5 Most Valuable Pokemon Oreo Collectibles

pokemon oreo collaboration
pokemon oreo collaboration - Thimo Pedersen

The Pokemon Oreo collaboration back in 2021 took the world by storm quickly. The two amazing franchises produced some incredible cookies for fans everywhere. But it quickly became apparent that not many were simply eating these cookies. Several fans noticed that some cookies were rarer than others.

Each pack included randomly selected cookies, each with a certain Pokemon engraved in the chocolate cookie. The most common Pokemon that consumers found were characters like Dratini, Rowlet and Jigglypuff. And just like rare Pokemon cards, there are certain ones that were not often seen, such as Mew. Since the Pokemon Oreo collaboration, there has been a plethora of sales around Ebay selling not only single cookies, but fully sealed packages in great condition. This proves that dedicated fans will do anything to get their hands on rare Pokemon Oreo collectibles.

So, what are the rarest, most valuable Pokemon Oreos collectibles that can be found?

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5. Golden Pikachu Pokemon Oreo – $4,999.95

Most valuable Pokemon Oreo collectibles

Since it’s obvious that most fans didn’t partake in these cookies, why not preserve them? One way this creative lister did was by encasing the rare Pikachu Pokemon Oreo in 24K Gold Coloring. This not only highlights the engraving features, but also shows the dedication of making sure these cookies last longer than their shelf life.

Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon, and while they are not as rare as the popular Mew, some of the more iconic Pokemon are not seen as often as others, making the price tag pretty reasonable.

4. Golden Highlights Limited Edition Pokemon Oreo Set – $5,000

Most valuable Pokemon Oreo collectibles

Taking a step away from Ebay, we can see that gold is still a great choice when it comes to decorating these Oreos. This Etsy listing shows all 16 cookies in their own case, the gold emphasizing the lines of the Pokemon engraving to help see each character.

Not only does this showcase the dedication of the fans, but this is a perfect item for collectors that are wanting to proudly show their items. This handmade creation is only set at $5,000 which is a decent price given the fact that there are rare finds like Mew, Pikachu and Charmander.

3. Sealed Pokemon Oreo Packages – $25,000

Most valuable Pokemon Oreo collectibles

Sealed packages are one of the most common items that you can find on Ebay when searching up Pokemon Oreos, besides singular cookies. What makes this item so special is that it didn’t come in just a standard Oreo packaging, which is bright blue with the delectable cookie displayed in the center. Thanks to the wonderful Pokemon Oreo collaboration, there was a beautifully designed package featuring iconic Pokemon characters surrounding the beloved Oreo such as Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur and more.

These packages vary in price a lot, but there are always bids going on for fans to snag up one of these items. There are some currently on sale for a hefty price of $25,000, however, recent sales in July show packages set at a grand or less, meaning you could end up snagging a box for a decent price if you’re willing to bid.

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2. Sealed Pokemon Oreo Cookies in LED Display Case – $39,999

Most valuable Pokemon Oreo collectibles

Nothing says dedication like incasing your prized possession in a brightly lit case, whether it be trading cards or food products. While there are several iconic ways to showcase items, this one is by far one of the pricier items for sale to show your passion for both Oreos and Pokemon.

This item is propped up perfectly in a display case that can be purchased for almost $40,000. Which might seem outrageous, but it’s honestly very close to the rest of the items on the list, as several fans will pay as much as they can to get their hands on these items.

1. Pokemon Oreo Mew Cookie – $1,000 to $88,000

Most valuable Pokemon Oreo collectibles

For those reading, you might be wondering why someone would spend such a large amount on boxes of cookies. It might seem strange, but for die-hard fans of the Pokemon franchise, these prices might mean nothing to them as long as they can find all of the cookies, like trading cards, to complete their collection. One such item that can be purchased for as little as a thousand and as high as almost $88,000 is the incredibly rare cookie, the Mew Pokemon Oreo collab cookie.

There is no answer to just how rare this cookie is, but from the prices, it’s apparent that several people are trying their hardest to get their hands on this item. On Ebay, there are past sales showing just how high someone will go to grab this item, as well as current bids. From selling just one cookie, to selling 4 in special containers, there are Pokemon Oreo collectibles for everyone in all price ranges, as long as they’re willing to be flexible.

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