay: capiromiami

7. Disney World 50-Year Cast Member Service Award Pin, $4,000

Credit: eBay: sruss3230

6. Disney Auctions Belle Princess Carousel Horse Pin, $5,000

Credit: eBay

5. Oogie Boogie ‘Hollar’ Jekyll and Hyde Pin, $5,400

Credit: hollardesigns.com

4. Disney Girls Rapunzel Chaser Pin, $8,000

Credit: Credit: PinTradingDB

3. Disney Gallery Logo Pin, $10,000

Credit: Jonnyboyca

2. Disney Animal Kingdom Giant Tree 2015 Pin, $10,000

Disney Animal Kingdom Giant Tree 2015 Pin
Credit: Pinpics.com

1. Mickey Sorcerer Pin, $11,000

Mickey Sorcerer Pin
Credit: Pintradingdb.com

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