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most famous vikings
Credit: Steinar Engeland
You might only know Vikings such as Leif Erikson or Ragnar Lothbrok. Continue reading to learn more about the 8…
Why Are Turkish Rugs Expensive, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Why are Turkish rugs expensive? And which one should you get for your home? Learn everything there is to know…
world's fastest flight
Credit: Unsplash
The world record is a celebration of human inventiveness and the unwavering pursuit of aviation perfection for the world's fastest…
most expensive signatures in history
The market for famous signatures is lucrative, with some garnering millions of dollars. These are the 20 most expensive signatures…
rare french stamps
Credit: Deposit Photos
These six rare French stamps would be a great addition to your collection if you have tens of thousands of…
famous historical couples
Credit: World History EncyclopediaCredit: World History Encyclopedia
These are ten of the most famous historical couples throughout time, from Kings and Queens to civil rights activists and…
A large stack of books.
Credit: Unsplash
Authors are often known for the global impact they make with their words and stories. Here are 7 weird facts…
A light bulb shattering.
Credit: Unsplash
There are many historical inventions that have changed the world as we know it. However, here are 10 historical inventions…
Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.
Credit: Unsplash
Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Here are 10 historical facts about Wimbledon you…
rare Canadian stamps
Credit: Collections - GetArchive
Stamps are quite valuable in the collector's market. These are five rare Canadian stamps that range in price from $45,000…
countries with royal families
Credit: Markus Spiske
Royal families range from figureheads to singular ruling bodies. These are the forty-one countries with royal families and their current…
hardest trivia questions
Credit: Unsplash
We've compiled the hardest trivia questions and answers for your upcoming game night with friends based on well-liked trivia subjects.
Longest Train Rides You Can Take
Credit: Unsplash
Explore the world's longest train rides, such as the vast Trans Siberian Railway system, with our in-depth guide.
Rare George Washington Stamps
Credit: Unsplash
Want to finish your stamp collection? Then you have to get your hands on these rare George Washington stamps.
largest bridge in the world
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Here are 8 of the world's most massive bridges, culminating in the largest bridge in the world, and where each…
Credit: Unsplash
Sometimes one book is enough. Book series allow reader to get more of what they want. Here are the seven…
rare musical instruments
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Here are some of the most rare musical instruments that are found throughout many cultures all around the world.
Biggest Statue in the World, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Instead of picturing the statues that can be found in museums, lets find out which is the biggest statue in…
Sunglasses are not only a health necessity but a fashion and luxury statement. Here are the 5 most expensive sunglasses…
Artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian Era, Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash
Learn more about history by looking into these rare artifacts from the Ancient Egyptian era, from documents to funeral statues.
There are countless memorable fantasy novels full of mystical creatures and places. Here are the 10 best fantasy novels ranked.
facts about the music industry
Credit: Unsplash
We compiled a list of 12 fascinating facts about the music industry using data from some of the most well-known…
pearl harbor artifacts
Credit: NARA Public Domain Archive
Even though we're still searching for these lost Pearl Harbor artifacts, it's interesting to think about what has turned up…
Fun Facts About Independence Day, Unsplash
Before we start our grill and open a beer, let's learn some of the fun facts about Independence Day and…