12 Most Expensive Lighters That Might Shock You

most expensive lighters
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Lighters are a common household commodity that most people don’t think twice about. Whether it’s to light up a candle, grill, or cigarette, there are several reasons why you might have a few lying around. However, for the most expensive lighters, most people not only collect but display them proudly.

These rare lighters are hard to find but worth a purchase if you’re trying to stock up on your collection. Between popular names like S.T. Dupont and Dunhill, to fancy artistic lights to good just plated gold, these are some of the most expensive lighters.

12. Cartier Lighter, $1,700

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11. Dunhill Gold Swing Arm Pocket Watch Lighter, $6,989

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10. Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Lighter, $8,200

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9. Frascarolo Enameled Gold Lighter, $11,000

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8. Gold-Plated Winston Churchill Dunhill Aquarium Oversized Table Lighter, $15,300

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7. Schlumberger Gold Poodle Lighter, $20,000

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6. Zippo Armor 18K Solid Gold, $25,000

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5. St. Dupont Haute Creation, $31,748

Credit: st-dupont.com

4. Patek Philippe 18K Gold and Enamel, $35,000

Credit: christies.com

3. Casino Pocket Complication Lighter, $49,259

Credit: st-dupont.com

2. Fabergé Chimpanzee Silver Table Lighter, $60,884

Credit: sothebys.com

1. St. Dupont Louise XIII Fleur de Parme, $677,995

Credit: thecollectors.pro

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