​​20 Most Valuable Designer Mugs for Collectors

Most Valuable Designer Mugs

Naturally, shopping online is one of the most enjoyable activities you can engage in, and the experience is enhanced when you amass a collection of anything. Thus, you may essentially constantly be on the quiet watch and only make a purchase when something completely fits your needs. Furthermore, building a collection of stylish coffee mugs gives you a strong enough high to qualify as a hobby.

Does buying coffee mugs make you feel old? Sure. Is it important? In no way. When you have a coffee mug that makes your morning feel slow and peaceful, those work-from-home mornings are much more pleasant, even luxurious. Particularly while seated in the corner chair you use only to sip coffee or scroll through your phone. The time, attention, and money we are willing to invest in buying special things that we truly use are worth it.

As crucial to the coffee-drinking experience as the roast and brew are the coffee mugs. Perhaps you enjoy brewing upscale matcha or soothing teas at night. These mugs are suitable for each of those liquids. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 prettiest and most valuable designer mugs for brewing coffee, tea, and other hot beverages at home, whether you’re a pro at it or just want a cup without any chips.

20. Dolce&Gabbana Casa Carretto Mug: $215

The Carretto Siciliano is a legendary element from a region distinguished by traditions, artisanal craftsmanship, landscapes, and distinctive hues that have always been at the core of Dolce&Gabbana’s aesthetics. This beautiful porcelain mug features a decorative motif inspired by a foulard print.

This mug is designed for people who want to experience a little bit of everyday luxury and use a remarkable mise en place to convey their uniqueness.

Due to the application of transparent glaze with a brush, this mug is enhanced with the Dolce&Gabbana insignia on the bottom and slightly raised embellishments, paying homage to the great Italian craftsmanship. This cup is quite resistant to scratches and abrasions due to the manufacturing method chosen and is one of the most valuable designer mugs to add to your collection.

19. Hermes Circus N°2 Porcelain Mug: $280

One and all, please! The arrival of the circus makes aspirant acrobats’ eyes glitter. Flying objects of various colors, clownish behavior, an acrobatic display… The cast of the Hermès Circus spins around adorable felines to create a magical, starry universe. One of the most valuable designer mugs to add to your growing collection is this stunning porcelain mug, which is ideal for any collector. 

18. Versace Virtus Gala Mug: $215

This is one of the most valuable designer mugs inspired by the famous Versace designs of the company. On a black background, the Virtus Gala mug stands out and is adorned with tasteful white and golden accents. This includes a handle-on mug that is dishwashing safe but not microwave-safe.

This mug is resistant to scratches and wears since the glaze’s colors were melted into it at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. Although this decoration has been examined by the Rosenthal GmbH Institute for Material Technology (IWT), precious metal decorations are not completely scratch resistant.

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17. Yves Saint Laurent J.L Coquet Leopard Heart Mug: $275

This leopard-print porcelain mug is adorned with a heart-shaped handle and is a super cute addition to any budding mug collection. This mug was a collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent and J.L. Coquet, a limited edition exclusive product that may increase in value over time. This mug is selling for an impressive $275 and is one of the most valuable designer mugs perfect for a collection or a bougie morning coffee ritual. 

16. Dior ​​Blue Toile de Jouy Coffee Mug: $210

Extra-fine Limoges porcelain coffee cup with a border painted to look like Toile de Jouy. The Toile de Jouy, a classic pattern and House code beloved by Christian Dior continues to embellish the brand’s products as a memorial to the foundering couturier. This is one of the most valuable designer mugs available now and is a beautiful addition to any breezy morning mug collection. 

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15. Versace Medusa Amplified Pink Coin Mug: $215

This Italian design firm, founded in 1978 by the late Gianni Versace, specialized in hot glitz. Since 1997, Donatella Versace, Gianni’s sister, has been designing the line, producing opulently seductive dresses and separates. Shoes and a variety of scents are also part of the line. With this most valuable designer mug, Versace pays homage to the house’s institutional Medusa on this cup by reinterpreting and enhancing her in vibrant pastel hues. A traditional meander band in gold frames the imposingly imprinted iconic skull. 

14. Swarovski Signum mug with lid: $200

Use this cup, which was inspired by the Wiener Werkstätte art movement, to elevate teatime. It combines sleek lines with fun details, such as the Swarovski characteristic octagon in a vivid green design, a chic handle, and a crystal-topped lid. This most valuable designer mug was created in partnership with the porcelain brand Rosenthal. Make your own collection of mugs by using various colors. The cup can go in the dishwasher, however, the lid needs to be washed by hand. It is not advised to microwave the product.

13. Dior Green New Lily of the Valley Mug: $330

Given his love of flowers, Mr. Dior decided to make the lily of the valley one of his lucky charms. Lily of the Valley, a sign of innocence and delight that announces the arrival of warmer weather, decorates the mug made of Limoges porcelain by Cordelia de Castellane. a manner of life that is motivated by luck and the peaceful celebration of nature. This is one of the most valuable designer mugs available and is the perfect addition to any budding collection (pun intended).

12. Peter Shire Exp Signed Ceramic Pottery Splatter Tall Mug Sculpture, Dated 1981: $350

A wonderful piece by renowned Los Angeles (Echo Park), California artist Peter Shire, who founded The Memphis Group, an international design movement that emerged from Italy during the 1980s (1980-1988), and was known for his postmodern furniture, lighting, fabrics, carpets, ceramics, glass, and metal objects. Shire was also a founding member of the Memphis Group, along with Italian designer Ettore Sottsass and others.

