11 Most Expensive Candles and Where to Buy Them

most expensive candles - unsplash
most expensive candles - unsplash

Candles are an essential part to everyone’s home, whether you’re a fan of Yankee Candles or more luxurious ones. If you prefer the latter, explore these most expensive candles and where you can get them, as they are not only a great conversation piece, but will fill your home with unique and amazing scents.

If you find yourself shopping for candles often and are tired of the same scents, try sprucing up your area and purchasing a more luxurious candle. While it might seem a bit extravagant, it’s actually worth it. Here are some of the best expensive candles that you can purchase.

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What are luxury candles?

Aside from just the price tag, there is a lot that goes into a candle to make is luxurious. But what makes them qualified as such? They simply have more sophisticated and complex scents and are made from higher-quality oils and waxes.

But it doesn’t stop at just smells. These candles are luxurious because of their designs as well and can be considered decoration. These are great candles to either start a collection with, or to display for a short period while you let the fragrances transform your home into a relaxing spa.

These are just a few reasons on why these candles are so expensive, because of the high-quality materials being used, the care and consideration it takes to craft them, as well as the beautiful vessels they’re being carried in.

11. Anthropologie Voluspa Candles, $225


Starting at one of the least expensive candles that you can get while still living in luxury, Anthropologie‘s Voluspa line is the perfect option. These candles are known for being a luxurious home-fragrance label. It has five wicks and has a 250-hour burn time, so you will get plenty of time out of your money.

From several unique and complex scents like Baltic Amber (sandalwood and cedar), Goji Tarocco Orange (tarocco orange with goji berries), Mokara (orchid, white lily and spring moss) and much more, this is a great choice that not only sparkles on your tabletops but brings interesting elements to your home.

10. Gucci Esotericum Print Basket Candles, $450


Gucci is a familiar name in the luxury industry. Founded in Italy in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury brands. They make popular items like handbags, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and even candles. And the Print Basket Candle is one such example at how luxurious these expensive candles can be.

With three variations, you have plenty of options based on scent and design. The Esotericum Grotesque Garden candle features a black metal vessel and black metal lid with stunning flowers and a lion printed at the front, smelling of jasmine, orange bitter and leather. The Freesia, Flora candle is also made of black metal, but has brightly painted flowers around it, smelling of violet leaves and resinous galbanum.

And lastly, the Herbosum “Gucci” Bee candle is a stunning black metal with a pop of yellow as bees line the metal vessel. It has a wonderful scent of tomato leaf, basil and lemongrass. These candles have approximately 68-hours of burn time and is mat with paraffin wax and a cotton wick. No matter your choice, you will surely not be disappointed.

9. Loewe Large Candles, $475


Founded in Spain in 1846, Loewe has been one of the world’s major luxury houses for 175 years. Starting as a leathermaking collective to becoming one of the leading luxury industries, Loewe knows how to make a great product, even if it’s a candle.

As one of the most expensive candles, Loewe’s Large candles make the list. With over ten scents including Ivy, Honeysuckle, Beetroot and Juniper Berry, there is a product for everyone’s taste. This candle is made with the most natural and pure scents, of 100% vegetable wax with four cotton wicks. The vessel is a glazed terracotta earthenware holder, and it’s burn time is approximately 80-hours. It’s beautifully designed to fit the aesthetic of any home.

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8. Versace Medusa Scented Candle, $500


Similar to Gucci, Versace is a name that is very familiar when people think of luxury. Founded in 1978 in Milan, Gianni Versace S.r.I. is one of the leading international fashion design houses and a symbol of Italian luxury world-wide. While more known for their handbags and clothing, Versace also has a selection of expensive candles to fit into your collection.

Their Medusa candle collection is one of the most expensive candles that you can find. While the outside has several unique decorations, the inside scents are the same. Each candle is crafted in high-quality porcelain and has a burning time of 60-hours.

7. Mottahedeh Duke of Gloucester Heirluminare Fu Dog Vessel, $510


As the leading name in luxury ceramic antique reproductions and historic designs, Mottahedeh works with historical foundations to craft authentic fine china reproductions. For more than 90 years, they have worked with timeless patterns such as Tobacco Leaf and Blue Canton, making them one of the most expensive candle brands that you can find.

