The 4 Most Collectible Statues And Figures To Pick Up In 2021

Batman - Collectible Statues And Figures
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If you love collectible statues or action figures and are looking for something new to pick-up in 2021, these are the best – and hottest collectibles to look out for right now:

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Figure by Hot Toys – $243

This pick could have easily been Star Wars: The Vintage Collection action figures, especially with the slew of The Mandalorian figures hitting store shelves in December and February 2021. Yet, most people who plan to collect those are already doing so. So instead, we’ve picked Hot Toys’ The Mandalorian figure.

Firstly, Hot Toys removed the nameplate that came with the previous figures. It is a negative – but the only one we can find with this figure.

The Mandalorian outfit has Incredible detail, from ammunition missing on its belt to the interchangeable forearm gauntlets. Not to mention, the helmet goes to great lengths to look metallic. Plus the cape, weapons, and accessories all look amazing close-up.

However, at $243 it isn’t cheap.

The big question is, will this figure retain or grow in value over time? In our opinion, at best, it will retain its value despite being the best-looking figure for the character available:

One for fans, not investors.

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Masters of the Universe Origins figures by Mattel – $14.99 (Available January 14)

Masters of the Universe (MotU) experimented with their figure line in 2020. Combining the 1980s model style with increased areas of movement.

With new content coming to Netflix, there could be a renewed market for collectors. Especially as MotU Origin figures are only $14.99 each!

The key is that these new figures now have 16 working joints, perfect to recreate comic book stories, past TV episodes, or future episodes from the Netflix show.

The big question is, will these figures retain or grow in value over time? In our opinion, the lack of photo card backs will hold them back. However, at $14.99, it is easy to see these figures holding value – and for those carefully looked after, a big jump in value once they’re no longer available via retail:

(Just look at Star Wars The Vintage Collection as proof).

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Batman: Black & White statue by DC Direct – $135

Do you remember the Smiling Ninja Batman Figure of 2019? Well, it has been succeeded by this Todd McFarlane design. 

The 1:10 scale is enough to make many other statues look small in comparison. And unlike the gold and copper outfit detailings on the 2019 model, this monochrome coloring makes Batman pop.

Sculpted by Jonathan Matthews, this is an incredible piece of art – just look at that cape! At $135, it is totally worth the price if you can still find it retail.

On eBay, listings are already up to $195 for those who want it now rather than join a waitlist for a version 2.

The big question is, will it retain or grow in value over time? In our opinion, for those who can keep it in the box, the value will only go one way on this statue – and that is up.

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Avengers Endgame: Captain America statue by Iron Studios – $800

Following the huge success of the Avengers: Endgame movie, Sideshow, and Iron Studio released a Deluxe Captain America 1:4 Statue.

Made in polystone, this hand-painted collectible comes with an arm with Captain America’s shield, an arm with a broken shield, an arm with Mjolnir, and pieces of the broken shield.

The limited-edition statue (4000 pieces) is staggeringly detailed and available from for $800.

The big question is, will it retain or grow in value over time? In our opinion, it is one for Captain America fans – not investors. It might grow a small amount in value but as an investment, don’t expect a 2x increase.

What collectible statues or action figures are you looking forward to in 2021? Let us know in the comments.