This piece dates to 1981 and is inscribed “EXP Rolle ‘n W/ Rolando 1981 A.D.” with Shire’s signature “EXP” pottery (Echo Park Pottery, which he founded in 1972) seal/stamp. These early pieces are getting increasingly scarce and rare. A one-of-a-kind and distinctive piece. Would be a wonderful addition to any collection of contemporary ceramics, California Pottery, most valuable designer mugs, or art lovers.

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11. Tiffany Audubon Mug: $190

The Tiffany Audubon line celebrates the beauty of the natural world with flora and fauna themes that were initially used on Tiffany & Co. hollowware in the 19th century. This porcelain mug’s delicate images of birds, butterflies, and flowers are vibrant and alive, and the hand-painted gold rim gives it a sophisticated look as one of the most valuable designer mugs on the market. To create an unexpected look, set your table with the entire Tiffany Audubon collection or use additional Tiffany & Co. tableware.

10. Dior Gold-Tone Cannage Montaigne Mug: $300

This is an extra-fine Limoges porcelain mug with a 24-karat gold Cannage Montaigne design. The Cannage Montaigne, a classic pattern and House code beloved by Christian Dior continues to embellish the brand’s products as a memorial to the foundering couturier. This is one of the most valuable designer mugs available now and is a beautiful addition to any unique coffee mug collection. 

9. Gucci Rose Mug: $360

The rose print mug is crafted of white Richard Ginori porcelain and has a matching lid as part of a line of mugs decorated with designs drawn from the House aesthetic. A snake theme was specifically incorporated into the handle’s design. The cup, which is sold alone, can be paired with other items from the collection that have complementary or matching styles. This is one of the most valuable designer mugs available for collectors and Gucci fanatics alike.

8. L’OBJET Tabriz Mug: $280

L’Objet was first unveiled in 2004 by former interior designer Elad Yifrach. L’Objet offers exquisite tableware, table linens, serveware, and accessories that are painstakingly handmade by European and Asian master craftsmen in a range that combines traditional methods with a contemporary sensibility. A number of the frames, candles, and desk accessories in the L’Objet collection are made from 24-karat gold, platinum, and other high-end materials. The collection also includes decorations for the house including this most valuable designer mug. This dishwasher-safe, 12-ounce earthenware mug is a Portuguese creation.

7. Versace Le Grand Divertissement Mug: $425

This mug has a 2011 design with a La Medusa lid and gold-toned accents over traditional designs in lilac tones. A limited edition collection honoring the 30th anniversary of “Versace meets Rosenthal” includes this piece. This decadent piece is one of the most valuable designer mugs available and is a gorgeous addition to any coffee mug collection, complete with an adorned lid and intricate designs, available in a number of colors and styles to nurture a mini-collection all its own. 

6. Baccarat Pikachu Lighting Gold Tumbler: $560

“Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Baccarat is commemorating Pikachu and 25 years of Pokémon. The gold Pikachu Lightning tumbler pays homage to the well-known small creature that stuns opponents with lightning-quick moves. The gilders at the Manufacture made this gorgeous item one of the most valuable designer mugs despite its fun, light-hearted subject. The signature “Pokémon TM” can be seen on each tumbler. An official certificate of authenticity is included with the collection.

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5. Versace Virtus Gala Espresso Cup and Saucer: $375

This coffee cup and saucer set, which is made of exquisite porcelain, adds a touch of luxury to your morning routine. The combination combines stylized acanthus leaves with the famous Barocco V in shades of black, white, and gold, making this one of the most valuable designer mugs on the market.

The espresso cup and saucer are from Barocco V and are included with this cup, which is from the Virtus Gala Black collection. The Rosenthal GmbH Institute for Material Technology (IWT) tested this décor, melting the set’s colors into the glaze at 1000 degrees C.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Stars Travel Coffee Mug in Ceramic: $125

This Thermic coffee mug is a perfect travel-convenient addition to any collectible mug collection. The mug is adorned with ceramic, emblazoned with an all-over black tone-on-tone star print and the Saint Laurent signature, enhancing its value. This is an SLRD-exclusive item and one of the most valuable designer mugs to add to a collection, especially if you like your coffee on the go!

3. Fornasetti Mug Chiavi and Losanghe: $210

In this Fornasetti cup, which plays on the contrast between antiquated gold keys and the exacting geometry of black and white, reality and illusion collide. This Fornasetti mug is a hand-silkscreened piece from the Contemporary Antiquity collection for Milan Design Week 2021. Each Fornasetti mug is an original work of art, and any little variations among items of a similar design are due to craftsmanship. As a handmade, exclusive item, this is one of the most valuable designer mugs to add to any coffee-crazed collection.

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2. Dior Aqua Mug with Shoulder Strap: $750

The Dior Aqua cup is a superb example of functionality and elegance combined, especially for on-the-go coffee lovers seeking one of the most valuable designer mugs on the market. The piece, which is made of stainless steel, has a laser-etched Dior signature and the Dior Oblique symbol. The Dior logo is affixed to the black-grained leather mug holder. The Christian Dior nylon jacquard and grained leather shoulder strap are detachable and adjustable, allowing the item to be worn crossbody or tucked into a bag.

1. Gucci Star Eye Print Coffee Cup and Saucer: $530 Most Valuable Designer Mugs

The newest collection includes serviceware items with the well-known Star eye motif in timeless color variations. The finished product goes through numerous steps to reach such high-quality craftsmanship. While the black trim is painted by hand, the color is applied by spray painting, leaving the bottom of the object white as an accurate indication of its authenticity. The saucer and the inside of the cup both have intricate craftsmanship, making this cup and saucer set one of the most valuable designer mugs available. 

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