For example, their Duke of Gloucester Heirluminare Fu Dog Vessel is a beautiful porcelain piece that smells of Mediterranean Fig with 8–hours of burn time. Made of 100% natural wax and no palm oil, this candle produces a clear and smoke-free burn.

6. Jo Malone Luxury Candle, $540

Jo Malone

Known for their unique fragrances, Jo Malone is one of the most expensive candle brands that you can find today. They work hard at protecting the environment with sustainable products and are partnered with UNICEF to help children everywhere who struggle with mental health.

While they sell several varieties of scents, like diffusers, sprays and colognes, their candles are some of their well-known products. Their travel sizes of only 65g average at around $38, while their larger sizes of 2100g reach well above $500, making it one of the most expensive candles. Some scents that you can choose from include Pomegranate Noir, English Pear and Freesia, Peony and Blush Suede, and Lime Basil and Mandarin.

These candles have an approximate burn time of 220-hours, which is one of the longest burns that we have on the list. The containers are sleek, simple yet elegant vessels that are perfect for any room as it can fit any aesthetic.

5. Fornasetti Frutto Proibito Scented Candle, $650


Fornasetti is a luxury artistic design company founded in 1940 in Milan known for the creation of porcelain and handmade objects for the home. From porcelain, refined furniture and home accessories, this is “where art meets design”, and one of the most expensive candles that you can purchase for an amazing decorative piece.

For over $600, you can have this beautiful creation in your home. This fragrance combines citrusy Mediterranean top notes with jasmine and rosewood. This product uses eco-friendly ingredients for a non-polluting burning and has 107-hours of burn time. It’s one of the most unique, and expensive candles that you can purchase.

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4. Ginori 1735 Anfora Rajathra Palace Designer Scented Candle, $703

Ginori 1735

Another iconic piece on this list, this Ginori 1735 candle is a unique and beautiful decorative piece for your home. The name Ginori 1735 refers to the eighteenth-century origins of the company and when the development of porcelain was in Europe. Carlo Ginori founded the company and took the opportunity of combining ancient tradition with modern influences and have worked hard to bring beauty and elegance to homes everywhere. And it’s shown from this beautiful and luxurious candle.

This vessel is made of pure porcelain, crafted and decorated entirely by hand. Even after the candle is burned, you are able to have this displayed in your home forever. The top notes are cardamom and coriander seed. The heart notes are rose, clove and cinnamon bark. The base notes are sandalwood, styrax and patchouli. It has a bout 40-hours of burn time.

3. Lladro Paradise Candle, $1,180


Lladro is another company that is enamored by porcelain. This iconic Spain brand started in the 1950s and is now the world leader in the design of porcelain art creations. From home accessories and jewelry to sculptures and lighting, Lladro is one of the top brands for luxury items such as candles.

We’ve seen several unique and large designs, but what about smaller sizes? Instead of porcelain vases, this is a porcelain cup with beautiful flower designs and a lid to pair it. Lladro’s Paradise Candle has citric notes and a fruity aroma with bergamot, ruberose, sandalwood and musk.

2. Thomspon Ferrier Grande Buddha Scented Candle, $1,540

Thompson Ferrier

And coming second the list on most expensive candles that you can purchase is this gigantic addition that is an absolute stunning piece to have in your home. Thompson Ferrier is known for being one of the top luxury candle companies in the world as they make elegant home decor that fill your home with unique and sensational fragrances.

This Grande Buddha candle comes in both silver or gold and weights 480oz, coming in at around 3500-hours of burn time. You can choose from several fragrances such as Ash Ember Rose, Ivory Musk, Midnight Orchid, Orange Blossom and Sicilian Herbs Garden. It is an absolute stunning piece that is said to symbolize wisdom and tranquility, transporting you to a world of serentiy and englightenment. The candle is filled with soy wax and finished with cotton wicks to provide a clear burn.

1. Thompson Ferrier Chinchilla Fur Candle, $3,000

Thomspon Ferrier

While we already have Thompson Ferrier on the list, it would be wrong to not include this addition. Only weighing 50 ounces this time, this vessel is made using premium ebony Madagascar wood. It’s a custom made to order piece that requires ample time and effort. It’s a delicate candle that requires the utmost care and attention to detail. It’s shipped in a custom-designed box to prevent matting and allows the fur to breath.

It’s an incredibly unique and luxurious candle, making it the number one choice for the most expensive candle that you can purchase.

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