8 Best Online Shops for Anime Figures

best online shops for anime figures
best online shops for anime figures

Anime has become more and more popular over the years thanks to how accessible it’s become. From streaming sites dedicated to only anime like Crunchyroll, to even Hulu and Netflix having a specific category for just the genre, anime has finally become normalized in Western culture.

Social media platforms like TikTok are although a big reason why anime has become more popular in our culture, as small clips of the animated shows started to bring in the attention of viewers, and soon, watching anime wasn’t unheard of or uncommon.

This is also a great perk for collectors. Anime figurines are one of the best collectibles that you can find, and creates a wonderful display for your gaming room, office or bedroom. But finding reputable anime online shops can be difficult. So, what are the best online shops for anime figures?

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Are Anime Figures a Good Investment?

Believe it or not, anime figurines, like several other toy products, are actually a great investment depending on what you’re looking for. There are several pieces that increase in value over time, making it a worthwhile purchase.

While most people who collect anime figures are doing it for their own display, for those that come across a worthwhile piece and are wondering if it’s worth the purchase, it definitely can be! Especially when franchises, such as One Piece, come back.

With the live adaptation releasing on Netflix, a lot of the collectibles and figures are increasing in value as its popularity has grown.

8. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth offers one of the best places for collectors to find collectibles with an ever-expanding selection of licensed products. They were founded in 1996 in Simi Valley, California and prides themselves in having a wide selection on hard-to-find collectables.

They’ve been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Nerdist, Newsweek and so much more, and even make it to the San Diego Comic-Con for over 20 years now. Here are a few examples of the amazing anime figures they have in store.

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Entertainment Earth

Due to Naruto being one of the most popular and well-known anime in the world, it’s obvious that many stores will have a wide selection of these great anime figures. For instance, the Hatake Kakashi Susanoo Version series with a LED base sits at a staggering $362.99. It’s a breathtaking piece as you watch Kakashi’s energy erupt in 3D right before your eyes, with high levels of detail in 15-inches.

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Entertainment Earth

Mobile Suit: Gundam is another popular anime and video game franchise that comprises of several variations. And with this anime figure, you’ll be able to assemble your own Mobile Suit that features special plating, two metallic parts colors and etching stickers. It includes a Long Beam Rifle, a Rail Cannon, a Beam Saber and a Beam shield, making git an exceptional piece to have in your collection for only $165.99.

7. Aniplex USA

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Aniplex USA

Aniplex is another one of the best online shops for anime figures located in California, and is a subsidiary of Aniplex Inc. located in Tokyo, Japan.

While they sell several Blu-Ray and DVD releases including Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online franchise, Blue Exorcist and more popular franchises, they also sell a plethora of amazing anime figures.

One of their highest priced figures is their Fate/Stay Night 15th Anniversary Premium Statue “The Path” show above reaching an incredible $2,969.98 price tag, with amazing details and beautiful design.

But you can also more inexpensive selections for only $61, like this Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Inosuke Hashibira Figure.

6. Galactic Toys

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Galactic Toys

Located in Kentwood, Michigan, Galactic Toys is one of the best online shops for anime figures. What started in a garage in 2013 is now one of the best online shops with thousands of figures, toys, accessories and other collectibles for pop culture available.

They offer amazing collectibles like Funko pops, tabletop games, Plushes, and other supplies for hobbyists like paints and tools for those that enjoy figure painting.

One of their more expensive items is a Genshin Impact Ningguang Figure Statue at a 1/7 scale (picture shown above) priced at $400, but you can find more affordable options like this Jujutsu Kaisen: Satoru Gojo Figure for $60.

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5. Nakama Toys

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Nakama Toys

What happens when two anime fanatics come together to bring high-quality and rare collectibles to customers? Nakama! This mom-and-pop shop is based in Chicago and opened in 2014, but the original blog that started it all began in 2011.

This online shop focuses on Japanese collectibles that are both great quality and perfect for collectibles like them.

They have some pretty expensive items, with one being a bit over $400 with the Jessie, Cloud and Motorcycle set from Final Fantasy VII Remake. This figurine is highly detailed and changed to ensure that Jessie is updated on the Remake version. Even the motorcycle is shown with such realism.

One of the cheaper options is only $60 and is a Scale Statue of Ichiban Nami from One Piece, a perfect release for the recent One Piece live adaptation that you can find on Netflix.

4. Big Bad Toy Store

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Big Bad Toy Store

1999 was the launch of the Big Bad Toy Store with just a pallet of Beast Machines Transformers from Hasbro, and with almost immediate success of their first selling, the online shop took off, making it now one of the best online shops for anime figures. The company now has a total of 120,000 square feet of warehouse space to store all of their collectibles, giving you a plethora of anime figures to look through.

