6 Most Valuable Manga

Japanese anime and manga are more popular than ever before thanks to how accessible it’s become. With iconic shows like One Piece and Naruto, as well as recent releases like Jujutsu Kaisen, Japanese media has grown exponentially. But out of all the media, what is truly the most valuable manga that collectors can get their hands on?

While some popular volumes can be purchased for $100 to $140, there are some editions that go way beyond this amount. From limited editions to completed rare sets, these valuable manga are worthwhile to have in your bookshelves.

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6. Tokyopop Cowboy Bebop #1-4 Set – $2,199.98

Most Valuable Manga

Cowboy Bebop was created in 1998 and was the first anime title to hit Adult Swim in 2001. While not having a large number of volumes in the series, it still holds a large fanbase.

This four-volume set is priced right over two grand, making it one of the many valuable manga collections that can be purchased.

5. Naruto Volume 1 Limited Edition 2003 Shiny Holo Cover – $2,499.99

Most Valuable Manga

Naruto is an iconic anime that most fans have seen, and most would have heard about even if they don’t watch anime. The television series premiered in 2002, but the manga released in 1999.

The Naruto franchise is one of the most well-known franchises in media, proving why a limited edition such as this one would cost an astounding amount. While this one sits at a substantial $2,400, one was recently sold in July of 2023 for a mere $500.

4. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Steel Ball Run Volume 1-24 Full Color English – $2,800

Selling manga in a set is very common, but the price tag that is on these examples shows just how important manga is to some collectors. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure premiered in 2012 on television and is ongoing.

With five seasons over the last ten years, fans can’t get enough of this interesting and fun series. Each volume is priced at around $116 each, making it a hefty purchase for manga collectors.

3. Mushishi Manga Volumes 1-10 Complete Set First Edition – $2,999.98

Most Valuable Manga

This set of manga is the first edition, sold June of 2023 on Ebay for close to three grand. With this price, each volume is set at almost $300, making it an incredibly high purchase.

Though not one of the many well-known names in Japanese media, this series is still beloved. The anime premiered in 2005 with only 2 seasons, and the manga released in 1999.

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2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Volume 1 Manga Shonen Jump Holo Cover Limited Edition – $3,000

Most Valuable Manga

Some might remember watching this as a child beside Pokemon. This anime premiered in 2000 and ran for 5 seasons, having around 220 episodes between them. Yu-Gi-Oh! released its first manga in 1996 and lasted until 2004.

While this title might be considered a nostalgic anime for some, it is an amazing item to have in a collection for others. Ebay has this Holo Cover Edition sitting at three grand.

1. One Piece Volume 1 Shiny Holo Edition – $4,999.99

Most Valuable Manga

One Piece is known for being the longest-running anime and manga series, with the television series premiering in 1999 and the manga releasing in 1997, both ongoing.

This is one of the many reasons why One Piece is very prominent when looking at rare and unique manga. Mangascout noted one of the most expensive transactions was One Piece‘s Shiny Edition of Volume 1, selling at an astonishing amount of $4,999.99, making it one of the most valuable manga items.

Ebay had a recent transaction for only two grand, proving this limited-edition item is a worthwhile investment for those that are huge fans of the series. For fans that are wanting to find a cheaper edition, the non-special edition can be found for as little as a couple hundred.