15 Best Pokemon Halloween Cards in 2023

best pokemon halloween cards
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Spooky season is just around the corner, and that means trading in our sunglasses for sweaters. It also means themed collectibles, and nothing is better than the Trade or Treat set from Pokemon. Check out our list of the top fifteen best Pokemon Halloween cards based on their art style, and see if you can collect them all.

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15. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a pretty recognizable character in the Pokemon world, so it makes sense that it would be at the top of our list. With strong attacks, this card can keeping you winning against several types of Pokemon. The best part about this card though is the balance between the warm purple and white of Mewtwo and the cool blue background, making this Pokemon pop right off the card.

  • #56 / Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Life Sucker (20), Psyburn (110)

14. Gengar

The detail that really sells this card is the Holographic film over the artwork. Gengar sticks out as a menacing character, especially with its Last Gift ability to pull two cards from your deck after being knocked out. But, since it is evolved from the Haunter, Gengar fits perfectly into the Halloween season.

  • #57 / Holo Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Last Gift, Pain Burst (10+)

13. Mimikyu

If you’re a fan of Alola’s Ghost-type Pokemon, this card is perfect for you. With Holographic foil causing the energy particles to shine on the card, this creepy-looking “Pikachu” is ready for battle. It’s art style only sells the eeriness of Mimikyu, and makes it one of the best cards in the deck.

  • #58 / Holo Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Claw Slash (30)

12. Mismagius

Mismagius might be sneaking around on the card, but it is quite a good Pokemon card to pull from your deck. The art style really sells this character though, with all the detail both in Mismagius and the environment around it. The contrast between light-washed brick and the dark purple allows Mismagius to stand out on the card amongst so many other details.

  • #59 / Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Ominous Prose, Psybeam (50)

11. Darkrai

If you’re looking for the rarest and best Pokemon Halloween cards, look no further. The Holo Rare Darkrai is the only Legendary Pokemon in the whole pack, making it extremely valued for collectors and avid Pokemon fans alike. The art does get a little busy on the card, but the main centerpiece Darkrai is front and center, making its presence known.

  • #105 / Holo Rare
  • Type: Darkness
  • Attacks: Darkness Guard, Vortex of Darkness (60+)

10. Polteageist

Polteageist is one of those Pokemon that looks really cute, but can seriously damage your Pokemon if battling against it. The art style is super fun and light on the card, with lots of pastel pinks, blues, and yellows with the purple Pokemon in the center. The play on words to create Polteageist’s name also is a fun way to bring Halloween into the Pokemon world.

  • #90 / Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Tea Break, Mad Party (20+)

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9. Dusknoir

Dusknoir may not be able to attack as quick as other Pokemon, but it can take a hit and put up a great defense against an opponent. This Holographic card is perfect to display the sheer power of this Pokemon, colored in rich blacks and grays.

  • #57 / Holo Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Devour Soul (120)

8. Pumpkaboo

Probably my favorite design other than Mimikyu, Pumpkaboo is such a cute looking Pokemon perfect for the Halloween season. With its pumpkin body and cat-leaf top, you can either use this card against an opponent or just keep it for a perfect decoration for spooky season.

  • #76 / Common
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Stampede (20)

7. Phantump

Another Halloween-themed Pokemon comes in the form of Phantump, who is one of the only grass types on this list. It is a common card with lower ranked attacks, but the art style really wins me over. The dark trees under a full moon sets the scene for the small ghost floating in the middle, and gives an ominous feel to this character.

  • #16 / Common
  • Type: Grass
  • Attacks: Tackle (10), Seed Bomb (20)

6. Dusclops

Evolved from a Duskull, the Dusclops is a large Pokemon that has a decent attack. It’s uncommon status means it’s not as valuable as other Pokemon on this list, but the art style is quite unique. Silhouetted against trees in a snowy environment, the Dusclops almost Fades to Black, just like its attack.

  • #70 / Uncommon
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Fade to Black (30)

5. Houndstone

Houndstone is mainly cool to me because it is a large dog skeleton prowling around to see which Pokemon it can take down. The art style is perfect for this Pokemon because the dark background allows Houndstone to shine, and also give the element of Halloween with dead branches and tombstones. Its high attack score also makes this Pokemon one to have in your deck.

  • #106 / Rare
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Last Respects (80+)

4. Duskull

Also known as the non-evolved Dusclops, the Duskull is a sneaky psychic Pokemon that doesn’t have a huge attack score, but does fit perfectly into the Halloween season. With its black ghost-like body and skull face piece, the Duskull is certainly a great Pokemon to keep just for Autumn. The art style is also quite fun on this card, with the Duskull seeming to be in a mansion or lavish house.

  • #69 / Common
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Perplex (10)

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3. Chandelure

Another valuable card is Chandelure, a rare Holographic card that shows off the power of this fire-type Pokemon. One of the few fire types from this pack, Chandelure is perfect for attacking and protecting other Pokemon, making it a force to be reckoned with. The Holographic really lends to the artwork, making the fire surrounding Chandelure jump off the page, as if the card was really burning up.

  • #26 / Holo Rare
  • Type: Fire
  • Attacks: Mirage Flare (110)

2. Gastly

Cannonball! Actually, it should be “Ghastly!” but this Pokemon does resemble a cannonball and is ready to fight. It may not do a lot of damage, especially since the damage can only be dealt through flipping a coin and getting heads, but it is a really fun Pokemon to look at. The art style has it surrounded in a purple haze, ready to put Pokemon asleep. The name really lends itself to the Halloween theme, and this is why it is on our list of best Pokemon Halloween cards.

  • #64 / Common
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Sleep Pulse (10)

1. Haunter Best Pokemon Halloween Cards

Last on our list but certainly not least is the psychic-type Pokemon Haunter. Rounding out the Halloween spooky vibes, this Pokemon has a relatively good attack against opponents. Where it really shines though is the artwork depicting Haunter. Similar to Phantump, a moon and tree silhouettes dance behind the Pokemon, who is reaching out towards us with sharp purple claws. Haunter is the evolution of Gastly and really turns into something to be afraid of.

  • #65 / Uncommon
  • Type: Psychic
  • Attacks: Will-O-Wisp (30)

There are tons of Pokemon to collect, and even more that come out in special packs or printed on Holographic cards. These are just a few of the spooky Trick or Trade cards, but their art style and themed attacks make them the perfect cards to keep in your deck.

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