They have some amazing, high-priced figurines that are exceptional finds for hard-core collectors. From $1,699.99 of Chainsaw Man‘s Ultimate Premium Masterline Chainsaw, to My Hero Academia Premium Masterline at $2,224.99 and even One Piece‘s Ultra HQS Blackbeard Limited Edition statue for $2,899.99, the Big Bad Toy Store has some exceptional pieces in their roster.

But for beginners that want more inexpensive options, look no further. You can find amazing deals and inexpensive options like this Demon Slayer Ichibansho figure for only $60, or maybe this Naruto: Shippunden figure of Naruto Uzumaki for only $35.

3. Otaku Mode Shop

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Otaku Mode

Otaku Mode works to share the latest Japanese pop culture for fans everyone, and even shares news on their Facebook page so fans are in the loop of what’s to come. They also sell various products relating to Japanese culture like anime, manga, games, music, fashion and of course, figurines. Their headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, but they do ship to the US.

For high-priced figures that will make a great display for your case is the Inuyasha 1/6 Scale Statue featuring Inuyasha as he’s swinging the massive Tetsusaiga with a fiery effect around the blade, making it a beautifully detailed and dynamic piece for only $928.

They have a dedicated section for low-priced figures for those on a budget but still want amazing figures to display. Some of those figures include Luminasta Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya for only $9.60 right now, a 66% discount from the original price.

2. Right Stuf Anime

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Right Stuf Anime

Rightstuf Anime isn’t just about selling anime figures, they also work on video publishing and one of the largest North America’s anime-specific retail and distribution companies.

Right Stuf began in 1987 when the founder began searching for Astro Boy and making it more accessible with video publishing. Soon, he searched for more content and eventually the store is what it is today, one of the best online shops for anime figures and anime.

Since it’s one of the largest retailers, you’ll be able to find some rare, masterpieces when it comes to collectibles, like this incredible 1/1 Full Scale Bust of Pure White Devil Albedo from Overlord for a immense price of $5899.99.

Since it’s so large, you’ll be able to see the intricate details from the flow of her hair, her wings, and expression. It’s a captivating piece for collectors everywhere. A more affordable option is the adorable Anya and Bond Forger Ichiban figure set from Spy x Family for only $54.

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1. Crunchyroll Store

Like mentioned, Crunchyroll is a streaming service that is dedicated to anime and allows you to watch some episodes and series for free, or you can purchase a membership to watch all titles. Along with the streaming service, though, Crunchyroll also has a store where you can purchase some amazing products like anime figurines.

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Crunchyroll Store

One of the more expensive options include the Demon Slayer franchise of Nezuko in a Box, sitting at $5,186.99. This figurine has replicated the Cloud Mist Pine box, sitting at 2 feet tall and has iron hinged, molded straps and even a secret if you can find it.

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures
Crunchyroll Store

Or maybe you’d rather have this Dragon Ball Z Gogeta Grandista Nero Figure for only $42, featuring the merging of Goku and Vegeta towering over 10 inches tall and highly detailed.

As one of the best online shops for anime figures, Crunchyroll does not disappoint, as there are several franchises and price ranges that you can look through to find the best addition to your collection, or the first one to start your future collecting hobby.

Crunchyroll Membership

Best Online Shops for Anime Figures

But what about Cruchyrolls membership? Like mentioned, you’re able to watch a lot of series and episodes for free with just a name and an email, but to get more out of your viewing experiences, check out these amazing packages.

After a 14-day free trail of premium, you can start with $7.99 a month that allows you to stream on one device at any time, ad-free, and read digital manga.

The Mega package for only $9.99 a month can get all of that plus up to 4 devices at a time, with offline viewing and $15 off $100 purchase every three months, which only helps out your figurine purchases.

And the Ultimate package that you can get is the $14.99 a month package, that allows you to have e6 devices streaming at a time, $25 off your $100 purchase every three months and even free shipping. Mega and Ultimate fans can even get store discounts on figurines.

In Conclusion

Purchasing anime figures online instead of in person can be difficult, as you’re never really sure what you’ll get when purchasing, but if you make sure to do thorough research with the stores you’re dealing with and check reviews, you’ll be able to feel a bit more comfortable that the stores are in fact reputable and promise high-quality products.

So, when looking for the best online shops for anime figures, check out the ones listed above, as they offer some of the best, affordable and valuable anime figures with high-quality and crazy detail on various franchises and styles.

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