10 Rare Starbucks Cups for Coffee Collectors

Rare Starbucks Cups for Coffee Collectors, Credit Unsplash
Credit Unsplash

Some people collect sports cards or figurines, while the coffee addicts collect rare Starbucks cups. Even if you stick to making coffee at home, it’s so easy to pass a Starbucks and remember a new collection was released.

Whether these cups were for a limited time for a special event or anniversary, or they’re no longer around due to the shutdown of stores or problematic designs, these rare Starbucks coffee cups are incredibly valuable and are a must for your coffee cup collection.

10. 2009 New Year of the Tiger Mug, $399.99


9. 2023 Stanley Collab Holiday Red Tumbler, $400

eBay – newtonllc

8. 2018 Summer Hibiscus Korea Tumbler, $500

eBay – daisyvillageprojectkr

7. Sapporo Starbucks Anniversary Japan Limited Edition, $600

eBay – Authentic products from Japan store

6. 2010 Bahrain Collector Series Mug, $700

eBay – fivestarshoes

5. 2002 Jerusalem Collector Series Mug, $750

eBay – mlkStarbucksStore

4. Starbucks Swarovski Pumpkin Spice Latte Anniversary Mug, $1,000

eBay – ABM Distribution

3. 2016 Ceramic Giant Abbey Classic Mug, $1,300

eBay – isenkei

2. 2002 Skyline Series Seattle 2.5 Gallon Mug, $1,500

eBay – 12thandking

1. 2009 Starbucks Puerto Vallarta Sea Horse Coffee Mug, $1,700

eBay – mtu_us_naajtaktf

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