8 Rare Sea Glass You’d Be Lucky to Find

rare sea glass, Unsplash

Have you ever walked along the beach and found smooth, shiny, colorful rocks? These beautiful pieces are known as sea glass.

The naturally occurring pieces begin as discarded pieces of glass, such as bottles, tableware, or pieces of household items from shipwrecks. The pieces are then weathered physically and chemically from the constant tumbling they do through the waves over an extended period.

There are a variety of colors that you can find with sea glass, but some are more rare than others. Rare sea glass is usually found in items that are not commonly found as debris around the ocean.

8. Pink Sea Glass

ebay via bestseaglassfromthepast

7. Teal Sea Glass

Beach Combing by Rebecca Ruger-Wightman

6. Gray Sea Glass

ebay via logansrun122170

5. Black Sea Glass


4. Yellow Sea Glass


3. Red Sea Glass


2. Turquoise Sea Glass


1. The Rarest Sea Glass: Orange

Beach Combing by Rebecca Ruger

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