15 Best Hufflepuff Collectibles to Show Your House Pride

best Hufflepuff collectibles
Credit: Bill Smith

We have finally reached the final part of our Harry Potter collectibles series with Hufflepuff House. Hopefully, you’ve read our other three articles about each of the houses, but if you haven’t make sure to check them out after reading this one.

Though it is the least talked about house, Hufflepuff still has some notable students that you’ve seen in the films. The first is Cedric Diggory, the other Hogwarts wizard chosen from the Goblet of Fire to win the Triwizard’s Cup. He helped Harry with several of the tests and lost his life when Voldemort killed him in the fourth movie. The other notable wizard is Newt Scamander, present in the Fantastic Beasts franchise and a lover of all things magical creatures.

If you also happen to be part of the Hufflepuff house, make sure to check out our top fifteen Hufflepuff collectibles.

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