If you’re a DC fan, you know who the Flash is. For those who don’t, he’s the world’s fastest man:

And with mind-boggling speed, the Flash can move as if time is standing still and even turn back time!

Yet, despite these incredible superpowers, everyone just has one question – “how fast is The Flash?”

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According to the comics, let’s find out:

Arrowverse’s Flash Speed From Season 1 To Season 8

  • In season 1, the Flash goes back in time and runs up to Mach 2 to create a singularity.
  • To have his first encounter with Supergirl, the Flash topped its speed up to 4 times at (10,128 mph or 16,300 km/h) in season 2.
  • In season 3, Flash has to compete with Saviatar, a self-dubbed god of speed. To do this, he ran over Mach 3 (2,302 mph or 3,704 km/h).
  • To not get caught leaving the cell by a fixed security camera, the Flash ran at Mach 155,096 in season 4.
  • Season 5 has no clear speed metrics; however, the Flash is rumored to run at 8.3 million mph or Mach 10,925.
  • Like Season 5, The Flash top speed in season 6 is roughly 8.3 million mph or Mach 10,925.
  • Unfortunately, there are no clear metrics available for season 7.
  • In season 8, The Flash has to travel in time. To do this, he ran over 15,345 mph (24,696 km/h) to team up with a resurrected Damien Darhk. 

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How Fast Is The Flash?
(Credit: DCComics.com)

How Fast Is The Flash? (According To Math)

The speed of the Flash depends on the writer’s imagination and his writing, but it is considerably faster than the speed of sound (Mach 1).

In the comic Justice League of America, Ep #89, when a fictional nuclear bomb was set off in Korea, he saved 532,000 people. It took the Flash 0.00001 microseconds to save every person, and the Flash traveled 70 miles each time he carried someone to simplify this.

In fact, even if he carried two people on specific rounds, we can say that he traveled 354,667 times, at 0.00001 microseconds. To accomplish this mission, the Flash would have traveled at 2.5 quintillion Miles Per Second.

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The Flash Comparison With Real and Fiction World

“The Flash” has been attributed to three characters. Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, and Wally West. Among these, Wally West is the fastest Flash ever seen in DC World.

The Flash Vs. The Real World Fastest Man Alive:

The Flash is way faster than the fastest man alive. Usain Bolt crossed 44.72 km/h in Tokyo Olympics.

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World’s Fastest Jet Vs. The Flash:

Flash tops 17,500 miles per hour, which is considerably faster than the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest jet humans have ever produced with a speed of 3,500 kph or (2,100 mph).

The Flash Vs. Millennium Falcon:

The Millennium Falcon speed in hyperspace is impressive, and it travels at an intergalactic speed of 1050 km/h. In contrast, the Flash outruns it by a big margin because its top speed is rated at 17 Mach.

Superman Vs. The Flash:

In theory, the Flash can easily beat Superman by a considerable margin. The fact is that the Flash is faster than light speed and much faster than Superman.

Godspeed Vs. The Flash:

Even though Godspeed is a villain, entering the Speed Force allows him to run up to 10 times the speed of light, meaning he can easily beat the Flash in terms of speed.