10 Harry Potter Rare Collectibles All Fans Want

Harry Potter has been at the forefront of pop culture ever since the first book was published in 1997. Along with a complete set of movies and a TV series on the horizon, there is no slowing down for this magical franchise. As with all major pop culture groups, there are several high-value collectibles that all fans wish they could have. Check out our top ten Harry Potter rare collectibles, and see if there’s any that you would want to have too. 

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10. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, $2.44 million

Even though J.K. Rowling has since come out with an illustrated version of this book mentioned during Harry Potter, we are referring to the first original copies. With only seven copies made it makes sense why they are priced so high. Each book that was printed is bound in Moroccan leather and decorated with silver ornaments and semi-precious stones. One went to auction a few years ago and was bought by an Amazon company for $2.44 million. 

9. Harry Potter’s Acceptance Letter, $4,000-$6,000

Ah, to get an acceptance letter to Hogwarts when you turn 12. Years later I was still wishing to get one of those letters, but I guess the muggle world will have to suffice. Hundreds of these letters flew into the Dursley’s house during the first film (Philosopher’s Stone) and now garner a hefty price when sold. They are estimated to sell at $4,000-$6,000. 

8. Sirius Black’s Grey Linen Overcoat, $17,000

Sirius Black overcoat
Credit: Bonhams

One of the most beloved characters in the series, especially for Harry himself, was Sirius Black. Godfather and former prisoner of Azkaban, he is both a connection to Harry’s past and his present life as a wizard. This specific overcoat was worn by Black (Gary Oldman) in Prisoner of Azkaban, complete with a suede collar and wooden buttons. This is the perfect Harry Potter collectible for those who enjoy fashion or costumes, but its price tag at $17,000 the last time it was sold makes this a prize for those with lots of money. 

7. J.K. Rowling’s Chair, $394,000

Having a chair on this list may seem a little weird at first, but there is a lot of importance to an old chair. Rowling herself used this chair to pen Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – the first two books of the series. She later decorated the entire chair in words and the signature lightning bolts and it went to auction and sold for $394,000 in 2016. 

6. The Elder Wand, $8750

One of the three Deathly Hallows, the elder wand was a prized possession for several characters, including Voldemort, Harry Potter, and Dumbledore. The prop used in the movies also gained magical powers outside of the franchise when in 2013 it was sold for $8750 in California; double the original evaluation price. 

5. Harry Potter’s Broomstick, $1 million

Quidditch is one of those things from the Harry Potter movies I wish could be a real sport. How cool would it be to fly around in the air searching for the Snitch? Harry Potter’s broomstick, complete with an “H” etching and “Harry Potter” engraving, is the perfect rare collectible for Harry Potter fans. It was purchased a few years ago for $1 million. 

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4. Harry Potter’s Glasses, $20,000

harry potter glasses
Credit: Larm Rmah

Other than the scar, the glasses are the most recognizable feature of the young wizard. Though there were several pairs used on the sets of Harry Potter, especially as the actor Daniel Radcliffe grew older, they still are a prized Harry Potter collectible. One pair from the first movie was sold for $20,000 in 2015. 

3. ‘Lumos Maxima’ Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, $26,000

harry potter rare collectibles
Credit: Sotheby’s

Though this Harry Potter rare collectible was not from the movies, it’s importance is still quite great. Created to mark five years since Rowling’s illustrated The Tales of Beedle the Bard, this bracelet with several charms was made to raise funds for Rowling’s charity Lumos. It sold for $26,000 at Sotheby’s in 2013. 

2. Original Philosopher’s Stone Cover Illustration, $107,184

Created by Thomas Taylor for the first edition of The Philosopher’s Stone, this illustration was the only one by Taylor for the whole series. The illustration itself was sold in 2001 by a private collector in London for an astonishing $107,184. 

1. Harry Potter’s Wand Harry Potter Rare Collectibles, $40,516

harry potter wand
Credit: Klim Musalimov

You may think we are referring to the original wand Potter was given at Ollivander’s but this wand is specifically from The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2. Used by Radcliffe, this rare Harry Potter collectible was in the final battle between Potter and Voldemort. It was sold in 2021 in Los Angeles for $40,516. 

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Harry Potter rare collectibles are for all ages, but sometimes it’s just better to see them on a screen, especially with their large price tags. These are only just a few of the Harry Potter collectibles you can find, with several others being the books themselves.