10 Hottest Foods In The World

Worlds Hottest Foods
Credit: pxfuel.com

Looking for the hottest foods in the world? Try out any of the following dishes or treats and your mouth is guaranteed to catch fire! Find out why below:

Phaal or Phall

Touted to be one of the spiciest food in the world, phaal is a thick, tomato-based curry that is made with Naga chili. Every curry includes at least 10 to 12 of these peppers:

The origin of this curry is said to be in Bangladesh, but today it is available in many restaurants of the world. The phaal curry is so sweltering spicy that to reduce the risk of getting a contact burn or damaging their lungs, chefs cooking the curry wear gas masks to prepare the plates.

Sichuan Hot Pot or Sichuan Spicy Pots

Sichuan spicy pots are mind-numbing hot and spicy dishes made by poaching raw ingredients in a pot of boiling broth. The typical ingredients of this may include sliced meat, seafood, offal, vegetables, noodles, and the main item – Sichuan peppercorns.

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Mouth-Searing Kimchi

Hottest Foods In The World
Credit: Charles Haynes and Nate Beaty / Wiki Commons

Kimchi is a traditional dish from Korea that you wouldn’t typically think of to be one of the hottest foods in the world.

However, Kimchi comes in many flavorful variations, with the most common preparation involving lots of chili flakes to add a super spicy flavor. Kimchi is typically made from fermented vegetables, usually cabbage, radish, garlic, and onion.

Hellfire Infused Milk Chocolate

If you are up for having a fiery dessert, then the world’s hottest chocolate bar will indeed set off a hellfire in your mouth and digestive system.

Not only does the chocolate use pepper extract in the chocolate infusion, but it also has a potent concentration of the elixir that the chocolate bar has to be made in a tiny size. A full-size bar would just not be safe to consume owing to the amount of pepper extract in it, forcing the company to limit its serving sizes.

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Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness Chip

You may find it funny that you have to buy just a single tortilla chip. However, when you are purchasing a tortilla chip from Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness Chip, you probably would not want to go back for a second serving.

One Paqui chip contains Carolina Reaper, jalapenos, tabasco, and Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, all ingredients that are famous for having some of the highest values of spice. It also has a dusting of both ghost pepper powder and chipotle seasoning.

These in-demand chips are typically sold on Paqui’s website. The company also runs a challenge where foodies can record themselves trying the chip to enter a giveaway contest for a GoPro and a year’s supply of chips.

Vertigo Candy

Each of these bite-sized candy pieces is known to have the same heat rating as a can of mace. This candy is made up of seven of the spiciest peppers in the world. Consuming this candy will make you feel like your tongue is on fire, and you may even feel like vomiting at the same time.

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Ghost Pepper Ice Cream

One of the spiciest foods in the world is actually ice cream. The restaurant that serves the ghost pepper ice cream requires that its customers sign a waiver before having this spicy dessert.

This vanilla ice cream with strawberry-flavored ribbons blends in beautifully with the other ice cream flavors in the shop. However, the strawberry is infused with hot sauce. There is also ghost pepper hidden in the vanilla ice cream blend.

Scorpion Salsa

A restaurant in New Mexico called El Pinto has whipped up a salsa from the Trinidad Scorpion peppers. The salsa is not served unless the patrons sign a waiver first. You can also order this blistering salsa online. The salsa is created by chefs who wear protective gear.

Spicy Jerk Chicken

Spiciest Dishes
Credit: Marie / Wiki Commons

This is a traditional dish from Jamaica. Jerk Chicken uses scotch bonnet or habanero peppers along with spices like allspice, cloves, garlic, cinnamon and is one of the hottest foods in the world. Depending on how many peppers are added to the dish, the chicken can become even spicier.

Thai Pepper Steak Surprises

Thai Steaks
Credit: pxfuel.com

This Thai dish is the spiciest food in the world. Thai Pepper Steak or Neua Pad Prik uses tons of bird’s eye chilies. This type of chili ranks over 50,000 on the Scoville heat index. The dish is a simple stir fry made with beef, herbs, chilies, bamboo shoots, mint, green onions, basil, and fish or soy sauce.