12 Pieces of Rare Candy You May Never Taste

rare candy
Credit: Luis Aguila

Some types of candy are accessible nearly all around the world, such as Hershey’s chocolate bars or Reese’s peanut butter cups. But other types of candy are rare. This can be due to where the candy is made, how it is manufactured, or it can be banned in certain locations. If you are a sweets lover, then check out our list of twelve types of rare candy, and see if you can get your hands on a couple.

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12. Kinder Joy Eggs (Italy)

Marco Verch

11. Salsagheti (Mexico)

Joe Crawford

10. Shrimps and Bananas (England)


9. Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Bar (Japan)


8. Lightning Bugs Gummies (China)

Sugar Pressure

7. High Concentrated Milk Candy (Japan)


6. Eitt Sett (Iceland)


5. Sugared Violets (Spain)


4. Kasugai Candy (Japan)


3. Palm Sugar Candy (Cambodia)


2. To’ak Art Masters Series (Ecuador)

To'ak Chocolate

1. Delafēe Gold Chocolate Box (Switzerland) / Rare Candy


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